Slightly surprised "have such a thing? What is the result? "

Princess Taiping mused, "The news of coming back was too chaotic, but I heard that your uncle Wu Sansi was dead and killed too much. Wu Sansi broke into the palace but was invited by Master Hui Fan to suppress too much."
Slightly laughed "uncle think twice too killed is not exactly what niang wants? Mother, how do you say it? Uncle Wu’s daughter-in-law thinks twice, but he helped Wei Hou to crowd out his mother. I don’t want to think that the Wu family was not killed when grandma died. Isn’t it because of your mother? Yu Tai’s temper, if he becomes the emperor, is bound to kill Wu Jia and Niang, and you will also be implicated. Worse, he is not a good temper like Li Xian and Li Dan’s two uncles, and he will never tolerate a woman’s meddling. "
"Even so," Princess Taiping looked at her, "but you really didn’t know?"
Slightly said, "My daughter has been playing all day and just got the news."
Princess Taiping smiled and pulled her over in front of the mirror. She combed her bun and said, "You are a restless girl all day. When will you settle down?"
Slightly laughed "niang when I was a child, isn’t it? Grandma used to say that I looked like a mother before. "
Princess Taiping looked at her daughter in the mirror and suddenly asked, "Do you have someone you like?"
Slightly laughed. "How is that possible?"
Princess Taiping said, "I heard that Tang Xiaofeng is young and not only good at fencing, but also famous in China. You seem to know you with him, but you already like him?" If so, you can tell your mother that she will help you kiss … "
Open your mouth slightly as if you accidentally swallowed a fly, which is disgusting, and then you laughed. "That stinky little flower learned a lot about marrying him."
I thought about it and laughed. "But he is also very interesting. If no one is married, I can consider it."
Princess Taiping asked, "Really?"
Slightly thoughtfully for a moment, "Mom, let’s get out of here."
Princess Taiping frowned. "What are you leaving?"
With a slight sigh, "Li Tang has no future. The Li family has lost the Central Plains and curled up in Bashu. No matter what the situation will become, it is not the Li family’s turn to continue to sit on the sky. This ship will turn over sooner or later. If we leave this ship, it will sink to the bottom of the sea with it."
Princess Taiping hesitated. "Where can we go from here?"
Slightly said, "Go to the East China Sea and settle down in the East China Sea, or go to Huashan. It is fun to hear that Huashan is busy."
Princess Taiping laughed and said, "You don’t like that Tang Shaoxia?"
Slightly heart "said not alas don’t tell you" will be a wisp of hair behind her and jumped out.
Princess Taiping looked in the mirror and her eyes flashed. No one knew what she was thinking, and then she went …
Slightly back to his room, directly pull out the jade hairpin and comb her mother’s bun to mess it up.
Although she just sat there with her mother combing her bun, she really doesn’t like this style of bun.
She asked the maid to prepare hot water, take a comfortable bath and walk around naked in front of the aurora bronze mirror. It was very fun.
Then I put on my clothes one by one. First, I wore a sweater embroidered with three finches and a plum blossom. The biggest finch in the flower just fell off and stood at the peak.
The waist is slender and the collarbone is exquisite. She blinks her watery eyes and then wears a white coat, trousers and a pink skirt. The coat is a perfect geocentric coat, and the peak-pointed sparrow and plum blossom are conspicuous, but the color is suppressed by the gold thread. Although it is attractive, it will not make people feel too wild.
Then she tied a palace sash around her waist. Although she was clever and skillful, she hated the trouble, so she simply tied a wishful knot and put her hair in a messy way at first glance, but it was not charming when she looked at it carefully. This strange bun was her own idea, which matched her even though it looked strange.
After dressing up, it was time to go out, but I couldn’t help but fall into bed and roll like a cat, so I finally got dressed and became chaotic.
Yawned and slept for a while before jumping out of bed and floating to the corner of the garden. It was a deserted attic that floated in
Tang Xiaofeng, Tang Jinxin, and the moon are sleeping in the same bed. The moon is curled in the innermost place. Tang Xiaofeng hugs Tang Jinxin lazily.
Slightly couldn’t help but stare big eyes. She had long felt that Jin Xin elder sister seemed to be having an affair with this little girl, but she felt that it was unlikely that Jin Xin elder sister would look at this smelly little girl.
Now I can see that the little chest dress is in good condition, but the skirt is bare, showing white legs and a small half of snow buttocks, and there are still some residues. I don’t know what I did with this little one last night
Are these two people so close?
Sister Cui Fang and sister Jin Xin should be caught by this smelly little hook. How many blessings has this young student made?
She drifted out to inquire about some news. Wu Sansi was killed by Tai in one’s hand and died in the Jin Palace mutiny. Such a big event is naturally a sensation. The whole profit of Bashu is blocked, and Wei Hou naturally wants to put all the blame on Tai Tai, but she has not spoken to Tai on weekdays to get rid of it.

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