With the words, the three men walked out of that elegant and well-dressed literati, Qin Minglei, who once worked as the Nanjing Ritual Department, and now has been demoted to the people, Wei Maozhong, who was the word of Wei Yunzhen, who was the imperial court supervisor, and Harry, who sent a banner of "Speak the truth first" to his self-knowledge, while his brother Wei Yunzhong, Liu Tinglan and Gu Xiancheng, formed a dynamic court organization, namely the Sanyuan Association. It is difficult for Zhang Juzheng and Zhang Juzheng’s strong opponents to almost go to Zhang Juzheng and say that eating shit is wrong. They also want to say that this is manpower.

In Zou Yuanbiao, this person impeached Zhang Juzheng to seize the affection and recognize Zhang beast’s difference when he was in Zhang Juzheng’s reign, and publicly questioned Zhang’s statement that living in the right place was beneficial to the country? Although being upright can be academic, it is biased; Although ambition is too much.
This memorial later brought him ten courtiers and the opportunity to exercise in Guizhou. After Zhang Juzheng’s death, he was recalled to the DPRK by Wanli. He continued to keep his color unchanged and remained an opposition. After all, Wanli was forbearing to him and drove him home to eat old rice. He * * Xing and Gu Xiancheng were collectively called Donglin Sanjun as typical scolding generals in the future, but he still remembered to eat and beat the courtiers several times. Therefore, he was said to be invincible. Zou Yuanbiao also boasted that he was complacent from me.
* * The star speaks of the four major evils, namely, cronyism and cronyism. Fraudulent exclusion of loyal villains is harmful; The official rule is stagnant, and the people’s livelihood is harmful to the state and county; Township officials are rampant, and people dare to ask township officials for harm and abuse their posts, but they refuse to ask the faction bosses who this official belongs to who finally provoked the people who were cut off.
In other words, these four are all successful people in officialdom. Now, although the losers are truly proud of their wealth, they are temporarily far away from the political center. Therefore, they look forward to Liu Kan, although they have plans to brush their eyes on Zheng Guobao and show their kindness to Liu. It is important to be famous, but it is really good to change their names into official positions.
Zheng Guobao suggested that tax inspectors should be set up everywhere in the world, and several large bills should be strictly arrested to collect commercial tax, additional tax, tax elimination and luxury tax, which made this official suffer heavy losses. Therefore, everyone couldn’t wait to eat Zheng Guobao alive and Liu Kan out. Zheng Guobao also had to help them. Besides, hundreds of banks in Nanjing have their own backers. Who among them didn’t give several Qing buildings as amulets? If you let the fragrance court be smashed today, how good can your own business be?
Zheng Guobao doesn’t have a good opinion about people with Donglin, so his attitude towards Zou Yuanbiao and others is not much better. "It turns out that today is a good day for several famous dry countries and Zhongliang to gather a good thing. If loyalists like you can feel at ease and find a place to drink sanhua, they will no longer be interested in political affairs. I would have done it early. What do you have to do? Liu Kan jumped out together. Is it because of the evil cult and the cover of the demon? "
* * star thundered "unbridled! Nowadays, it is precisely because of such a lucky villain as you that you confuse people and block the way of speaking that the dear ones are far away and the virtuous ministers are still luxurious and waste the political affairs. If you are such a villain, when can I have a good day? Those demons are scabies, and you are the imperial court’s biggest worry! It has been said that there are demons in this fragrant courtyard. Are those women who are tied with chicken hands here actually disguised as demons? "
"Shame yes men don’t know academically how to plunder the people’s wealth and the people’s wealth. Naturally, anyone in their eyes may be a demon." Zou Yuanbiao took the words. "The big deal is that they can also put these koo women in prison. Don’t worry about it. When the time comes, they will take this so-called blackmail and force them to do whatever they want, so they will be jailed for a thief’s crime. The most common thing is that such means didn’t go to the factory to defend the eagle dog. Zou Mou will be interested to see these dogs before us today.
Just a few people, when you said a word, I showed loyalty and kindness. Suddenly, I heard a big mess behind the fragrance courtyard. Someone shouted, "Be careful, everyone. Demons dare to resist arrest and hurt people!"
Zheng Guobao’s mouth moved slightly to the left, so it seems that he took people to hide behind and cooperated with me to perform this play. Then they can shout a few slogans casually, which can be said to be the evidence that the demon people are hiding in the fragrance court. Don’t worry about this. Cai Erjie doesn’t give in and Liu Jiafu doesn’t bow his head but pretend. Even if it is, how can it still hurt people?
I was thinking and listening to a roar and scream. Someone shouted, "Be careful that the demon people rush ahead. These demon people have something to look down upon."
This operation is to deal with the nursing home, and the turtle doesn’t want to really kill people. Everyone is carrying blunt objects such as sticks. I think that when the time comes, I will scare the official prestige and beat you with sticks. What kind of master are you? When you are a nursing home, you will have to bring a knife directly.
However, I didn’t expect that this group of people who killed people from the backyard were very brave, and they were all holding swords and other sharp swords. They even killed them in the front hall. Ryan Stein and his foreign buddy brigade also stopped chasing the nurse, teapot and others at this time, but lined up the infantry phalanx to prepare for the battle. Seeing that more than a dozen big men were killed in the hall, the first person was short and fat, and his head was as big as a bucket. A greasy apron was covered with blood and blood everywhere. After killing in the front hall, he scolded Zheng Guobao, "Dog officer! You’ve been hiding your name for so many years. What, you still won’t let us go? Yes, it’s always the holy elders. What can you do to me? "
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Sweep away the light
Cai Erjie see the man blunt come over a finger "kitchen? You … you are? "
"The wife of shop-owner is sorry for my chef, who is the elder of Saint Education. The famous blood knife killer in the Jianghu in those days, but second sister, I have retired from the Jianghu. My intention to you is true. You believe me."
Cai Erjie didn’t expect this excellent craft to have some meaning for herself. The chef was actually a magic elder. These cooks and coolies behind him must be as deadly as his ancestors. He dared to be altruistic and let himself have nothing to do with them. At the thought of this, she scared her legs and stretched out her hand to grab Liu Kan beside her.
Nazhi Liu Gong is a rising star in the literary world of conscience in China. It is the most shameful thing that this demon teaches people to shame the devil. When they meet, they are angry and angry. They sit on the floor and shout, "Somebody, somebody, somebody protect me!" Liu, the uncle of my country, has offended you a lot. Adults don’t remember villains. Don’t want me to have common sense. Send a twister to protect me and take this demon! "
Zheng Guobao saw Liu Xianggong turn so fast and praised Qin Minglei and other four people. In those days, even the enemy had seen courage bigger than Liu Kan, so they did not sit down. On the contrary, they could protect each other and return to the elegant backhand to pray for the ancestors to curse and kill the traitor.
"I wonder how cheat people actually led the truth out?" Zheng Guobao muttered to himself, "I didn’t expect the demon people to really hide the fragrance courtyard." Just now, I went to the backyard kitchen to search and inspect all the soldiers of fortune sent by Wei Guogong. I think they suffered a lot of casualties.
The kitchen wanted to fight back from the backyard, but I didn’t expect that there were many people at the back door. I don’t know how many ambushes there were, so I turned around and thought about taking the leading officer hostage and threatening the officers and men to retreat so that I could live.
I didn’t know that when I arrived at the lobby, I saw this battle. More than 100 people with high physical fitness were dressed in heavy armor. The weapons in the hands of foreigners were arranged in a phalanx. When I saw it neatly, I knew that this was all an old battle and elite myself. The troops rushed to the fire like moths.
Kitchen "dog officer! We already want to quit the Jianghu, but you are still struggling to relax. "
"Exit the river’s lake? Do you think we don’t know that you are hiding in this fragrant courtyard and thinking about doing the activities of killing officials, rebelling and subverting the imperial court? Somebody, please take this demon who resists arrest and kills people and interrogate them carefully to see how many accomplices they have! "
All the foreign soldiers should first line up and move forward slowly, with overwhelming force. They are all soldiers of Zheng Guobao with weapons in their hands, but those who wield sticks and swords with their hands are retreating from the resistance.
"Rushing to catch the hostages" The kitchen broke off and reached for Liu Kan. But as soon as he fell to the floor, he heard bursts of "pop" gunshots. In an instant, he was more bloody, and the building shook a few times and fell down.
The rows of guns and bullets almost flew past Liu Kan’s scalp. When did he go through this kind of battle since he was born? When will the literati come to the war? But he didn’t use cold violence to kill Miss Zhang, and he never put a finger on the scene where a gun was flying and a dead body fell to the ground and blood flowed. This was the first time he had seen it.
Seeing that the kitchen wanted to arrest him, he was too scared to move. When the kitchen became a hornet’s nest, blood splashed on his face. Liu Kan’s endurance finally reached its limit. He turned his eyes and fainted, and he was covered in a mess.
Sun Dachao Zheng Guobao hey hey smiled, "The prince’s maternal uncle is a small marksmanship, so you can’t kill Liu Dagong if you can’t kill him."
Zheng Guobao is not satisfied with the fact that "it’s okay to catch the demon demon if you really kill him. It’s a big deal. It’s a small matter. It’s necessary to catch all these demon demons. Even if Liu Gong is hit by a stray bullet, he can blame himself for his bad life. Who can blame him if he has to hit the gun?"
His demons didn’t have as good flying skills as the kitchen. They wanted to go from the two-wing stairs, but they had just walked a few steps and had excellent flying skills. The brocade was turned over to the head of the building and stopped. They were not better than kung fu. First, they turned the spring gun and hit it, then they were cufflinks and crossbows. Finally, they were hacked by foreign soldiers. Although these demons were brave, their numbers were limited and they were all Jianghu kung fu. It didn’t take long before the army was wiped out.
At this time, the whole fragrance courtyard has been smashed at sixes and sevens, and all kinds of antiques, curios and delicacies have been spilled all over the floor. People who drink sanhua are hiding in every corner of the hall, holding their heads and squatting together, all of which dare not. Second sister Cai sneaked out of Yayi at this time and looked at the horror and cried, "Oh, my God, this day can’t be passed! How come all my antiques are ruined? How much will it cost me to reopen? "
Zheng Guobao sneers, "Cai Erjie, what’s your hurry? Opening? You’ve got demons in this courtyard, and you still want to open it? You don’t have to worry so much. The official promises that you won’t want to open this business. Somebody! Take this witch who colluded with the devil! Careful, she has kung fu, so be careful. Dare to resist arrest and shoot directly. "
Second sister Cai used to be the chief of the Qinhuai River, and she was really good at kung fu. She often lost her head and her face, but she had to give her a little help. She must save her face and let herself stay for a few more hours to go out and look like a disgrace. It’s not a problem that second sister Cai once boasted that she was tired of cattle and didn’t plow the field.
But these kung fu can’t come out now. She screamed when she was caught by the foreign soldier’s big hand. "Kill people! Kill people! I can’t bear it when you are lighter. "
Guo-bao zheng and ordered a "even there are demons taught demon hiding in this fragrance court didn’t come out to give me a house to search! No matter whether there are guests or not, they will take the lock and come to the hall. "
Xu Bangfu sent soldiers to the kitchen and suffered losses, killing more than a dozen people. This time, he was careful to kick the door. No matter whether men or women were wearing clothes or not, they were rewarded with a few sticks first, and then tied up and left. If they dared to scold or not, they would play a few more sticks first.
Listening to the screams, begging for mercy resounded through the whole fragrance courtyard. Sister Cai said with a bitter face, "I’m afraid I won’t want to open again this time. Who dares to come here to drink sanhua?"
When I saw those men and women being taken to the hall to divide things and lock them at both ends, Zheng Guobao glanced over and snigger at many acquaintances.
Nanjing, the capital of this place, has idle officials who take their salaries and don’t work to support the elderly. These people have jobs and salaries, and naturally they all serve these women. The food is high, the girls are beautiful, and the big boss behind them is Liu Yiru. Therefore, Nanjing officials love to come here for fun.
I don’t know, today, Uncle Zheng came directly to a plow pavilion to sweep the holes, and all these people took a rough look. Occasionally, there are more than a dozen hall officials of Nanjing Sixth Department, and several of them are the Imperial Court of Nanjing Douchayuan. At this time, prostitutes’ romance is a story, not a loss of personnel, but the Imperial Court is a special swearing official, and it is a big disadvantage for future work after all.
Zheng Guobao laughed. "I didn’t expect this to meet so many acquaintances. I have to invite Zongxian to come back and let him recognize everyone. I will go back and wait for their own chief executive to come to Hangyuan to lead people."
"The prince’s maternal uncle twips handsome wait a minute. The officer has something to say." A middle-aged man dressed in a light coat called Zheng Guobao in a low voice. He looked at it carefully and felt familiar for a long time before saying, "Who am I? Isn’t this the old satrap? This is troublesome. Who do you think you should let take it? Forget it or inform you that Tianfu Cheng should let Zuo Er bring you this official seal. "
Chapter two hundred and forty-four None left.
It turns out that this middle-aged man should be Tianfu Cheng Gao Naiwen, and he is also a civilian from the right direction in the two lists. On weekdays, he is also a special Lei Yuan enemy. He has petitioned the court several times to punish the people Zheng Guobao because of their mining tax supervision. He had to meet them in Nanjing because of etiquette, but then he said that the two were not the same person. I didn’t expect this to catch him today.
Gao Naiwen blushed and whispered, "Uncle, let’s have a word."
When Gao Naiwen changed his coat and dressed neatly, he looked at the mirror for a long time to make sure that there was no flaw. Only then did Zheng Guobao bow and said, "Thank you, my uncle, for your kindness in the spring breeze and the summer rain."
It’s already a shame that he was caught in the ticket court of Yingzhengtang. If he was mixed up with the general sentence to protect him, according to his hand, Yingtianeryin had to go to the officialdom, and everyone knew that it was impossible. What’s more, he was afraid of his wife. Once this matter was known by his wife, the French method was much worse than the national law, and the satrap had to face disaster.
Zheng Guobao also knows that in the future, Lei Yuangong will have to cooperate with the prefect of Yingtian, and it will be boring if he becomes enemies. After some bargaining, he will also let him go. It is also said that "actively cooperating with the Royal Guards to catch the magic cult workers at the risk of their lives, undercover reconnaissance knives and axes can’t move their minds, debauchery and wealth can’t win their hearts, and finally break the magic cult and kill many elders. Many famous people lurk in Nanjing with ulterior motives, monsters and ghosts are caught in the net, which has made great contributions to safeguarding the lives of Nanjing people and promoting Nanjing’s economic development."
When those officials outside saw Gao Naiwen’s salted fish turn over and even wear clothes, they turned to Gao Taishou for help, hoping that he would see the imperial court and help his brothers. Isn’t Gao Naiwen "It’s not easy to make a public statement? Why can’t you show it since you hit the gun of your uncle?"
"It means that we are not willing to pay a fine. Please don’t take us back to Hangyuan. Just don’t let our chief lead people."
"Yes, I’m Feng Xianguan. If I’m taken back to Beijing by the chief executive this year, I’m sure I’ll be demoted. Please help me. I promise I won’t participate in you this year."
"Yes, I have to go to the yamen early. Don’t let me miss it. Don’t discuss everything."
Gao Naiwen pulled Zheng Guobao aside again. First, he popularized science. These officials were born and belonged to who is Liu, who is Jin, who is Qiu Yichen, and so on. Then he said that these people who are worthy of being rich at home and who is the last thing must not be let go. This is not something. Naturally, it is because he is old and satrap, who has a lot of discord on weekdays, or covets him. This time, the prefect’s position is just impeded by the hand of the prince’s maternal uncle.
He also saw that Zheng Guobao’s Liu people didn’t deal with it, so all enemies were labeled as Liu by him, so he made a heart-to-heart appearance. "The prince’s maternal uncle Liu Si’s adult is more than the most powerful disciples in Jiangnan, and he can’t offend others in all kinds of government offices. Let’s let him go."
"Put, of course, have to put the Mr Big face how can you not sell? Rest assured that when Liu Mengzhen personally asks for someone, I will definitely let people come! " Zheng Guobao shouted and called several enemy brigade members. "You guys send Liu Dagong to Liu Fu for me. Don’t let it smell bad. But when you send it, you should be careful. Liu Dagong is a prominent man. Can he be seen by the patrolman?"

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