This thing is much more expensive than his magic pool! And it’s a one-time thing! Don’t say normal mage, white robe mage can’t afford this spell, can you? ! It is estimated that the saint, who is a father and a backstage guy, has the confidence to throw out this spell of pure money.

In Norman himself, this special situation can be changed to other occasions for the second time.
But this is also an episode.
After seeing that Wan Jian’s converted spell was abolished, Norman didn’t be silly, but flew directly towards Adolf and quickly flew past.
Wan Jian’s return to the motherland was inspired by Norman from Lancelot’s guidance just now, and he got the idea on the spur of the moment. He was really good at fighting not in this way, but in close combat with magic and martial arts.
Dragon Wings fly very fast, and Norman is close to Adolf in two blink of an eye.
Frontal dash is the fastest route, but because there is a rain curtain and water mist blocking this path, Norman deliberately turned a corner and went around from the right.
Adolf’s skill is not as fast as Norman’s, but his magic is not as slow as Louis’ skill. The thought of moving his harpoon and the rain curtain mist also teleported to continue to block Adolf and Norman’s idea of getting close.
Norman didn’t continue to turn around to find a new path-judging from the moving speed of the water mist rain curtain, even if he is now switching routes, the other party can continue to block his way with this water mist-so he was directly close to his body and at the same time suddenly jumped up into the flames.
This is a level-6 spell, Fire Cleanliness Dragon Wings. Norman used this spell when he cast spells quickly in the melee process.
When Jebel Dana, Norman used this spell to kill two wizards. Although neither of them was white robes, their melee situation of this spell also showed how powerful this spell is. Now it is full of power when it is put into use again.
For this rain curtain water mist, Norman still has some scruples because of those weapons, and he didn’t directly wear his head directly, but wrapped his fist in the flame and quickly combo several times
Although this rain curtain water mist has a thin layer, it is indeed stronger than the physical magic double offensive interwoven by Norman fist and flame, but it was temporarily supported!
However, it is also uncomfortable with this offensive, and the whole water mist rain curtain itself is shaking wildly, but it is resisted after all.
Adolf’s face became loose after seeing this rain curtain, and his lips continued to wriggle and sing his mantra. At the same time, his right hand was constantly shaking, and then he saw more water mist sprayed from the top of the harpoon and added to the rain curtain, which became thicker and thicker, and the tremor frequency became slower and more stable.
The mist rain curtain is thicker and more stable, but Adolf’s face is paler than just now. It seems that the thickening of the mist rain curtain is the price of his health.
And before adolf Norman body foaming at the mouth flame suddenly convergence at the moment a sharp contraction of the original six or seven meters high flame instantaneous less than two meters.
Unlike his contraction flame, Norman’s hand flame has risen by a big circle at the moment.
The flame didn’t rise much, and the amount of flame contracted by him was out of proportion. More changes reflected the color-the original clean body color of the fire was red and white, but now the color of Norman’s hand flame is almost pure white.
It takes a strong spirit to make such an exaggerated deformation, such an accurate change and such a strict control on the form of level 6 spells, which Norman could not have done when Jebel Dana was released, and it was only after the battle of reincarnation that he now made a leap in his spirit that he could do it.
After changing the form of the fire cleansing spell, Norman’s hands danced in front of his eyes like wearing a Hua Hudie. Adolf couldn’t see clearly, and the speed swayed into a virtual shadow and kept hitting the same position.
Hand move 12 hand move 5 hand move 17 hand move 2 …
For the same point, the ultra-high temperature continued to hit Norman’s eyes, and the newly reinforced water mist rain curtain began to shake again, and the vibration frequency and amplitude were faster and more intense than before, almost in a blink of an eye, and the water mist rain curtain shook at an unprecedented amplitude. Just looking at it, it seemed that you could hear it whine.
Adolf looked at his eyes and his face turned a little white. At the same time, a mist was sprayed from the top of his harpoon.
But he can’t come.
Almost at the same time, the water mist rain curtain between the two people could no longer withstand this violent tremor and slammed the whole thing apart.
Norman’s reaction was quicker than that of the water mist and rain curtain. In an instant, he didn’t pause, and the whole person turned into a white light. Adolf threw his hands at the back, and the front of them became a Tiger Claw fire. His hands were like a roaring tiger.
Norman’s side and Adolf’s war side are still focused on the two-headed mountain Na Pianhai enchantment.
He broke into the flying sword array of the sea barrier, and in such a short time, the kung fu was turning faster and faster, and the vortex was getting bigger and bigger. The huge vortex almost divided his head into two parts, which looked like he was going to tear the whole sea barrier apart!
It’s not that the caster behind it hasn’t made efforts. He has also cast some spells to destroy the flying sword array in the sea enchantment, but Cheng Yehai enchantment is defeated, and the sea enchantment faces this sea water with strong inhibition ability for spells. The caster’s spells are also greatly reduced in power, and the flying sword array is hidden in a huge whirlpool. This has become a potential whirlpool, which is the powerful protection of the flying sword array. Those spells are weakened by the sea enchantment, and then cut through this whirlpool to the end, which is the most central part of the flying sword array.
According to this situation, going to the head of this sea barrier will not last long and will be cracked by Norman.
At this time, Norman’s head suddenly collapsed before the sea barrier collapsed, and a large number of seawater collapsed and rushed to Norman, conveniently washing Adolf away from Norman.
This is a real downpour, and the whole castle is submerged in an instant after the sea is backward.
The sky is blue and the sun is not shining. Adolf was instantly washed away from Norman by the sea and rushed to the sky in the opposite direction.
Norman looked up at the sky and saw two other people besides Adolf who was foaming at the mouth of the sea.
Like adolf, the two men also hold a bright red ruby in their hands, which is a group at first glance.
Adolf said there was a white wizard above their heads, which was probably a lie. There were actually two white robes! ?
But no matter how many people there are, what he should do now is to beat each other quickly and close!
Norman’s mind turn is also a quick moment to sort out the train of thought. Dragon Wings flew up and flew at Adolf together!
He thought that if these three people want to fight, they must first get rid of a dogfight from the weakest hand as soon as possible, so that they can have the greatest assurance of winning. Adolf and himself just played back and forth twice, and finally they didn’t look very good. It should be the weakest link among the three people. It is right to solve him first.
Norman’s tactics were well formulated and quickly, but the reality was beyond his expectation. When he saw that he was about to fly to Adolf, he suddenly became dizzy from a great move to a very quiet moment.

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