Fang Ningtong looked at the hammer man in the blacksmith shop and was hammering at the grotesque magic weapon, but he was not afraid that he knew it was not a ghost again, but that it was impossible for him to sell coolies. It probably had no shape, but it could do whatever it wanted.
After reading it for a while, he got bored, but it was not good to go back to playing games and reading novels in front of Grandpa Tong, so he checked the latest news materials online and found them abroad from China.
Okay, he’s been playing a little too much these two months. It’s really earth-shaking outside.
"The day hell? Is it optically misleading or something really wrong? "
Looking at the title, it is very similar to all kinds of strange ideas. It turns out that there have been continuous incidents of ghost wounding in a certain place in the south, which has not been calmed down until recently. It seems that someone has heard of daytime thunder and then slowly settled down.
In the new situation, the country can’t get good, and foreign countries are even more confused.
"The fog in Fusang has filled the country for three days. The port has been closed and the airport has been shut down. It is difficult to count the losses. The institutions have jointly issued a red warning to remind the people not to rush to Fusang in the near future."
"A witch organization appeared in the northern dew country, and the leader of the organization’s speech disorder has been arrested by the country’s special operations department …"
Speaking of which, Lu Er felt bad, and Lao Zhang called him up for a moment.
"Lu Ertong shoes, get up and tell everyone about your mistakes and understanding …"
"I was wrong. I shouldn’t have the ability to speed up. I didn’t want to make peace. I should have joined the provincial sports team to help the country develop track and field and won the Olympic gold medal, but I didn’t make progress and stole the sweet stream everywhere. After President Zhang enlightened me, I must be a good person and earnestly complete all the undertakings instead of fighting for the whole life to defend the human world."
Lu Er children’s shoes wipe the corner of their eyes and say
In front of the public, his face is serious, but he wants to be a ghost. Athletes train hard every day and have to be taken care of. I don’t want to be famous for money. If it weren’t for the knight-errant who eats black and eats black, someone in the Dan medicine hummingbird offered a purchase price of 30 million, which was once a famous flying man in China, and his annual income was several hundred million. This is just a night’s work.
"Well, it’s good that you have this understanding, but recently international sports organizations are reforming, and you missed the previous wave of opportunities. Now they are setting up new sports. Only awakened people can participate in the project. You should practice hard to win glory for our country when the awakened people participate in the sports competition, and completely break the history that our yellow people can’t outrun their niggers. I just made a mistake, students. Don’t remember this sentence. It should be black people."
"Yes, the lesson of President Zhang is that I must practice hard to win glory for my country in the future." Lv Erwei said that he had learned about Lao Zhang’s temper re-education just a few days after he came here. The three-piece little black room+therapy+strong brainwashing, whoever dares to fight with him, will have to eat a set of honest and obedient packages and then have a meritorious service package.
That treatment tastes bad. Lu Er touched his ass and was so worried that he almost burned this old Zhang’s head for me. It’s really not human.
Chapter 19 I eat steamed bread, you eat meat, you are happy, my name is bitter.
"Well, it’s not class time when the yard is open. Everyone knows it very well. After class, everyone will write a career topic, which is called what is true happiness." President Zhang ended his first lesson of brainwashing in the morning, and everyone suddenly heard the news. The most difficult time of the day passed again
I can’t recall my own black history in front of everyone, and it’s not easy to say what went wrong and what to do in the future.
"By the way, if you have done well in this class, you can talk to your relatives so that they can feel at ease. It’s easier for you to talk for the first time. If you want to talk again, it depends on whether you have made meritorious deeds." Lao Zhang’s head then showed mercy.
Because he is in a good mood, it seems that most of the awakened people are deeply remorseful except for a few shrewd people. It seems that Comrade Fang Ning’s example is obvious. Of course, the re-education project package is also a little bit.
"Lu Erfeng Sancai …" Lao Zhang pointed out the names of several people and gave them twenty minutes of free calls. Of course, listening is certain
Lu Er was very happy to be called by his name. I didn’t expect that Lao Zhang still had a conscience. He recited his lines for two days.

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