It is infuriating to let an imperial duke, who was once the God of War of the Great Wall, just negotiate and make great contributions, go to the south mountain to dig mines.

"I see."
Lu Chen’s expression can’t see the joy and anger of "Gulanting Fujian"
Wallis didn’t dare to say anything, and left the Duke’s house in despair.
Lu Chen’s heart was not calm at this time, and he received a new branch line.
【 Branch protection mining 】
One month, the pioneers need to protect the backers of mining special veins, and the amount of gold in Milan will reach 1 kg.
The difficulty is average ~ nightmare
Current progress 3321/1
Reward and get Milan Star Gold with a mass of 7 kg after returning.
Failure punishment obliteration
[Remarks: Milan Star Gold’s special resources can be used in a variety of ways, but not limited to building sacred equipment functions]
[Note: The origin of quality standard is constant standard (blue star), which is not the quality standard of Aika mainland]
Lu Chen’s slight meditation on the branch line is different from hiding. Once received, you can’t refuse it, even if it is passively triggered.
This is subtle in all aspects, for example, the lowest difficulty is average, but the highest is a nightmare.
Isn’t it just digging a mine? Is it that terrible?
And the column of failure punishment makes him a little strange.
He heard that the origin is mild to the seeker, and generally speaking, it is rarely erased. This punishment is either ultra-simple erasure, simple deterrence or very important to force you to do it.
Like this branch line, it is very difficult. The seeker may think about not doing it when he sees it, but it is a failure if there is a time limit and overtime. If you kill it, you must take risks.
In this case, it can be said that this "Milan Star Gold" is indeed a very valuable resource that even the company will attach importance to.
Lu Chen wants to vomit. If I help you dig a thousand kilograms, you give me … seven kilograms! ?
What can 7 kilograms do? Although you gave me a note that you can build sacred equipment, what can you really do with seven kilograms?
He gave a reference picture and saw the gold sample and characteristics of Milan Star, which is very dense, seven kilograms less than his little fingernail …
I’m afraid I can’t make a pendant, can I?
He has doubts in his heart, but he can also hope that it is not the end of squeezing 7 kilograms of labor.
"The duke’s adult this is cruel! Why don’t we go back to the north and pull the people to revolt! ?”
Gree is a little angry. It’s a naked humiliation. Isn’t the duke of a country actually digging mines when he works as a bodyguard supervisor?
"Take it easy"
Lu Chen raised his hand and looked at Gree’s eyes. I thought, What do you think simple civilians have?
"Duke, are you really going?"
Razer also leaned in. This time, the Duke calmed down the chaos in the western region. Recently, the king has also improved. He still feels that the day is getting more and more hopeful.
But if you go to the south, it’s a disguised distribution. After that, you can’t come back. Even if you come back, it’s too early for this negotiation to bring you great enthusiasm.
"How to break the game if you go or not?"
Liu Chendao can go now that he has received the feeder line.
Difficult. He likes to be challenging.
Moreover, he is also very curious about the dwarves in this world. I heard that all of them are forging masters, and maybe there are some treasures hidden in the town.
A day later, before leaving, Lu Chen received the communication from the magic crystal in his hand.
He went to the person and put through "What do you want from me?"
"Are you going to the mountains of Warcraft? You don’t want to challenge that test, do you? "
Fox yinlai
"Do I look stupid to you?"
What’s the good news of the orcs from Lu Chen? Who knows that he’s here to ask about it?
"… that test is cheat people and your strength. Don’t try it. My side has been laid out. I’m still waiting for you to recapture the soldiers quickly and make a big fortune."
Fox was silent and replied
"Need time and opportunity, but not for long."
Lu Chen means to recapture the military affairs. He is ready to start from the north.
When the other party said that he was trying, he certainly knew that the world public screen was often brushed recently.
It is said that it is a special test. The stronger you are, the harder it will be. Theoretically, you can’t get through it.
Several explorers have tried, and there are also fourth-order explorers, but all of them have proved that the trial is unreasonable
Although Lu Chen loves challenges, he still doesn’t want to touch such high-risk things … The main reason is that Li Yi told him not to try and play when his head is hot yesterday.
He now wants to honestly complete this branch line and other new species of research and development, so he will not give a damn to King Kuusla and directly return to the north to pull his team back and wait for an opportunity.
It’s a little slow, but it’s a safe victory
"You are very passive now. Do you want me to help you? Still a prerequisite. "

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