Liao Jinghua is the same, moving behind him step by step, and so are the giant scorpions of the sandman. Now it is the endurance of both sides. Whoever falls first will lose. Liao Jinghua doesn’t know what the sandman is relying on now. He knows that he can’t lose because of his pride.

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Chapter seventy-seven Road sees rough patches
Bang, Xun fell to the ground and his slender tongue was covered with sand. The five little girls clung to Xun’s short hair and refused to let go. Their faces were horrified and pitiful.
A few sisters prepared themselves for the sacrifice of spiritual desire, but when they saw the overwhelming sand people pressing here, although they were equally tired to climb on the ground, the feeling of marginal oppression of ten thousand people still made them feel chilling in this tens of thousands of sand people, even if the spiritual desire and mental method were perfected, they would not be killed in the end.
"Go" Liao Jinghua drank and grabbed Xun’s tail one by one, dragged Xun on the shoulder, and then crawled forward with difficulty, dragging a long dent with how long it was.
Hundreds of feet away, the sand people kept falling, and there was one, and then there were two, and then ten thousand pieces of giant scorpions fell, and more than half of them had already fallen, and this half also fell with the collapse of the sand people, and finally climbed in front, and the old sand was extremely dry and hoarse, and shouted on his back and fell down.
Climbing out of a few hundred feet away, Liao Jinghua plopped and fell to the ground. He couldn’t climb any further. For a while, both groups of people fell down and quietly recovered their physical strength. The people were just tearing bellows, panting or retching, while their eyes were closed tightly, their tongues were stretched out, and their nostrils were spurting hot air.
Liao Jinghua is the most miserable and tired, but it’s a trivial matter, but it’s hard for Liao Jinghua to raise his hand and even take out the water bag because of the excessive tingling caused by Fanli.
"What should I do?" I don’t know if Ah Ji asked a girl who was in a daze that she was Ah Yi. Anyway, they all looked the same.
"Wait", O, as heavy as water, sat in the fast body and wrote a novel with his eyes closed, and then he didn’t say a word, nor did the other four girls look at each other.
Knowing the mermaid tears in the sea, in situ, they cool down and become cold. Thick breath pours into Yuan Ying, and then pours into new soul beads along Yuan Ying’s body sacrifice. The new soul beads rotate rapidly, sucking the cold and cold, and sucking Yuan Ying’s purple force, and then pouring into Liao Jinghua’s body, constantly restoring Liao Jinghua’s excessive body.
Liao Jinghua can feel that he still has another force. He knows that it is the true force produced by Yuan Ying. That force is quickly added to the body to make him recover quickly.
It was a moment when Liao Jinghua felt much better. He looked at Xun Xun with his eyes open. Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but feel distressed. Xun is now his life and death partner. How can Liao Jinghua bear to see it suffer with himself? Some think that he is more and more regretful about pulling Xun himself into this windtight boat.
Thinking about the bright purple sacrificial hair became clear. Even Liao Jinghua’s eyebrows and fast head circled in Liao Jinghua’s body, and a part of the mermaid tears flowed into the fast head and got into its body.
Xun’s body suddenly shook and then drooled. Xun felt as if he were back in the sea, swimming around the mermaid and swallowing those delicious mermaids. It was this cold and refreshing feeling.
It has to be said that the sand people have their own way of life in this area. It is only a little more than two hours before they can get up one after another. Although there is still shaking, their physical strength has recovered.
Liao Jinghua was helped by fish and tears, which was no worse than those sand people. At this time, he also got up, but he still had some spirits and kept swallowing his tongue with his head down, as if he were tasting something delicious.
A new round of pursuit of Liao Jinghua Xun, this time, was not in a flight, but in order to save physical strength, running honestly in this desert is certainly faster than flying in a straight line in a jungle mountain in that place, but flying in Ma Pingchuan in this desert is not as good as running. Even when I met some tall sand dunes, I jumped over a high hill with real yuan, which is a new round of pursuit that those sand people can’t compare with. Liao Jinghua threw those sand people away for thousands of miles, but Liao Jinghua didn’t dare to be careless. Still keeping the momentum of running, it seems that I have learned a new thing. After running for a long time, I spread my wings, and then I flew up and slipped out a few hundred feet away by running speed, and then I ran for a while, which also saved effort and made Liao Jinghua envious. I wish that big wing would grow in my body so that I could glide for a distance without any strength.
It’s dark and it’s on again. It takes three or four days to calculate the distance, even if it’s thousands of miles. Liao Jinghua herself can’t believe that she can still run for so long. Although those sand people have been thrown far away, they still follow like hanging boots ghosts. There is no idea to give up.
Liao Jinghua was a little anxious, not forced by these sand people, but by food. In Yuanying, there was not much food and water for the giants. Thousands of miles in this desert were covered with yellow sand food. Fortunately, I occasionally caught gerbils and small animals, but there was no water, but I couldn’t. There was only one bottom left in the water bag, and I saw that Liao Jinghua had never been to this environment. How could I find water at the moment?
"Ah … who are you again?" Liao Jinghua asked the girl lying on the outermost side of Xun’s body during running.
"I’m Sam," the girl said listlessly. These days, I’ve been running around, surrounded by extremely monotonous yellow sand. They have nothing to do, so how can they have spirit?
"Miss Ah San, where can I find water around here?" Liao Jinghua asked.
"I don’t know if we haven’t been here again. Oh, I’m exhausted." Ah San said, stretching and lying down again. She shook her breasts into a flat circle. When she was running, she talked about what kind of terrain she ran fast and steadily, but the little girl said that she was tired and let Liao Jinghua have some nai.
Ah San’s words didn’t disappoint Liao Jinghua. He asked if he couldn’t miss an opportunity. Liao Jinghua took out the pink flute and shook it in front of his eyes. Then he shook his head and put it away.
"Ah … Ah San, right?" Liao Jinghua asked the fast girl.
"Wrong, I went to sleep in Ah Sanli. I am Ah Wu." The same little girl climbed up and said lazily. Because she was lying on her stomach, she pressed her plump breasts like an explosion. Liao Jinghua looked a little nervous.
"That … ahem" Liao Jinghua turned away "silver owners not to say that this flute can guide my journey? But now it has traveled thousands of miles, but there is still nothing strange about this flute. What is this? " Liao Jinghua asked.
"I don’t know that the rude flute is a legacy. I’m a little disciple. I don’t deserve to know these secrets. I’m counting on what you find. Tell me to satisfy me." Ah Wu stretched out his uvula and licked it on his lips as if he were seducing Liao Jinghua. Liao Jinghua pretended not to see the hard work. Ah Wu was blinded by this kind of wink and rolled back to the center of Xun’s back.
Finally, Liao Jinghua didn’t want to drink a little water and gave it to the little girl. A little left was fed to Xun Liao Jinghua’s mouth, but she swallowed a little saliva, which was more like smoking.
"It seems that even if I fix the truth, I am afraid that one day I will be stranded in this desert and it will be difficult to walk out alive." Liao Jinghua was surprised and caught a glimpse of a bone that I didn’t know, and then muttered and ran away.
Psst ….. Xun suddenly cried a little green in Liao Jinghua’s eyes.
"If there is an oasis, we will soon have something to eat and drink." Liao Jinghua shouted. Now Liao Jinghua looks at that first-class root, and there is no desire. It is better to think about how to get water to drink. This makes Liao Jinghua understand very vividly that this sentence is still warm, but it is hungry and thirsty. Where is the desire for kung fu?
Liao Jinghua cheered when he saw the oasis, and the speed suddenly increased. He also hissed and ran quickly. Instead, those sand people stopped to catch up. Living in this desert for a long time, they knew all about the landscape that appeared in this desert. If they saw the oasis, they ran there, fearing that there was no way to go, because it was a magical image in the desert, and they could never catch up with it … 1 # 6 # k #
"Hey? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? " Liao Jinghua has been running for an hour with his feet hoarse. According to their speed, it should be more than 200 miles, but the oasis still looks so far away.
"Stop chasing it. It’s a unique image in the desert. Well, it’s more like a reflection. Look where that oasis might be. It’s a false image." Ayi said with strength that although they are all in the fast body, there is no water. In this desert, it’s hot as hell during the day and cold as hell at night. They don’t have the good posture of Fast and Liao Jinghua, which is enough for them.
"Is there such a thing?" Liao Jinghua wait for a while stopped and looked back. Those sand people no longer chased Liao Jinghua. It was a sigh of relief, but suddenly I remembered that when I was reading different records, I mentioned that there had been a false image of Penglai Wonderland in the sea, as if this reflection in the desert had the same effect.
"Xun, wait here, I’ll see where I can find water." Liao Jinghua said, patting his head and swallowing a mouthful of sticky saliva quickly, but he couldn’t get up a little to quench his thirst. When he saw it, it was very dark. A giant scorpion of a sandman slowly receded far away. Liao Jinghua sincerely admired their thirst and then flew until the limit of several hundred feet. Liao Jinghua stopped to look around. In front of them, it was an oasis. What a big piece of Liao Jinghua was if it was a reflection.
Liao Jinghua called Xun to look at it from Xun’s unique and clear perspective. It is indeed far away. It is indeed an oasis in front. It is too far away to see if there are any people on the surface, but there are really living things moving.
"It’s really an oasis. Anyway, let’s go and have a look." Liao Jinghua said hello, and quickly went straight to the oasis in the distance. It was clearer until it was dark, but there was another oasis floating in it.
Although the oasis is still far away, there have been some withered grass, and the greener the grass is, Liao Jinghua is also so thirsty that his eyes are too lazy to go forward to the oasis and hold out the giant stick to make it the largest. It is more than three feet long, and the waist is as thick as the ground, so he plunges it in and goes straight to the end before stopping and shaking it violently. The giant stick shakes out a hole more than three feet before pumping it out. Sure enough, the muddy water gradually fills the pit.
Liao Jinghua laughed. Without considering the dirty water, he buried his head in the water and had a good time. He also plunged his head into it. One person and one beast squeezed the pit full until one person and one beast drank the water in the pit nearly three feet deep. Only then did he stop. Liao Jinghua pulled out his head and looked at the five little girls who became speechless. Five girls were also thirsty, but their eyes drifted, but they couldn’t squeeze Liao Jinghua and Xun, who stayed in the outer circle and looked at Liao Jinghua unjustly.
Liao Jinghua andao a shame in this kind of risk death is still alive moment oneself proud to forget them Liao Jinghua hurriedly pulled out the newsletter from the puddle shan smiled a "girls please" Liao Jinghua said, dragging the newsletter to one side.
Five girls with chapped skin can’t consider many reaching out and taking out a handful of dirty water from the puddle and drinking it. At this time, there are still many things to care about.
It was not until now that Liao Jinghua remembered to look at the living things in the oasis. Looking at the oasis, it was quiet. Except for some weird things, like women’s hair hanging like waterfalls, where can I see a figure?
Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but frowned, pulling the distant oasis shadow to the front with fast eyes, but still no one could see it clearly.
"How is that possible?" Liao Jinghua glanced at Xun Xun and shook a pair of unhappy green eyes, which brought the distant scenery closer and saw it more clearly, but still could not find the figure.
At this moment, Xiao Lai’s voice was low and powerful, and Liao Jinghua’s one leng, Ah Yi-ren, was just an incredible sight with his eyes wide open.
"Is it Xiao? Could it be Dong Yu Xiao?" Liao Jinghua muttered to herself that she took out the pink flute and recalled the melody played by a silver tweety. Although the silver tweety played differently, the flute sounded crisp, but it was also somewhat similar.
Oasis in the middle of the ground suddenly like a door panel to hit a few people on both sides of the line out. Draw a hand holding a hole more than two feet long. Jade Xiao is as white as snow, and his skin is as white as tender. It’s just a few big men, but women’s skin makes Liao Jinghua a little surprised, even more surprised. These men are all dressed in sensual veils, but Liao Jinghua is not excited about men. Occasionally, he takes a look at their hips. Men’s self-esteem makes him compare with one hey, which is much smaller than himself.
Several handsome men as white as snow and more handsome than women came to Liao Jinghua and looked at Liao Jinghua with amazing eyes for a long time. It was that kind of ambiguous eyes that made Liao Jinghua’s body stand on end and five beauties around him didn’t look at it, but they just had to look at themselves. Maybe they all had a tiger and a yang? Liao Jinghua thought to herself, she glanced at Ah Yi slightly. They looked at it, but it was one leng, but it was one or several. When drinking water, the more sludge in the water, the more they stained their heads and faces, and they were stained with a sludge. Where can they see the original beauty?
"In … in Liao Jinghua" Liao Jinghua hurriedly hand said.
"Spirit wants flowers to fall in the snow" should be holding a cave jade, Xiao Nanwei leaned and said.

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