Chapter 972 Department dispute

"Damn it, it’s so hot. I feel like I’m dying …"
A few hours after escaping from the ground,
Feel the scorching heat of the two suns in the sky
Many fugitives sincerely issued such a sigh.
They have lived underground for generations since hundreds of years ago, and now they are facing two rounds of scorching sun in the sky. It is a little difficult to cope with it, so they are a little lost in the desert.
Walking in the flying yellow sand
Since there is no reference map for comparison.
This kind of walk for a long time.
But it’s like standing still
Look up.
In addition to the yellow sand in the sky, it seems that there is nothing else in the feeling.
Their hearts have long since lost their original joy of escaping from the world.
There are many people who are confused and at a loss.
Some people have realized that they miss the good days of being slaves in their underground cities …
Although there is no freedom, there is no preferential treatment, and the body will be used as food after death.
But the feeling of knowing what to do with your eyes open every day can finally let them know what they want to do …
This kind of ambition reaction of the eye
It’s more or less Stockholm syndrome.
It is the first psychological card they need to face after fleeing!
Generations of domesticated livestock
Even if I managed to escape from my own pen, I lost my innate ability after all.
I don’t know if I’m foraging, if I’m looking for water, if I’m avoiding natural enemies, if I’m repairing wounds …
That kind of feeling
Just like a young child who suddenly has to face the society alone
What can be done is to drift with the tide and try to survive.
most of the time
Those escaped animals can’t help but miss the delicious food in the feed trough even though they know that they may face the butcher knife when they go back …
after all
Even if there is danger, the feed is true and worthy of hunger after all!
There are animal husbandry bars to stop you, and you need to worry about the intrusion from predators.
Then the owner will find a way to solve the problem for himself ~
When many slave workers escape from the cage with beautiful fantasies about the outside world, they face the actual situation that is not in line with psychological expectations.
The huge gap caused by realistic fantasy directly gives birth to a psychological gap in their hearts!
can not help but
They blamed the mastermind of all this, the guy who took himself and others out of the prison where they lived for generations …
a short while
They look at the back of [Fredos], and their eyes are getting worse.
The ones with bad temper
From time to time
Occasionally, I will speak sarcastically.
Sounds like a sick groan!
And in the face of their cynicism
[Fredos] also looks the same. His face is like a Woodenhead, and he continues to drive calmly.
Only a little sweat on his forehead can cause breathing disorder for a long time, which proves that he is not a robot and will be tired.
A few hours passed.
When the first slave fainted due to lack of water and heat,
Several other slaves are also unable to resist their grievances any longer.
I jumped on Fredos with the intention of holding him down and beating him!
It seems to them
It is the other side that will hurt themselves and others so badly!
Of course, speak from the heart
They also know that there are some reasons why we and others will fall into this field.
This doesn’t mean that they won’t play the fool in secret.
After putting all the mistakes on [Fredos]
Suspicion makes them feel much better.

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