Su Li and nineteen ancient kings fled here, and Su Li led them straight to the eternal universe.

On the way, I saw some ups and downs in the turbulent high universe. Su Li felt heavy.
He knew that these judges would inevitably lead the mechanical clan to destroy these higher universes.
These higher universe creatures, including the true ancestors, have no resistance against the judges who are comparable to the ancestors.
If these ancient kings can restore their peak fighting power, it is natural that they can kill these mechanical monsters and judges easily. However, the strength of the ancient kings is seriously declining, and it is difficult to maintain the strength of the general ancestors, and Shou Yuan will die as soon as possible.
It’s hard for so many judges to fight against him by themselves. The second talent, super-dimensional power, combined with the force, is magical but difficult to last. If you are afraid of killing two judges, you will run out of strength and even escape.
"Maybe sneak attack can be adopted …"
Su Li’s heart moved, and his physical strength can be maintained and launched twice. If he launched the super-dimensional force once, combined with the original force, he could instantly kill a judge. If he could escape immediately, he could take this sneak attack way and slowly kill these judges one by one.
"Look at the number of these judges. The number of judges should be small. At present, there are no more than 24 judges. If there is a limit of 24, there will be a total of 24 judges who were eliminated before the addition. Those who are still alive will not exceed 20 …"
Su Li mused that the most troublesome thing now is whether he can ensure that he can escape in case of loss if he kills a judge by sneak attack.
According to his present thinking, if there is no stronger judge, he is confident to escape, but he is afraid that there will be a smaller number of judges. Then the C-type judge is already stronger than the ordinary ancestor. So if there is a stronger judge such as C7 or C6, can he still ensure his escape?
This is Su Li’s only worry.
With a thoughtful way, Su Li and the ancient kings soon chased Xu Xuehui and the ancient city.
These ancient kings have returned to the ancient city. In the ancient city, everyone looked at the ancient Wang Bai. Those ancient kings who did not appear represented the fall.
Kirin God gave a slight whisper. It won the ancestor of all animals. These days, it has established deep feelings with the ancestor of all animals. Now I have not seen the ancestor of all animals. Kirin God is full of sad feelings. Bai Wan’s ancestor of animals has fallen and will never see it again in this life.
Nineteen ancient kings, including Jellyfish, Fire Ancestor, Brahma King, Luo Cha King, Medicine Fork King, Mysterious Ghost King, and Hidden Destroyer King, all gathered around Suli, and each king looked solemn.
"I can’t believe that the mechanical gens came back in ancient times. The mechanical gens was more terrible than it is now, but at that time, we were also at the peak of the World War I, but now …"
King Brahma Leiyi looked at one side here and shook his head. He said that if we can’t find a way to solve the disaster caused by this mechanical family, everyone in the turbulence will die. When Leiyi dies, his ancestors will be cut off and there is no hope of coming back to life again.
"No way, in this era, people’s strength is too weak, and they only get our charm. It will take a long time for them to be promoted to Zusheng or even break through to Zuwang, and they are afraid that the mechanical roots will not give them so much."
As he spoke, the King of Medicine Fork looked at Lingyun. The person he picked was Lingyun, a peerless genius who once came from the elf continent.
"Actually, we can’t burn the remaining life to maintain a short peak, and they fight together." Luo Cha Wang Lao began to sound.
"We can’t even burn the residual life to maintain a short peak," the jellyfish said slowly. "This time, the mechanical clan can be regarded as pioneers. We sacrificed ourselves to kill them, and then the second batch and the third batch appeared? Who can resist them then? Everyone should remember that the emergence of mechanical gens in ancient times is not as powerful as it is today. "
Luo Cha Wang Dao: "This is not good, that is not good. Are we just waiting for death?"
The fire ancestor suddenly looked at Su Li’s way. "I have an idea."
"Huozu, what do you think?" All the ancient kings looked at him at once.
The fire ancestor slowly converged, and the flame finally became a real human being from the original flame, but it looked a little old.
He looked at Su Li and said, "I really hope that if we can help Su Li break through together … maybe … we can deal with these mechanical monsters."
When this sentence came out, everyone felt a slight shock, and then the department looked at Su Li.
"It’s true that Su Li’s strength is now comparable to that of a powerful ancestor, and his real cultivation turned out to be a true ancestor in China. This is simply an unheard-of miracle. If we can help him break through to the true ancestor in the high realm, his fighting power will surely break through again, and he may be able to deal with these mechanical monsters."
"Of course, these judges are the first group of the weakest C-level judges. In ancient times, there were stronger B-level judges. These B-level judges already have the strength comparable to our ancient kings."
The King of Medicine Fork said here that his face looked sad and seemed to recall ancient times.
Chapter 19 Su Lizu way
"These B-level judges are really terrible, but the good number is very few. We have killed them all. I wonder if these B-level judges will appear in this era."
Su Li listened to their conversation quietly. At this time, he also understood that the judges now appear to be sacred, but they are actually C-level judges. In ancient times, there have been more powerful B-level judges than Zuwang. I wonder if there will be A-level judges.
Luo Cha Wang Dao "There is no other way now. The only hope is that Su Li and all of us can help him break through."
Su Li heard these words, and my heart was slightly white. If these ancient kings really gave their strength to themselves, it would mean that they would lose their essence. They would die at any time in Shou Yuan.
"It’s not right" Su Li shook his head. Although some of these ancient kings will soon die, some ancient kings may still live for several years or decades, but if they really give themselves all their strength, these ancient JI Wang will die every year.
Jellyfish sound calmer way: "Su Li, you don’t refuse. This is the only way at present. Although the turbulence looks broad at this moment, those mechanical families have appeared in ancient times. The longer we all know, the larger the number of these mechanical families will be. Sooner or later, no one can escape. The only way is to completely destroy and seal the magic acyl while the mechanical family has not yet formed a scale."
King Brahma looked at Suli and said, "Yes, there is no time. The best way is to hesitate before these mechanical families really take shape and will completely destroy Suli."
Seeing these ancient kings looking at themselves is the best way. Su Li took a deep breath and finally agreed to come.
Soon Jellyfish, Fire Ancestor, King Brahma, King Luo Cha, King Yaocha, King Xuangui and King Destroying Tibet all gathered around Su Li and sat cross-legged.
Su Li herself sat cross-legged in the ancient city, and all the people quietly retreated to the side of the silent guardian.
Many people look at these ancient Wang Bai with admiration. This time, they sacrificed themselves to become Su Li. After they joined hands to help Su Li break through, they will soon fall.
A waterline rose above the jellyfish’s head, and this waterline quickly fell to Su Li.
This is the last bit of essence left in her body, and now she offers initiation to Su Li to help him break through.
A lux energy ball appeared in the palm of the fire ancestor’s right hand. This energy ball churned endlessly and flew to Suli.
King Brahma made a seal with his hands, and he ordered Brahma to seal it.
One by one, the ancient kings made moves, and each ancient king beat out the essence left in his body. Nineteen ancient kings, the 19th ancestor Wang Jingyuan, gathered around Suli.

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