DuanMuFu way "this small trouble? Master is not too polite. "

She suddenly looked at Shule Buddhist and said, "Lao Buddhist first made Zong Xuan temporarily unconscious, and we said a few words before he recovered."
Buddhist Shule has grasped the acupoints on the other side’s arms. At this time, he was paralyzed by a sudden jerk. Even though he was so pushed around, his eyes had no chance to protest. Buddhist Shule shot a little jerk, and when he shook his head, he bowed his head and closed his eyes and lost consciousness.
Duanmu Fu taught Buddhist Shule to put him on the bed of arhat, and then everyone laughed. "I think you all felt unbelievable when you banned the skill just now, because even though I know the prohibition method, this move must be performed with high skill."
Luo Tingyu and others nodded slightly and agreed. Duan Mufu added, "I’m not good at martial arts. Everyone knows that I’m trapped and invited you in. Most of you will wonder if I’m going to rely on you to enforce that prohibition law?"
Luo Tingyu asked, "Will Miss Ran do this?"
Duan Mufu asked, "Yan Wei thinks that you will be the same?"
Master Guangwen said, "How can he be an exception to this nature?"
Duanmu Fu said, "This is the most important point. You can ban Zongxuan on my behalf. Even Cui Abo has more than five people. Everyone has different martial arts, family numbers and mental methods. Yan Wei wants to find out how to break the law for just one and a half years."
Master Guang Wen said, "So that’s it. Although this suspicious plan is wonderful, it can also distract Yan Wei from this incident, which makes him neglect to take care of both things, but there is still a big failure in it."
Duan Mufu said, "Please ask the master for advice?"
Master Guangwen said, "Miss, it’s easy to say that being poor is just a worry, but as Miss said earlier, if you see Miss being poor, you will have to take his life if you don’t have a reliable grasp to make Zong Xuan practice martial arts for a period of time."
"Cui Abo nu way" how dare you? My old man killed you first! "
Duan Mufu waved his hand to stop Cui Abo from talking. "Even if I’m not sure, will the master really not give me this face?"
Master Guangwen was silent for a while before he sighed, "All right! It’s up to miss. "
No one in the room had any objection except Master Guang Wen. Duanmu Fu went to the bed to see her. No one could believe that she had something to ban Zongxuan.
Duan Mufu glanced back at the crowd and said, "Master Guang Wen hasn’t told us about that loophole yet?"
Master Guangwen said, "The poor monk thought that if Yan Wei broke the law, he would just pick one of us first, but it happened to be right. At most, in three or two months, Zong would be free immediately."
Duan Mufu said, "Have you not finished your work in three or two months?"
Master Guangwen said, "Of course it’s not enough at this time!"
Duanmu Fu said, "Then I have to personally teach Yan Wei to have a big accident. He will seek to break the law from the five of you for a while, and it will be a year before he checks that it is not your five families’ mental arithmetic!" Do you think this plan will work? "
Qin Shuangbo said faintly, "Be cautious, cunning and wise. Maybe he will take your object the first time!"
Duan Mufu said, "Thank you Qin Xian for waking up, but it’s enough for him, because it makes the old thief more serious."
She smiled smugly and added, "The old thief who is strict in martial arts is also well aware, so although I started it now, I still did it on behalf of others, so the old thief who is strict never imagined that there were complications in it."
Luo Tingyu looked at her heartily and said, "Since you think you are not proficient in martial arts, you may not be able to do it even if you perform your mind skills. Can you do it on behalf of others?"
Cui Abo immediately contradicted the past and said, "What can I do for my young lady? You wait and see! "
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Duanmu Fu was busy. "Uncle, your family must not offend me. When you see an old thief, it is only reasonable that you severely scold him."
Luo Tingyu smiled with a gentle look in her eyes and said, "Miss Duanmu is in charge of the next thing."
Buddhist Shule looked busy at him and turned to look at Duanmu Fu, but when he saw that she was dazed and Zheng, his heart was dark and he thought, "Look at this situation, Miss Duanmu will be in Luo Tingyu’s arms sooner or later."
Fortunately, there is still a glimmer of hope that Qin Shuangbo is Luo Tingyu’s companion, and God knows that if Qin Shuangbo is really willing to marry Luo Tingyu, Duanmu Fu will still find it difficult to win Luo Tingyu Rao, which is enough to make Shule Buddhist nervous.
He quickly turned around and said, "If I secretly help Yan Wei so that he won’t be defeated by this bunch of people at once, Duanmu Fu will have more chances to win her heart when she relies on me!" The easiest way to do this is to secretly go to the seventh, so that Zongxuan can transport some strength to resist her prohibition, so it won’t take long for Zongxuan to practice recovery afterwards … "
That is to say, Zong Xuan will recover his skill as soon as possible, but if he still has such a strong arm, he will not be defeated quickly. When he rotates, his fingertips have already revealed a ray of strength and hit Zong Xuan. Because he was on the couch and his limbs did not move, no one can know that he had made a strong effort.
But Duan Mufu said, "Shule Buddhist please come here."
Buddhist Shule got a fright in his heart. "Is she so high?" Can read my mind? Alas! This girl’s wisdom is too high, but she may have guessed my heart and means. "
He hesitated for a moment before he went to the crowd and said that he was holding his identity as a slave and letting Duanmu boss her around.
It was specially a little late, so no one thought much about it. Naturally, it was unexpected that Buddhist Shule had such an affair, and it was even more unexpected that he had turned a lot of thoughts in this hesitation.
Duanmu Fu seems to have no suspicion and smiled and said to the outsiders, "I ask you to listen to me, but this move in advance is absolutely not malicious. I hope you don’t misunderstand."
She paused and said, "Would you please turn to the door and stop looking at me?"
Everyone turned to look at the door according to her wishes. After half a cup of hot tea, Duanmu Fu smiled and said, "Come on!"
There is fatigue in the voice.
The crowd turned to look, but when they saw her sitting on the bed, Cui Abo reached out and patted her back. Everyone saw that Cui Abo was physically capable of helping Duanmu Fu’s blood and gas to run, and she recovered her strength. Her bright and clear eyes looked haggard.
Luo Tingyu first said, "These martial arts techniques are extremely exhausting. Is Miss Duanmu so tired?"
She shouldn’t have taken pity on the taste herself.
Duanmu Fu gave him a grateful glance and said, "It doesn’t matter. I can recover after a rest."
In an instant, she looked at Shule Buddhist and said softly, "Buddhist, please ask about the acupuncture point solution of Zongxuan."
Although Buddhist Shule was full of pity, he didn’t show it. According to the words, he went over to solve the acupuncture points and banned the Zongxuan couch, and turned his eyes.
Duanmu Fu made a "please" gesture to Master Guang Wen. The Shaolin master walked unceremoniously to the couch and looked at Zongxuan with a solemn face.
Zong Xuan has secretly tested his martial arts, but he felt that Dantian was too cold to gather his true qi. He sighed and said, "My martial arts have been banned. Whose hand is it?"
His eyes have been looking all over the house from Master Guang Wen’s point of view, and he said, "There is a lady Duanmu who is still sweating on her temples and looks very weak at the same time. I believe she must have done it herself, right?"
Everyone is silent. Mufu is weak. "We won’t tell you. Now please pay attention to the question of the master who heard widely and give a quick answer, and then it’s my turn."
ZongXuan way "good! It must be you? Alas! I never thought that you should have such a thing! "
Duan Mufu smiled faintly. "Don’t you know I have a lot to do?"
Master Guangwen coughed heavily to attract the attention of the other party, then he said, "Poor monk Zong, may I ask the swordsmanship you used when you just exerted the magical power of stimulating potential? Did Elder Yan give you any warning when you first practiced?"
Zong Xuan said, "Yes!"
Master Guangwen said, "What is his confession? Can the benefactor be frank? "
Zong Xuan thought for a moment before saying, "It’s not that I boldly talked about the fact of the master behind my back. It’s that he did something wrong. If he had told me the whole story of this magical skill of swordsmanship, my determination on this occasion would not have made the situation today not evolve into such a situation."

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