What killed the rabbit chamber escape class?

"Say something, O Tong. Which door can I enter?" Fang Ning pleaded.
There was no response, and then a gust of evil wind appeared and Fang Ning died again
I was hung up twice in a daze. Although it was not like being poisoned for seven times, Fang Ning felt a little weak in his heart. It was like a rigid body going to the public toilet outside after watching a horror movie in college …
Don’t say uncle is really accurate. He just gained confidence by defeating poisonous snakes and then disappeared.
After all, I often spy on my thoughts. I’m afraid of what it is. Fang Ning thought very naively
The third resurrection in the living room, Fang Ning didn’t dare to touch, and he didn’t dare to call uncle cheating again.
He carefully observed that there was a shoe rack on the left side of the living room near the door except for the doubt of blood on the door.
Fang Ning never put shoes there when he rented a house by himself …
Now there are five pairs of shoes with different sizes and different styles. It is easy to see that three pairs of sports shoes with different sizes are men and two pairs of high heels with different heights are women.
Obviously, this is a shoe for five people.
Fang Ning noticed this because his shoes were stained with blood …
This is a problem. Only the murderer has the time and mind to put the bloody shoes back on the shoe rack.
Neither the victim nor the fugitive will have time to put on their shoes.
So five people died?
There are five rooms, but there may not be five couples sharing a room, which is the most common.
Burn the brain … Fang Ning analysis here suddenly have a headache.
Uncle didn’t show it because he wanted to crack the murder of ghosts in this secret room.
But looking at this situation, if you want to crack it, you have to read N blocks several times before you can pass.
Fang Ning has rich experience in playing games. His way to decrypt this kind of games is to read files and never choose the right one at a time.
Once upon a time, he was a detective for a while, but he still had some experience
But later, as the uncle became stronger and stronger, the map became more and more powerful, and the detective office was not big. It was strange that he was too lazy to play detective games again …
Thought of here Fang Ning faint consciousness.
Break through the clever king’s way
Before World War II, a country was full of wisdom, surprise and divine wind, and it was not crossed over by others …
"Er, rich man, are you lazy or lazy?" Uncle suddenly said something.
Fang Ning immediately knew that his train of thought was to peep at his thoughts although he didn’t talk to these idiots.
I can’t trust my body for almost three years, and the structure of my brain is estimated to be clear. It is still simple to decipher some ideas.
"Hum, are you stupid?" Fang Ning gloated way
Then an evil wind appeared and he hung up again …
"Ha, ha, ha, you forgot again that you can’t talk casually here. You may trigger the murder curse keyword as soon as you speak." Grandpa gloated.
Lie in the trough, you two hundred and fifty, and you deliberately cheated me
Fang Ning ruthlessly thought about one hundred ways to ravage the big ye in his mind.
"No matter how you think, I will never take shape, that is, the shape of a regular polymer is a concept. How can you resist me?" Grandpa is triumphant
Damn it, Fang Ning is so easy to ignore
The problem now is how to make yourself have the power to overcome this haunted house and kill people!
I’m a lake-level soul!
Fang Ning thought of here, the tiger body shook and exuded a domineering king.
Then the evil wind came and he hung up again …
"Ha, ha, ha, you will pack to force is not! Only with real power can you pass "big ye big ridicule."
Real power?
Fang Ning’s mind wanted to think, and suddenly Uncle Bai meant that he wanted to master the strength and luck without salted fish.
He thought about what he would know.
Well, nothing seems to happen …
No, I can still recite scriptures.
"You still have some self-knowledge that you are too lazy to practice at ordinary times. Now there is even no way to take out your hands and fight." The big ye despised.
"You’re innocent again. I’ve thought of it!" Fang Ning gloated way
His voice just fell and the evil wind came again.
A joke flashed through his mind. What was the last thing you wanted to say when you fell off a cliff?
A great god just said two words …
However, it is a fantasy after all, but Fang Ning is real and can do it! This is the difference!

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