Zhou Yi eyes couldn’t help but stuffy hum.

The consciousness of the ape moves, and when the sea shakes, it seems that a pale ape growls at the sky and makes many similar ape moves.
Flashing into the mountains
Thirty-six-style ape Zhou Yi tossed and turned his eyes, and as time went on, his movements became more and more skilled.
long time
The earth trembles.
The spirit gathered in the fist front and slammed into the rock.
Hard rocks instantly add two clear handprints up to half a foot deep, and the surrounding rocks also show filar silk cracks
At the same time
Zhou Yi’s ferocious face and twisted muscles have changed to be different from ordinary people’s appearance
Chapter 7 spies
The Five Poisons Fierce cultivates and loses his life in exchange for a great increase in strength. Both the Five Poisons Dan and the Fierce Pill accelerate this process.
It may take several days to practice in one day, Shou Yuan.
Man and beast are very different.
However, practicing the Five Poisons and Fierces requires sincere recognition that you are a poison and a fierce beast, so that you can really cultivate yourself.
Zhou Yi, a beginner, knew something was wrong at first sight.
Although the progress is expensive, there is a certain loss in the internal organs, and even the hard-to-touch gods are strange.
If it weren’t for him, he would have a great spirit and a terrible mind, but he wouldn’t have changed his temperament and twisted his face
At present, the impact is not great.
But how long it can last is still unknown.
It’s really distressing that Nai can solve the problem of body for the time being without practicing the Five Poisons.
Drink ring
Zhou Yiwen moved forward along the stream of people during the recovery.
This is a monthly payment of red sands. Dozens of people gather in one place and are weighed by the brothers in the black wind tunnel in turn.
An instrument similar to a weighing pan is placed on the table, and the scale of the weighing pan moves to show the weight.
"Shan Bo is two catties, three taels and six taels."
Ma Yu swept his eyes and graduated with a flick of his hand.
I can’t see him move the scales, and the red sands fly up and sink into the rear. A wooden box is already full of sands at this time.
Red gold sand sparkles with attractive light.
The sea took the waist cloth bag and carefully dumped the red gold sand on the scale. Finally, it turned over the cloth bag and left something behind.
"A catty of 427 money!"
Ma Yu’s eyebrows drooped and his face was expressive.
The sea opened its mouth and its face was bitter. After all, it honestly retreated.
A little while
It’s Zhou Yi’s turn to follow suit and take the red sands.
"922 yuan"
Ma Yu’s face sank to show displeasure.
"Don’t neglect yourself just because you are a newcomer. What is missing now must be filled after the newcomer stage."
"In addition …"

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