He has traveled all over the country for many years and has never seen such a beautiful paper towel. How many procedures does it take? !

Isn’t it too rough?
Of course, Yan Mo thinks that Falling Star City also has the ability to make such paper towels, which is too expensive and meaningless.
The burning mall system is so exquisite, but it is followed by a high price, right?
A low shout rang out before the thought fell beside him.
"So cheap? !”
Yan Mo leng leng line of sight gradually move.
[Rose scented tissue 1 crystal/a bundle of 1 package needs crystal]
No, it’s not necessary
You can earn enough paper towels for half a year by hunting a few tricks and digging up materials.
This is much cheaper than falling star city! And more beautiful and softer than falling stars!
So is Cang Yan.
He thought that he would "come directly to a bundle."
Just finished, Yan Mo took hold of him and whispered, "Lord Cang Yan, we can only carry a limited amount of light-loaded driving rafts this time. We have to buy other things later. We can’t bring paper towels back, can we?"
"Well, you’re right. Let’s see."
Tissue is so good and cheap. What if it’s also living things?
Wouldn’t it save a lot of money? Besides, the burning mall is closer to their burning oasis, and it’s much easier to go back and forth than to the Xinghui fortress!
He got serious and looked at Yan Mo way
"immediately investigate the comparison of business prices here and see how much is cheaper than buying from falling star city."
"Yes, my Lord!"
Yan Mo, who greeted the Chamber of Commerce, immediately dispersed into various sales areas.
Try, compare and summarize.
Half a day later, Yan Mo wiped her sweat and her face was uplifting.
"Pale inflammation adult here, here life is more neat than falling star city! And they are all very cheap! "
Pale inflammation also brightens up.
These lives are ordinary things, and the price of a single piece is extremely cheap, expensive or cheap, even if it is several times or more, it makes no difference in his eyes.
Just like a dime, a dollar and ten dollars, that’s all.
But if you want to make a big deal, the gap will be big.
Can save a lot of money!
Of course, it’s the most economical not to buy, but it’s not impossible, so the cost performance is very important, and the burning mall is cheap and high-end
"Leave these to you to deal with, and don’t forget to fight for the price with the burning mall."
"Lord Cang Yan, please rest assured that cheap is cheap. Bargaining is bargaining. This is two different things. I know."
"Well, when there are more hong merchants here, there may be a shortage of warehouses in the burning mall. Don’t worry about ordering more batches of transportation now. I’ll arrange a few more teams to come over."
Then he waved and Yan Mo, president of the Chamber of Commerce, arranged it.
Cang Yan continued to stroll around the women’s clothing exhibition area, where there were so many dazzling things that he could hardly imagine that the style dazzled his eyes.
He stop in front of a gorgeous pale blue dress with wavy lines.
[the pearl of the sea]
[It is said that the second-order material winding is carefully made by the textile master’ Canghai’ of the Chamber of Commerce. When wearing it, there is a wave of brilliance to transfer the wearer into the brightest eye in the party]
[price is tricky]
This is still a fashionable dress, not a green equipment.
For the sake of beauty and special effects, many defenses are sacrificed, which is more resilient than ordinary clothes.
But Cang Yan is very satisfied
Is it expensive? No, it’s too cheap!
"It’s too cheap to give this to the second lady. It doesn’t reflect my heart … Maybe the burning mall has just started to operate and is relatively conservative. Will there be more high-end fashion in the future?"
He looked at the white geese.

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