I don’t know well. Ding Hui suddenly contracted the "Crimson Ghost Domain". This dark fist came to power and broke the soul-breaking knife skill. After the soul-breaking knife, this fist entered the "Crimson Ghost Domain".

The "crimson ghost domain", which claims to have absolute defense ability, has cracked from it, and one red blood chain has broken.
Ding Shi’s brother and sister screamed and opened their mouths, and Barry’s blood spurted and flew straight out.
Lin Baiyu watched this scene from the beginning to the soles of the feet and wanted to retreat. At the same time, the most powerful defense means, Tai Chi ball, emerged in his chest.
But it’s all too late. Although he has defensive psychic skills, he can’t compare with Ding Hui’s "crimson ghost domain"
The shield has just taken shape on the chest. This incarnation is a three-meter dark giant. Hellcasters have turned slightly and smashed the shield with their fists.
Lin Baiyu’s shield, which has just formed in front of his chest, should split and break along with it, as well as his chest and whole body.
One punch smashed the leader of the powerful "Pearl City", and Lin Baiyu, the leader of the powerful "Pearl City", was instantly killed in all directions. When someone saw this, he was cold all over.
Hellcasters are born by death. Although it is no longer a sickle like death, this bloody sickle still bears half its strength.
Although the bloody sickle is a powerful weapon, it also distracts its strength.
It evolved into a divergence, relying on its own efforts to make it complete.
Chapter 317 Perfect birth
Until now, the bloody sickle was shattered by Su Lili’s blow, and this half of the power returned to the body. The hell barrier force attached to the bronze skeleton to form the strongest karmic body. At this moment, it is a real hell walker.
Hell walker was born with great strength, even the spirit source weapon skill can be instantly broken.
It is not inferior to the general spiritual weapon skill attack when it is punched out casually.
One punch hit Ding Shi’s brother and sister again, one punch killed Lin Baiyu, one foot stepped on three meters, and his huge body rose and landed heavily again.
The hard ore on the ground shattered and cracked one by one. It suddenly looked up, and its humanoid head and mouth, which were interwoven with several hell barriers, gave a low hoarse roar.
"Boom" to a it suddenly crashed straight out to stop it in front of the two people to avoid being hit by it, and even the screams didn’t come out and exploded directly into two blood fog.
Its target is Su Li in the crowd.
Gao Shengyi felt the fear. He still had the courage to fight before, but after becoming a complete hellwalker, he lost his courage. He had a hunch that he might be killed before.
"Gun …………………………."
Hellcasters rushed to Su Li and opened their mouths. Barry suddenly spit out three vague words intermittently.
Su Li but listen to clear.
"Gun tears? This guy knows gun tears? " Su Li thought of yesterday’s "mirage" and his last treasure was "tears", but he didn’t know the way.
He never expected that the hellwalker rushed towards him and even uttered the word "tears"
Can it be said that it appeared because of this "tears"?
I don’t want to think that Hellcasters are too fast. Su Li launched "Spider Walking" and "Devil’s Ghost Step", which were in the strongest state of "Devil Muscle". The speed rose to the limit and suddenly retreated to try to distance the two sides.
Rao is so, the hellwalker still chased him, and the black fist lifted and blew up at him.
Su Lishan can’t avoid the second blood ring that can stretch out his left index finger and launch the "blood crystal gun"
The blood crystal gun with a flash of red light is powerful, far exceeding the general spirit source weapon skills.
"Boom" to a hell walker in the face of blood crystal gun seems to have a fear, suddenly a pendulum blood crystal gun is almost stick to its body shot out by it narrowly avoided.
Almost at the same time, Wen Ying, Wang Xiangyu, Zhang Feng, Gong Xiao, Ning Yi, Ding Longyun, LAM Raymond and others all took out their most powerful skills to attack and wanted to kill this horrible monster together.
No matter how powerful the Hellcaster is, it has just evaded the blood crystal gun fired by Su Li, so it can avoid other people’s attacks again.
At least five skills instantly hit it, including Gong Xiao’s "Don’t ignite the fire" and Ding Longyun’s "Cut the soul and break the soul"
What makes people feel horrible is that it was attacked by five skills at the same time, and it was hard to carry it and was not instantly nullified.
Of course, no matter how powerful it is, it has been attacked by five skills, and it has not been slightly injured. Even the disabled body has become a little broken. The most terrible doubt is that Gong Xiao’s "unburned fire" devours it and continues to burn.
The inferno walker, who was burning with an ember fire, made a hoarse growl, turned slightly and stared at Gong Xiao, and suddenly punched at her.
Gong Xiao’s face changed color and immediately launched a "storm shield". The continuous appearance of six shields stopped her and Hellcasters.
"Bang bang bang bang!"
In an instant, six crunchy six-sided shields are like paper, facing the hellwalker’s fist, Gong Xiao’s shield is vulnerable, and its fist will be shattered as soon as it touches.
Gong Xiao’s face changed.
Hellcasters forced her in front of her with terror and power, and another fist appeared and was about to hit her and blow her to a pulp.
Gong Xiao showed her finger wearing a dry ring.
A purple rainbow rose from this "mirage" Ganyuan ring, which turned into a light curtain to block her. Hellcasters wanted to drown them with purple boiling.
Dry yuan ring skill "dry yuan purple gas" starts Gong Xiaobai, this monster, terror starts ring skill, and at the same time, he suddenly retreats.
This ember fire will not go out unless it burns its opponent to ashes. It is a matter of time that this hellwalker has been swallowed up by ember fire and will be burned to ashes.
It’s terrible for Hellcaster. His dark fist went out and smashed the six shields, and then he tore the "dry yuan purple gas" again, approaching Gong Xiao again and trying to kill her.
A light wave swept sideways. Ding Longyun’s face was awed. The vertical eyes in the soul-cutting magic knife were open and emitted the most powerful "magic eye light wave".
Jiang Shuijue also launched a "fog maze" at the same time.

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