The monks laughed and shouted that they had been afraid, and now there can be no force in the monastic world that can be their opponent!

When the magic practitioners were the most rampant, the most proud and the least alert, Lin Xiao and Ye Shuang took the most elite door with hundreds of doors, and the number of puppet at the level of heaven and prefecture was hundreds of thousands, and they were killed in the star field of the earth.
A few planets in front are covered by blood fog, and more than a dozen scattered immortals in the blood domain Shura Gate are suspended in the vast expanse, chatting and talking.
In Lin Xiao’s eyes, there was a flash of yoshimitsu, and with a wave of his hand, dozens of specific toxic levels were contained, and the ghosting was turned into a road toward the dozens of scattered immortals.
These magic repairs haven’t figured out what will happen in Tai Zhong. When the’ ordinary people’ have no power fluctuations, dozens of day-level puppets have already exploded.
Violent shock waves swept them away for dozens of miles. These demons were repaired and stabilized easily, and the sword light had fallen like raindrops.
Lin Xiao and Ye Shuang led the elite of Gate B, and three hundred people robbed the scattered fairy. This wave of attacks directly made more than a dozen milli guard against the scattered fairy in Shura Gate in the blood domain.
Circles of weird Yuan gods fluctuate from those Yuan gods smashing the blood domain, and the scattered fairy body spreads in this star domain. All the magic repairs at the same time know that there is a fierce opponent coming!
Chapter two hundred and twenty Behind the calculation
Hundreds of thousands of lotus flowers rose from various planets, and the monks were aggressive to meet them.
Lin Xiao’s face showed an evil smile that made people dare not face up to it. With a wave of his hand, tens of thousands of puppets at the level of heaven and prefecture also greeted the hundreds of thousands of magic repairs!
When the two sides are close to several miles away, when the first wave of Yin thunder of the magic practitioners explodes, these tens of thousands of puppet at the level of heaven and prefecture explode at the same time.
A little sun appeared in the middle of the temple, and the monks gave a howl of panic. They rushed to the front and thousands of companions were blown to pieces. Others were also horrified to find that they had corrected themselves and plummeted, and all kinds of strange toxins were rushing around their bodies.
Lin Xiao waved his hand gently again, and he said faintly, "Kill all of them!"
Paused Lin Xiao a little compassion sighed, "all their blood crystals are handed over to me to be refined into Dan medicine!" After all, you can’t be violent, right? "
No one dares to question Lin Xiao’s command. Hundreds of elite B-doors joined hands to kill hundreds of thousands of repairs and fell straight into the magic repair array.
Killing the vast exhibition
Hundreds of thousands of invasive ling star near the star domain blood domain shura door magic repair without a lucky.
They collected hundreds of thousands of blood crystals and became Lin Xiao’s war profit.
A sea of blood in the vast expanse of space is twisting and churning. This sea of blood has turned 15 planets into a part of the sea of blood, and the sea of blood is still crawling like a living thing, squeezing out the aura in the veins of 15 planets one by one, making the sea of blood more powerful.
Deep in the sea of blood, there is a tall palace floating in a sphere with a diameter of nearly a thousand miles. There are millions of people floating around the suspended palace, and there are clouds of bloody flames floating on the top of their heads, forming lotus flowers. Blood flames are constantly oozing from the sea of blood, and the blood gases in the sea of blood are constantly refining the magic elements.
In the palace, the half-naked emperor is sitting on a plate and gently stroking Jiang Zi’s face.
The handsome appearance is still pressing. Jiang Zi’s clothes are straight and he is sitting in a warm jade chair. He doesn’t seem to know that he has one more person. He is sipping fragrant tea with a teacup slowly. But Jiang Zi’s serious and dignified expression suddenly opened his mouth and bit Jiang Zi’s ear. She was exhausted. Her little teeth came out in vain, and the teeth became sharper than ordinary flying swords. Jiang Zi ate the pain and quickly put the teacup and put his arm around the emperor. Hmm? Look at you dressed like this. What does it look like? Well, put on your clothes! "
JiaoChen turned over a supercilious look and pretended to anger. "Why didn’t you say this when you stripped me of my clothes yesterday? Why do you say that now! Hum, what did you promise me? "
Ginger since the bitter face laments, "my son, you have been sitting in a magic yuan for more than a month and you have sucked it up by thirty percent!" You want me to give you an extremely fairy instrument. Gee, didn’t your dad get a lot from Yuanxing this time? The strength of the Shura Gate in the Blood Domain is not rising at 1: 30 this time. You have to go to the magic device to find him! " Ginger since complaining eyes while turning around the two big hands also put the emperor CuO waist and hip gently kneading.
I don’t care! Emperor Que twisted his body hard and rubbed his chest hard against Jiang Zi’s face. She Jiao Jiao said angrily, "Always give me a very fairy or I will go and tell my old ghost that you raped me! You are my granddaddy, and it doesn’t make sense if you rape me, even if we are people in the magic road! "
Ginger from the face of a grave he gently coughed, "Hu said it was true that you raped the throne." He grabbed the emperor’s shoulder and managed to make the emperor squirm quiet. It was a little difficult for Jiang to sigh, "There are only two pieces around the fairy throne to attack the enemy one by one to save lives, and the strength of each one will be greatly reduced. Your dad has won a lot this time. Why don’t you go to him? Maybe you and he have become so stiff? "
Lotus flower in his eyes flashed and the emperor sneered, "will he give me those treasures at ease?" Hum, he would rather give me those treasures than those bitches give me any! " Holding Jiang Zi’s neck with both hands and kissing Jiang Zi’s lips, he slowly slipped two pieces of red lips to Jiang Zi’s ear and whispered, "Why don’t you watch your grandfather wait on you these days and help him kill the old man or force him to soar!"
Ginger since the face sink to him and complete "this how? He is your father and a generation away! "
"Oh, what’s wrong with him and you?" The emperor slowly untied Jiang’s own clothes, and his lips slowly swam up. She laughed. "He is your generation and you don’t have a side! Hee hee’s son thinks it’s better to kill him. If he is allowed to soar, he will be investigated. Who is more intimate, you and your respect, and him and your respect? Wouldn’t it be nice to kill him and say that he was besieged and killed by monks? "
Ginger from gloomy looking at the emperor, slowly the emperor grabbed his key parts, ginger from the face sobbed, gnashing her teeth and low scold a way, "you little monster ~ damn this world, how can a senior like your dad be killed?" Of course, I have the strength to kill him, but I ~ "
Emperors looked up and a little bright saliva slowly flowed from her mouth. She was charming and said, "Grandfather, you have a real Jin Xian strength from the boundary. It’s true Jin Xian! What about nine robberies and scattered immortals? It’s a fake Jin Xian! If you want him to secretly count him when he is fighting with people in the right path in the Taoist world, grandpa Xi Xi, you can think about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if Xu Er gave you 20% of the blood crystal and spirit every time after he took charge of the Shura Gate in the blood domain? "
"this!" Jiang has just come from this world to naturally know the situation in that world. Every time the blood crystal and soul are secretly paid to the blood Taoist priest in their world, it is of great significance. Otherwise, how could his statue consume so much effort to manage the blood shura door in the monastic world? If every year, the emperor can give him the secret of the tribute blood crystal and the soul, Jiang will be twenty percent, and he will be expected to repair the skyrocketing when he is limited. When Jiang Zicheng grows to a certain extent, maybe he can ~ the extremely evil and ferocious spell name Jiang flashed in his mind.
"What about thirty percent?" The emperor suddenly laughed. "This time, the Shura Gate in the blood domain has gained so many immortals, and its strength has soared several times, and it can occupy the territory of the monastic world. After 20 years, it can pay tribute to blood crystals and spirits at least a hundred times more. If 30% of them are owned by your grandfather, you can get your strength directly from you. How far can you grow?"
Jiang Zimei’s eyes are vertical, Zhang Sisi is bloody, and Lei Guang has a flash in his eyes for a long time. He finally nodded gently, picked up the emperor, and pressed it to the ground to sprint hard. The emperor was wrapped around his limbs with joy, and he let loose a trace of free lotus flower on the surface of her body. A strong suction force gave birth to a trace from her body, and she took out the Jin Xian-level demon element of ginger and integrated it into her body. The demon element of the emperor’s body has made qualitative progress. Her magic element is as thick as colloid and glittering as molten crystal, and its texture is purer than before.
Ginger since the body is a little uncomfortable trembling, he angrily please drink a way "little monster you and slow down and wait for a seat to enjoy the benefits to you! You, you, you have shipped the magic power so early to make the seat uncomfortable! " While scolding the emperor’s ginger, he brought up magic power, and his body also flashed a lotus flower to firmly seal the suction of the emperor’s body.
The emperor’ eat’ laughed and she said jiao, "Grandfather, I am impatient! Your magic yuan tastes really good! " Laughing and laughing, the emperor suddenly howled at the top of his lungs. She almost roared and shouted, "You will die if you are old!" The palace will see how you died this time! "
The gate of this palace was suddenly violently pushed, and a dozen terrified-looking monks broke in. One of them screamed, "Miss, all the people sent by the Lord to the earth and the stars have been killed!"
Ginger automatically stopped suddenly. He slowly raised his head and said, "Oh? Good. Are those people in the right path finally moving? People have been dealing with the right way for several years. Hum, they are procrastinating. It’s really not easy to take action for two months this time. "He suddenly rushed out of a dozen magic repairs from his vertical eyes, and everyone got a thunder fire. Suddenly, the whole fly ash drifted away. They were also stupid and were sucked into the ginger. In the vertical eyes, there was a little bit of rapid flow in Lei Guang.
Naked Jiang Zi got up slowly, and he chuckled, "How can these idiots see the face of Jiang Zi, a real person who is enchanted?"
The emperor straightened up and held Jiang Zi in his arms. Jiao Jiao said, "Grandfather, don’t forget to give him one behind your back later!"
"How can you forget what you promised?" Ginger since light said, "you also remember thirty percent blood crystal and spirit. If you violate today’s speech, you can’t survive and beg for death!" The throne allows you to sit in the Shura Gate of the Blood Domain and respect the Lord’s throne, so you can be kicked here with one foot! I think those women in your seat also have the strength and skill to replace you! "
The emperor bowed his head with a fierce look, and her eyes passed, and then she groaned like a puppy and rubbed herself with ginger.
Ginger from looking at the emperor Que couldn’t help but reveal a triumphant smile.
Lin Xiao, a famous wasteland somewhere on the earth, stood side by side with his hands and leaves. The elite brothers of the 100,000-door gate were all smiling, and the scattered wasteland just formed a very lethal’ Guiyuan large array’. The brothers of the second door were excited to discuss the killing three days ago. Because Lin Xiao was equipped with erysipelas, they killed five times as many blood as they did. The demon of the Shura Gate not only seized a large number of excellent flying sword magic weapons from those devil bodies, but also had the lucky ones to win hundreds of fairy devices from those most powerful demons.
Fairy! These elite brothers and sisters are also the absolute backbone, at least all of them are in the middle period of virtual reality repair, but only 30 of them have been lucky enough to enter the secret cabinet and have won a magic weapon of fairy level. Now they have seized hundreds of fairy devices, and all the seizures are privately owned according to the order of Ye Ling Day before departure. Can this not make them excited? Those brothers who seized the fairy tales boasted proudly that they didn’t get the benefits of the fairy tales, but they were jealous that their eyes were red. They couldn’t wait for millions of magic repairs to come here immediately so that they could kill each other and seize the big pen fairy tales.

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