Lu Chen gave way to inform everyone to see if the schoolmasters had found anything.

It’s an embarrassing place. Although everyone has met, they are all trapped in the Avalon.
When everyone came in, the black hole was almost closed when the aircraft entered the moment.
Chu Hang was the first to come. "Brother Liu, I looked around. This is indeed the Hall of the Soul. There is no clue to go out. Mr. Lancelot said it should be good. No outsiders are allowed to enter or leave here."
Speaking of which, he was also puzzled, mainly because of excitement. Many things didn’t come to think carefully, but the fact that they came in was very strange.
He and Liu Xiong were also right about the information that Liu Xiong came ashore from the sea and landed on the island, which should be a relatively normal way to get in and out.
And they just broke in from the sky, which is a bit like forcing Nibelongan to root the hole and then it was repaired.
"Teacher Chu, you must find a way. It’s nothing if you are trapped here. Teacher Xiao and I will be miserable."
Finger’s face was full of sorrow, but he didn’t kneel down and cried his eyes. Liu Chen painted pear clothes and Chu Hang Xia Mi glanced around. "You are all so-called pairs of people who can’t get out. But it has become Adam and Eve to develop new humans."
"finger brother this time you actually mean such a thing! ? What’s it like outside? "
Lu Fei was also surprised by Finger’s brain circuit, but after he spoke in hindsight, he suddenly felt that finger was unreasonable
Avalon is also a paradise. This pair of lovers are having an affair … Oh, what are you doing in such a hurry?
I’ve heard from Mr. Lancelot that the life expectancy of people in Avalon is constant after someone can live here and have children.
Don’t say that four generations under one roof and forty generations under one roof can do it!
Oh, it’s just that there may be some problems when relatives get married later
Yi … No, brother finger and I may not be single. Can’t we still be brothers Chu and Lu’s son-in-law?
Walking over with a slate, I was in a daze. The road was not in the way and hit the road. "What do you think?"
Lu Fei realized that his brain tonic was too absurd and far away, and suddenly remembered that there was a master girl!
"Gdzilla, who are Adam and Eve?"
Curiously, he asked that he didn’t quite understand the metaphor of Brother finger.
Lu Chen glanced at finger awkwardly and explained to the pear-shaped clothes that "the human ancestors are recorded in the Bible."
"Then how did they develop new humans?"
Painting pear clothes is still puzzled and very curious
"Ahem … Miss Sakura will talk to Painted Pear Clothes in detail when she gets back. Let’s discuss how to get out first."
Liu Chenxian has read this article first, so let Miss Sakura paint pear clothes for science popularization when she gets back.
Painted pear clothes clever nod "hmm ~"
"Actually, we can’t talk. Brother Lu and Li Yi may really want to develop new human beings."
Xia Mi Chuhang next to the small muttered, but the field is full of hybrids. Who can’t hear you clearly?
Chuhang slightly raised his eyebrows and pretended to have a casual look at his eyes. Xia Mi then analyzed during the meeting that "it was either accidental when we came in or someone or a dragon helped us to go out, which may be really unrealistic."
He is not pessimistic, but considers the problem from logic and reality.
"So we really want to live here for a generation?"
Lu Fei is not in the mood to joke at the moment. It is said that it is a paradise, but there is no brain, no mobile phone, no comic book, no game. You can’t talk to death.
Chu Hang shook his head. "It’s not necessarily that Odin is not the enemy. If the prophecy day comes to the true gods at dusk, the black king Niederhogg will probably be killed by Nidhogg. Then the Nibelungen will naturally collapse and we can get out."
"That means we can wait three years at most before going out?"
Finger dragged Pakistan and felt that it seemed not unacceptable.
"The theory is this, but the problem is that the world may have been destroyed by then. After we go out, there is nothing left. Brother Lu is very strong, but the Nibelungen plan has not yet been finally strengthened. It is impossible to compete with the Black Dragon King. We will die after we go out."
Chuhang calm analysis seems to be not nervous and worried at all.
He is not nervous. Sometimes people are like this. Even in the face of desperation, you will not be so flustered if you have reliable brothers and friends around you.
They are not imprisoned alone. There are seven people in Avalon yard. Lancelot can play two tables of mahjong if he is rearranging the barbecue grill not far away.
"Adam and Eve can’t continue the new mankind."
Finger said that the world is destroyed and there is no such thing as a paradise.
Chu Hang’s facial expression refuted finger academically. "Brother, what you said is unrealistic. Life here seems to be the theory of stopping the flow … How many new human beings are born as babies?"
Finger and Lu Fei’s face collapsed, so it is impossible for them to be sons-in-law for their senior brothers/younger brothers in the future.
Chapter three hundred and forty Wake up and strategize Xia Mi
There is a China boy lying in that vicissitudes coffin.
His skin is soft, his hair is moist, his eyes are closed gently, and his eyelashes are not falling off.
Dry body with signs of dehydration, muscle atrophy, skin sticking to bones, like dead animals in the desert left in dry air for years.
He wore a white silk robe, like an ancient Han Chinese Confucian dress embroidered with dragons, phoenixes, peacocks, precious flowers and hidden patterns of wreaths, and was covered with a narrow-sleeved coat of woven gold cotton. Shaving the top of his head and leaving a circle of hair around him was an ancient hairstyle of the Tangut people.
The coffin was littered with gold and silver ornaments, beads and coins, lying like a boy with a silver medal at his feet.

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