Ancient don’t look up and see the sky is sunny in Wan Liyun. He is silent and there is silence around him.

Everyone saw the envy on the faces of the newspaper.
It can be said that people are going to pretend to be national borders as soon as they are successful. Now they can silently accumulate and expect to go abroad and pretend to be like each other one day.
Only later did a sound break the silence.
"Teacher Gu, will we come back here again?"
Gu Buguang said, "I won’t come back for five years."
It turned out that the question was Shen Xing Shen.
He smell speech a surprised confused way "not to say that three years a mountain? Are we going to close the mountain behind it? "
Ancient don’t scan the people at the sight of others have similar doubts.
"So that you can know that you are our Tianqingshan, and it will take five years for the last batch of brothers to come to China again to accept disciples." Gu Bukou said.
All this just rest assured Shen Xing sink and asked, "the ancient teacher is not to say that this mountain has a whole year to accept disciples and hold a treasure exchange meeting. Why should it end in a hurry? Brother found two highly qualified geniuses and said that they believed that they would succeed in another two months. "
Gu don’t shake his head. "Those are small things. There’s a big change in the mountains. If you don’t go back, I’m afraid you’ll never be qualified to go back to Tianqingshan again."
Hearing this, everyone realized the seriousness of the matter, and no one dared to ask any more questions. Anyway, it was only five years, and the monks hurried by.
Gu is indifferent and silent.
Shen Xing Shen also saw the newspaper, and he thought to himself that in five years, he would be so proud to return home.
We’ll come back in five years.
Qingyun knight-errant A flies slowly, but he doesn’t see the cosmic speed of 2 kilometers per second.
I can’t take care of a bunch of old, weak and sick people …
Unified "richest man, you don’t bother to toss and turn like this? Do you humans all like this tone, just like’ Great Chu Xing Chen Shengwang’? "
Fang Ning rightfully said, "how can this be called trouble? Several predecessors set an example for me, such as Long, Ye, Xiao, Lin, Chen and other predecessors. I have a system before me, and I can’t fall behind people. I must shock them to spend all over the place. "
What did Uncle Tong do in Fang Ning to make him so troublesome that the horse could know that it was only a few hours’ walk away from the place.
Two hours’ trek past, and everyone has arrived in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Gao Haifeng roared and everyone’s feet were blue and blue.
It seems that the giant eagle has just woken up, stretched out its forelimbs and rubbed its eyes and asked, "Where is the big green dragon?"
Before one of the attendants behind Chivalrous Man Jia’s mouth came out and took out the instrument and nodded, "Yes, we arrived here half an hour ago."
Then Zhang made contact with delegations to determine their positions.
Chivalrous armor flying sword also don’t talk, they arrange the process.
It seems to everyone that this is a people’s meeting, there is no need to make it too grand, try to keep a low profile and have simple steps.
Although the newspapers outside have made a lot of publicity, everyone in the truth office knows that this alliance is of a civilian nature, and this will not change.
There is no need to answer the question of why people’s organizations should join the Truth Office as full members.
Half an hour later, his thirteen members arrived one after another.
Since they agreed to participate, they naturally won’t let pigeons go. Now, unlike in the past, they are extremely dependent on China.
Director Zhang received all the steps very skillfully.
Fang Ning would have a headache if he were to do it.
Fortunately, it is unthinkable that he should not entrust these chores to Uncle Tong.
Forty-one people from fourteen countries participated in Shenzhou, including nine people themselves. Otherwise, how can they be organizers?
It is not too difficult for these countries to find someone who can fly, but it is not easy to let the other side voluntarily participate in this alliance on behalf of their own country
There are many acquaintances among the people, such as Yunhui, the Lord of Yunwu City, and Liu Louzhu, who attended as a new Buddhist of Ghost Fang …
There are also some people who Fang Ning met, such as King Ryurik, when Uncle Tong brushed the blame.
Nothing before is an empty name, just as the eagle actually called the United king and the king had no corresponding power.
However, in the new era, quite a few of these kings have cultivated a whole thing, especially Shinto, which has a godsend aura all the way. The title bonus of King is still considerable.
It is not surprising that other countries of his thirteen countries came to participate.
Only Koguryo seems to have been riding a wall from the past to the new era, and the rice side has a very clear position.
This time, they just sent three people to attend.
The first one is a young man with ordinary appearance and smart eyes, and behind him are two old men with dark robes.
The two old men are not kind at first glance, so the trio immediately makes people look askance.
Fang Ning naturally pays special attention to these three people. He feels that these three people may come to stir up trouble and make his leader’s position not smooth.
(The system is under consideration …)
(The system is under consideration …)

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