It’s too bad luck for Guo Xiaosi to secretly call for a bitter. At this moment, I plan to let her run separately with her own two people, so that Chu Wenwei can be pursued in two places at once, but I don’t want this female brother to lose her own aircraft. Two people must flee for their lives together in Ling Cuiyu, which makes it much more likely that Chu Wenwei will pursue one thing and two things.

And Chu Wenwei had already noticed something bad. When Guo Xiaosi tied Xiansuo back, he knew that the situation was wrong and jumped into the cave. Guo Xiaosi had also offered a sacrifice to Ling Cuiyu and flew to the front rapidly. Chu Wenwei unexpectedly, Guo Xiaosi dared to deceive himself, slap a leather bag and look like a small boat. Now, he jumped and chased him in the direction of Guo Xiaosi.
Ling Cuiyu’s speed is quite fast. If it had been changed to cultivate immortality in general, I’m afraid it would have been left far away and I couldn’t see it. But Chu Wenwei’s mana is high, and many of Guo Xiaosi’s people can vaguely see it, so they gnash their teeth in their hearts.
Ling Cuiyu killed two people, and the speed of Ling Cuiyu slowed down a little, while Chu Wenwei was faster than Ling Cuiyu, so the distance between them was getting shorter and shorter. Let Guo Xiaosi tell him that he should not hate the girl behind him every day, which is simply a burden. He thought that Guo Xiaosi was ready to find a suitable opportunity to throw Ling Cuiyu to a female stranger to cultivate immortality. Although he Guo Xiaosi didn’t want to hurt him, Guo Xiaosi was still willing to save his life if he could have it both ways.
Yo, it’s really unfortunate that I met the third brother Nangong Sect’s master. I don’t want to kill anyone today. You have to send the female doll obediently and then tie the stinky little girl in Changhuai Sect. I will spare you three lives. Chu Wenwei couldn’t help but leave the pie mouth when he saw the collision.
What a big breath. First, the Nangong Zongdi sneered at you. You are the strength of Jiedan period. The three of us are afraid. You want us to give you this devil. It’s wishful thinking. After that, a light yellow light flashed straight at Chu Wenwei’s head.
ChuWenWei ha ha a smile lightly to avoid was unscathed, but that light yellow light unexpectedly turned back and attacked ChuWenWei from behind. ChuWenWei’s brain seemed to have eyes and avoided it easily, but that light yellow light was persistent and attacked ChuWenWei again and again, but it was all evaded by ChuWenWei one by one.
Chu Wenwei laughed and dared to run wild in front of the uncle. It was like teaching fish to swim.
Then the first Nangong Zongdi didn’t show disappointment or fear, but laughed and laughed. This is a common thing. Don’t you know that you have been tied up by my soul ribbon and you don’t know that it’s a pity that you are dead.
Say that finish wrist shake that light yellow color light turned into a light yellow color ribbon and just repeatedly attacked Chu Wenwei but tied him up. At that time, it was a light, but I didn’t want to turn out to be a ribbon, so the multiplier was worse than that.
Guo Xiaosi was dumbfounded. At that time, he also felt that the Nangong Sect’s tactics were too general. The speed of this light attack was not fast and it could hurt Chu Wenwei. At this moment, he knew the clue and couldn’t help cheering up. Nangong Sect’s friends were a good means.
The Nangong Zongdi’s words are very humble, but his face is proud. It is also a disguised form to show his face in front of Changhuai Zongmen.
Ha ha ha, but Chu Wenwei looked up and laughed. What you said is true. It’s really a trivial matter.
What, how dare you say that my soul-urging ribbon is a small skill of carving insects? Do you know that it is fierce? The Nangong Zongdi’s face turned fierce and he began to drink.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Charming and graceful
The Nangong Zongdi sneered at me. You don’t know the power of my soul-urging ribbon. You can’t laugh later. Say, the wrist shakes. The fine pale yellow ribbon suddenly radiates dazzling light and quickly goes to Guo Xiaosi with the dazzling light. I can’t help but avoid the past and don’t look over there.
But Chu Wenwei’s smile still reverberates around. Hahahaha, the little soul-urging ribbon can really motivate the uncle. My soul is not a dream. Didn’t you tell you how far it is from the spinning stage to the Dan stage in Zongmen?
With ChuWenWei smile there also broke out a huge ring followed by ribbon broken sound Guo Xiaosi surprised twist a head to look around ChuWenWei that soul ribbon has broken into more than a dozen pieces of flying and the three Nangong ZongDi plus Guo Xiaosi behind the surname liu female brother is dumbfounded.
Is this the magic clan’s strength? Before Guo Xiaosi’s heart was shocked, he had seen people’s instruments smash other people’s instruments, but he had never seen his opponent’s instruments smash the scene with his own body skills. Now he suddenly saw Chu Wenwei, so he suddenly had the idea of planning.
But the three Nangong Zongdi didn’t want to go. Two of them rushed to offer flying swords to Chu Wenwei. Chu Wenwei’s eyes narrowed. Just now, the soul-urging ribbon still meant something. This flying sword was interesting. The left and right hands at the same time pointed to two lights from their fingertips and smashed two flying swords.
Let’s go. Guo Xiaosi sends a shout to urge Ling Cuiyu to run for his life. These three Nangong brothers are simply stupid and the strength of goose eyes is obviously different. It will bring unexpected disasters to themselves when the waves are here.
But the younger brother named Liu Nangong can’t walk with a clap of Guo Xiaosi’s shoulder. Wait for my brothers.
When they wait, Guo Xiaosi growled, they should let everyone disperse and flee, otherwise they will all die.
The three men didn’t feel bad. They drove their own aircraft with Guo Xiaosi and fled for their lives. Guo Xiaosi was so angry that the three fools ran separately that it was possible to sacrifice one person for everyone’s life. If they all fled all the way like this, Chu Wenwei would be welcome.
Guo Xiaosi had to send another shout and change direction in time.
The three men suddenly realized that they had to fly away separately, and ChuWenWei had chased a light house and smashed the last surname YanNangong Zongdi into powder. Guo Xiaosi was even more afraid to stay, and the other two people also took this opportunity to fly away. ChuWenWei’s eyebrows were wrinkled and he looked at Guo Xiaosi’s flight direction and chased him because the LingCuiYu face was not only playing with him, but also the Nangong Zongdi’s female brother.

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