It is not intuitive to have a simple description of the panel.

Wait for the delivery of the black knife to peep … Don’t you get the answer by observing the black knife battle?
Fang You gave Black Knife a "rest" instruction.
After waiting patiently for about two short periods, he played several matches and looked at the face of "failure" and silently threw away his mobile phone.
"Spicy chicken games ruin my youth!"
"I’d better save the world."
He picked up the old mobile phone with the salvation game hanging and played the dispatch module, and chose the nearest point to him.
One star
It is unknown
Fang you is also a little nervous.
Brother Black Knife, can he … kill this little devil?
"ding! 」
"Please choose to send the Apostle of Destiny. At present, you can choose’ Savior of Destiny’ and’ Black Knife’."
Of course, you can choose both.
There are three black boxes on this side.
Fang you chose the black knife single person.
"It indicates whether the special Apostle of Black Knife needs to deliver it or not. The current delivery location of the Apostle of Destiny is"
(1) The 100-meter range of Destiny Savior Center.
"② Random delivery around the site"
Hoo hoo ~!
The wind roared and the sky grew gloomy, which seemed to indicate that something bad was about to happen.
"It’s too bad how it turned cloudy."
"What should Brother Wei do? Do you want to wait until the sun comes out?"
Two young men in black trench coats crossed the outer blockade and walked into this place, which was already stopped at the construction site.
Face slightly young Keyuan tilting head to ask
The young man on the left looked at the distance unblinkingly with his hand in his very wide pocket.
The whole construction site is quiet.
The figure didn’t even see the wind blowing, as if the outside world was isolated.

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