"What is this?" Mu Tianhe was surprised.

However, before he could think of the white number of firm but gentle, he suddenly got together and turned into a full three-zhangs sword with a monstrous momentum.
The giant sword crushed the Tianhe River and plopped down on his knees. He felt that his physical strength was scattered by this sword, and he couldn’t even get up.
"I knelt down by grazing Tianhe."
"What is this?"
"Murphy … Mu Tianhe really lost?"
I can’t afford to kneel in the whole square when I see Mu Tianhe. Even many old people in the ceremony platform have shown a startled expression.
"Damn it, what did this pastoral Tianhe do? Why didn’t he kill Li Xuandao? It was a disgrace to our pastoral family." The proud blue-robed old man who just pastoral Tianhe was furious and almost rushed to the challenge if someone stopped him around him.
"Li Xuandao, I give up. You won this time."
Listening to the exclamations around and the ceremony platform, the blue-robed old man angrily denounced Mu Tianhe and felt humiliated, but he had to bow his head and look complicated because of his heavy injury.
"Give up?" Li Xuandao sneer at a roar of firm but gentle more violent.
When he first came to Taiwan, Mu Tianhe was aggressive and kept his mouth shut about killing him. Now Mu Tianhe has found that it is not his opponent who wants to leave with a confession.
How is that possible?
Is it offensive to crack the dome sword emperor’s majesty?
"Can you leave the ring if you give up?" Li Xuandao’s eyes rose thick and bloody, and he exuded a cold and murderous look.
"I said give up. What do you want?" Pastoral Tianhe face slightly changed. I didn’t expect Li Xuandao to have spare capacity after casting his sword. It’s terrible.
"Not so good" Li Xuandao sneer at a murderous look foaming at the mouth, and Mu Tianhe feels cold as if a horse is dying.
"Li Xuandao, I have given up. Do you dare to shoot?" Pastoral Tianhe drinks a lot, but keeps retreating back.
Li Xuandao snorted and was too lazy to answer his fingers. Suddenly, the mana blaster burst into a sharp sword and his fingertips flashed.
Li Xuandao raised my hand with an exponential shock wave, all of which were integrated into the fingertips, and a three-foot sword gang was cut down towards Pastoral Tianhe.
"No you can’t kill me! I’m a shepherd. You can’t … "
The sword passed away and passed directly through the lower abdomen of Mu Tianhe, leaving a blood hole the size of a thumb.
Pastoral Tianhe bellow a body flying out and slamming into the ring.
His face was full of pain, his whole body was curled up, and his blue eyes broke like a broken mirror.
"Li Xuandao, do you dare to abolish my repair?" Pastoral Tianhe growled with pain and resented his eyes.
Li Xuandao sneer at a walk to the front of the pastoral Tianhe regardless of each other roar a foot on each other’s left arm.
A scalp-numbing fracture sounded, and Mu Tianhe shouted a look of resentment and instant fear.
"Li Xuandao, what do you want?" Looking at Li Xuandao raised his right foot and stepped on his right arm to graze Tianhe, he was terrified.
Li Xuandao’s face was cold and slow, and he said, "Nothing is to abolish you, repair your limbs and make your life worse!"
Chapter 7 What do I do for you?
Chapter 7 What do I do for you?
A thunder explodes and drinks with strong anger falling from the sky. Li Xuandao instantly wakes everyone in a daze.
"In front of Dean Tu Long, you respect your elders and regard the law as a victory, but you have to humiliate your classmates. You deserve to die!"
It’s another curse to carry the cold flank.
Li Xuandao looked up and left a glance at the podium. The blue robe stopped him and immediately saw the blue robe old man’s angry eyes. His right foot severely stepped on the right arm of Mu Tianhe.
A burst of bone fracture sounded, and Mu Tianhe’s right arm was directly crushed by him.
"Li Xuandao you!"
Seeing that Li Xuandao saw himself yelling at the shepherd’s roaring sky, he flew into a rage. His body was slightly shaken and he would stop several old people from shaking back. Immediately, he raised his hand and raised a finger to change color. Thunder came out like a sword.
These thunders were so fast that they almost didn’t give people a response that they had already rushed to Li Xuandao, but at this moment a dark palm was like a broken virtual hand, and the thunder was instantly in the grip.
"Stop it!"
Dean Tu Long flew up to block the shepherd from whistling in the sky and said, "Pastoral director, you must be as knowledgeable as the younger generation when you are in a high position?"
"The dean is arrogant and arrogant. He humiliated his classmates in front of you. He didn’t look at you. Such fanatics must be put to death as an example." Pastor Xiao Tian did not flinch and confidently said.
"Pastoral director said yes, Li Xuandao should be killed."
"Dean, this damn violation of the law must not stay."
The elders of the ceremony platform echoed the four directors of the animal husbandry, whistling, heavenly body and dragon slaying institution. The dragon slaying institution has a very high status. Anyone who sells him is naturally out to help him speak.
His identity is that even the Dean of Dragon Slayer dare not offend easily.
However, before Dean Dragon Slayer’s mouth, an indifferent voice came from the side and said, "This elder doesn’t know which law you say I regard as a lawbreaker?"
Pastoral roar day face a heavy body slaying dragon academy four directors were Li Xuandao call elders feel humiliated, but now is not the time to care about these small things, Li Xuandao can refine a layer of strength to crush the shepherd Tianjiao Pastoral Tianhe let him feel scared.
Before the other party grows up, it must be killed, otherwise, when the other party grows up, it will become the enemy of the shepherd family.
Thought of this, Mu Xiaotian sneered, "Isn’t it damn to see the dean humiliate his classmates?"
Li Xuandao sneered and made Mu Xiaotian’s expression solidify. "This elder said that I insulted my classmates, but I want to ask you, is there a big rule in grading that you are not allowed to insult your classmates?"
"Yeah, it seems that there are no rules except that you can’t kill each other."
"Even the Dean of Dragon Slayer said that the means are not limited."
"So it seems that it is not illegal to insult your classmates?"
Listening to the crowd talking about grazing, the weather turned red, and his sharp eyes swept toward the crowd, and the discussion was instantly suppressed. Soon, he snorted and said, "Although there is no such rule in grading, you are wantonly insulting others. It can be seen that your heart is dark. The top universities in our Dragon Slayer University can never have students like you."
Li Xuandao said indifferently, "If so, come and ask me again when you expel all the herdsmen from the university."
Mu Xiao Tian roared. If Dean Dragon Slayer didn’t stop him, he couldn’t wait to kill Li Xuandao. "Li Xuandao, what do you mean?"
Li Xuandao if you don’t smell turned to face the challenge of many new way "everyone saw it? In front of the stage, Mu Tianhe said that I was a waste and clamored to abolish me and cut off my limbs to make my life worse. Is it wrong that I have done what he said now? "
Hearing this, everyone looked at each other silently.
Although some people agree with Li Xuandao, no one dares to offend Mu Xiaotian.
However, for a moment, Li Xuandao’s words made everyone’s face crazy
"Imagine if I lost to Mu Tianhe today, and my limbs were broken by Mu Tianhe’s abolition and repair. Would this elder named Mu Tianhe still make accusations and clamor to kill Mu Tianhe?"
Speaking of which, Li Xuandao suddenly turned around and stared at Tianmu’s roaring days, saying, "Do you dare to ask the elder to slay the dragon, whether it is your shepherd’s family or everyone? Are you in charge or is Dean Dragon Slayer in charge? Are we going to be humiliated by your four great families at will when we wait for the scattered practice? "
The sound exploded like a bolt from the blue
After a short silence, the crowd suddenly boiled up, especially those who were studying in private schools.

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