So he said to Miss Duan, "We monks have already seen through the world of mortals and young jiao ‘e should be a pink skeleton. I can’t tell the beauty and ugliness in my eyes."

"hypocrisy, listen to how big your heart beats. It’s really a pity that you have the confidence to say such a thing."
God saw Chen Xuanzang show disdain for pie pie.
Although Chen Xuanzang has a lot to learn, his study of Buddhism is a little too superficial.
Although the Tathagata Buddhism is different from the Tianfo Buddhism, it is said that one method can teach all kinds of methods.
If the whole Lingshan has a deeper understanding of the Buddha’s dharma than the sky, it will not exceed one hand.
This is to add the third Buddha.
Chen Xuanzang didn’t speak, but read Buddhist scriptures with his eyes closed. He was afraid to look at Miss Duan.
He wants to save the world and see me. Love between men and women is an obstacle to his seeking Buddha.
He is afraid that if he looks at Miss Duan a few more times, he will be shaken to the Buddha’s heart.
"You can’t even look at me and dare to say you don’t like me."
Miss Duan looked at this and Chen Xuanzang laughed at it.
But she didn’t say anything superfluous, but came over and talked to Tian about dancing.
She believes that if she works harder, Chen Xuanzang will definitely recognize her heart and accept her.
Heaven is a learned man, astronomy, geography, piano and chess painting, and it is not difficult for Miss Duan to compose a dance.
Miss Duan, dressed in white, danced in the moonlight.
At this time, if Miss Duan is a Moon Palace Fairy, some people believe it.
Tianhe and Chen Xuanzang sat by the lotus at the mouth of the cave and watched Miss Duan dance on the moon.
Chen Xuanzang watched and gradually became a little crazy.
"Xuan Zang, you’re moving." At this time of the day, I didn’t look at Miss Duan but looked at Chen Xuanzang and said with a smile.
For him, it is much more interesting to watch Chen Xuanzang move his heart than to watch Miss Duan.
Buddha has seen too many beauties in his eyes.
Who is not the first-class beauty of Su Daji lady white snake Wanyao Queen Wan Nie Xiaoqian?
Miss Duan really can’t attract his attention.
"I didn’t!"
Chen Xuanzang said very firmly when he heard the words from heaven.
It seems that he said this to the sky, but he really said it to himself.
He warned himself that he was bent on Buddha and that he should not be moved.
The sky laughed and asked, "Do you want to hug her, kiss her and sleep with her?"
"I didn’t!"
"I’m a monk, and I can’t be moved, let alone think like this."
Chen Xuanzang has a feeling of being said to be the center of things, so his emotional performance is more extreme.
"You’re not even bald. Why do you think of yourself as a monk?"
Looking at Chen Xuanzang, he shook his head and looked like a dead wood cannot be carved.
"I’m already a layman’s brother, and my master said that I’m not a real Buddhist brother because the time is not right, but I will be sooner or later."
Chen Xuanzang said seriously.
He is very determined to Buddha’s heart
God can’t help but say, "it’s time for you to become a real Buddhist brother when you meet a cruel man who kills the one you love and pulls out your hair."
Hearing this, Chen Xuanzang couldn’t help asking, "What do you mean, Mr. Sun?"
"Nothing means telling you first, and then you will encounter some disasters."
After a day of saying this, he seriously said to Chen Xuanzang
"Xuanzang, to tell you the truth, you are really not suitable for practicing Tathagata Buddha dharma. Give it up."
"Mr. Sun, I have already made up my mind to do my best to Buddha and save all beings from suffering. No matter what you say, I will not give up Buddhism."
Chen Xuanzang said unswervingly after hearing the words of heaven
He is more determined to the Buddha’s heart and will not change because of things.
"I’m not asking you to give up Buddhism, I’m trying to persuade you to give up Tathagata Buddhism."
God earnestly persuaded
"I think you should practice the Buddha dharma more than you should."
"Heaven, Buddha and Dharma can truly make all beings suffer."
"Buddha?" Chen Xuanzang’s face showed a startled color.
He has never heard of the Buddha in Buddhism.
"Mr. Sun, I have never heard of the name of the Buddha in the Buddhist scriptures."
Tian smiled at Chen Xuanzang and said, "I am the only one in the world who understands the Buddha’s dharma."
"Xuanzang, if you want to learn the Buddha dharma, you can worship my teacher."
For that first time, Chen Xuanzang reveal his true purpose.

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