High … anti-aircraft guns! ?

The pilot of the No.2 aircraft has an impulse to laugh. Where can there be anti-aircraft guns in this vast sea? There may be anti-aircraft guns on that offshore platform, but the problem is that they are so far away from the offshore platform that they may not be able to prevent missiles. What country’s anti-aircraft guns can fire at enemy planes so far away! He was just about to say, "Are you kidding?" I saw a few dark red meteors with a hissing sound, and one of them hit the fuselage! Without charge, a solid projectile weighing only 50 grams has exerted ten times more terrible lethality than a 3 mm high-explosive bomb. The whole fighter plane was shot through a big hole in the front and then a flame spewed out. This p-3 anti-submarine plane didn’t even have a chance to struggle and directly exploded into millions of pieces! Until he died, the pilot didn’t know who attacked himself and how he was shot down!
When the last p-3 pilot saw that two companions had been smashed into pieces in a few seconds, a denser meteor shower flew towards him and he felt creepy! He can see clearly that these shells are coming from the platform that seems to be harmful to people and animals. There are really anti-weapons there! But he didn’t see the slightest sign of anti-aircraft guns firing, and there was no dazzling chamber flame. He didn’t even know when they were fired. He saw pieces of semi-molten projectiles coming at him at a speed of dozens of Mach, and the shooting speed was comparable to that of machine guns. Let alone anti-submarine aircraft with thin skin and stuffing, even if dozens of tons of main battle tanks were hit by several guns, they would be finished! What the hell is this? It can hit so far, so fast and so hard!
Cold sweat soaked the clothes, and the pilot instantly understood that the carrier battle group of Xianghe had fallen into the enemy ambush circle and was doomed! He screamed at the top of his lungs at the line while manipulating the plane to avoid it. He wanted to stick the tape on the microphone. "Report that we were hit by fire when we approached the China Polaris oil drilling and production platform … We thought it was not an oil drilling and production platform but a super sea fortress-"
Bang, bang, bang!
Three rounds of 50-gram projectiles hit the p-3 at Mach 30 in a row, and the terrorist kinetic energy spread. This unlucky anti-submarine aircraft was almost vaporized instantly. After a huge roar, most of the bodies disappeared, leaving some fine fragments dancing in flames and falling lightly to the sea, which just created a kind of snow-floating beauty. Unfortunately, this beauty is destined to be appreciated …
Chapter DiYiJiu Sea Castle Funeral (3)
Twelve f-14 engines roared hysterically, giving these tens of tons of behemoths powerful power. At that moment, the male cat became extremely violent, full of missiles, bared its teeth and claws, and flew at the distant wolf. It wanted its fangs and claws to tear the hateful Chinese national army to pieces!
"I found that the target switched to war mode to activate the ai-54 long-range missile!"
Tomcat’s powerful radar dead angle scans the flying wolf’s two-seater long-range fighter-bomber. One radar screen after another reveals his own figure. The squadron leader stares at this large fleet of 30 planes, showing anger in cold blood. The command is to collapse from the teeth one word at a time. The line looks like a sharpening stone.
Deputy mid-team leader let out a loud roar "finally found the opportunity to teach them a lesson! I want to call these flying wolves back and forth! "
The number of fighters on both sides is three to one, and a squadron leader still dares to make a determined effort. This is because the flying wolf’s combat capability has always been a medium level, which is worse than that of the f-14. It is not surprising that a squadron fighter plane killed all three squadron fighters and bombers. Just now, the big defeat was too unjust to kill all these flying wolves, and the whole squadron was surprisingly consistent in its thinking. It was quick to switch to the battle mode and began to lock the target across a hundred kilometers. The undead birds stretched their evil wings and began to itch to try.
Flying Wolf fighter-bomber pilots certainly know that the f-14 is powerful, and the f-14 is matched with the undead bird, the J -12 is matched with the Viper iii. Su -27 and r-27 are the most deadly combination in modern warfare, and a pilot is unwilling to challenge them easily. There are not many secrets in front of the f-14 Republic Army. The painful experience of being slaughtered by the J -12 in several exercises has made the pilots of the Republic Army unforgettable about the tactics and fire control radar performance of the J -12, but the f-14 is almost similar to the J -12. This is not the case. The f-14 just started to irradiate the radar and mixed flying wolves and leopards began to show off. The center of the leopard spurted out like an invisible cloth curtain that covered the sky. Suddenly, the f-14 radar screen was snowing and dancing. The squadron leader sneered and wanted to play with us, right? You probably forgot that technology has always been Yamato’s national strength. The rustling of his voice caught the ears of every pilot and "rose to 15 thousand meters to form four three-aircraft formations to launch countermeasures!"
The enraged f-14 went straight into the sky and penetrated a layer of catkin, which was a general floating cloud. Three frames crossed the blue sky in a zigzag shape, and the same powerful magnetic storm penetrated the body’s bondage and swept out, which made each other’s bodies refract and made the interference area bigger.
The disturbance is stronger! The radar screens of more than 30 Chinese fighter planes are flying all over the sky, and nothing can be seen, while the line channels are full of rustling noise. All the crew members can communicate at least unless … unless the long plane is similar to sign language so that every pilot can see it. The question is, will the undead missile give them a whole set of complicated machine language?
The industrial advantage of Japan has been fully brought into play. In less than 20 seconds, the interference of the Chinese army was suppressed. This time, the cat defeated the leopard. Three leopards were tossed around by magnetic interference from all sides, and the squadron leader once again showed a cold smile. The fire control radar was deadlocked and a leopard bit its teeth to make "launch!"
Command the pilot to press the button calmly again and again, which can be called a monster in the missile. The immortal bird slipped from the pylon, and the tail jetted out a dazzling flame, which instantly accelerated the missile to Mach 4, screaming and pecking at the flying wolf dozens of kilometers away. Each f-14 continuously fired two 24 immortal bird missiles, and the trajectories were handed over to each other, weaving a terrible network of fire. As soon as it was wrapped, the flying wolf fleet seemed to have nothing to do to avoid moving the flying wolf. The two-seat long-range fighter-bomber did not have the ability to launch Viper iii. At this distance, they were beaten, and the
What they saw was two intersecting green lights.
These two green lights came out from the rear of the flying wolf fleet and crossed. Two undead birds were immediately beaten into roast chicken.
The squadron leader was horrified. "The laser fighter is a Chinese military laser fighter!"
He’s absolutely right. It’s a real laser fighter, and there are two at once! These two Thunderbird laser fighters, one circle larger than b-52, appeared at a height of 17,000 meters, and their engines nearly collapsed in Skyquake! Boy, this war has been going on for more than half a month, and the Chinese military laser fighters have never been seen, and now they have finally appeared, and it is a double ghost knocking on the door! A powerful laser beam bursts out every five seconds, and comets usually scream across the moon at night, and the undead missile is hit one after another, and a fire bursts out, and then it explodes violently, and the whole missile is blown to pieces! The squadron leader’s little heart ached. Every green light shot means that an immortal bird worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was broken in two, so they can’t afford the missile consumption! A thin, dense cold sweat broke out on his forehead and shouted, "Launch missiles, first put the Chinese military laser fighters and then clean up their fighter-bombers!" He has made up his mind that the f-14 is much more advanced than the flying wolf, even if the undead birds are played out.
Close combat can also kill flying wolves! It’s urgent to get rid of those two athel lorens first, otherwise this battle can’t be fought!
Tactics are correct, and there is no mistake. They fell into people’s calculations from the moment they took off, and it is futile to struggle again. This is the last command of the squadron. The voice just fell, and a stronger and more dazzling green light came from the direction of the Polaris oil drilling and production platform. The squadron leader’s fuselage was scratched away from the slurry and splashed out. The f-14 was drawn with a long blood hole and a powerful high airflow. The blood hole force point tore the fighter into two sections like a piece of tissue paper, but no one could hear the fierce explosion and drowned his voice.
The green lightsaber waved over the squadron leader’s wingman again, and a string of sparks burst out. The high airflow instantly turned the sparks into raging explosions and swept everything.
The dark red trajectory is like a rainstorm meteor coming from dozens of kilometers away, which is relatively close to the Polaris oil drilling and production platform. Two F-14s were torn to pieces by hundreds of red flying snakes in less than a second without any chance of struggle.
The first round of missile attack has not yet come to fruition. This Tomcat Squadron suffered heavy losses on the enemy’s unconventional weapons attack. One third or two laser fighters blocked the ferocious undead birds layer by layer, and the missiles died faster than the fighters. More than half of the first 24 undead birds were blown off midway, and six of them broke through the interception and were killed in front of the Flying Wolf fighter-bomber brigade. If the missiles had feelings, I am afraid they would have been red-eyed and wished to kill the Chinese fighters! However, the missile has no feelings, and it will mechanically follow the computer program and act meticulously, so these six missiles are still very calm. The infrared heat-seeking guide head bit several flying wolf engine nozzles at close range and sprayed flames and swooped over!
Four fires burst in a row, and four flying wolves were hit red-handed, weighing a ton. Once they were hit, they were 100% smashed to pieces. Most of these four flying wolf pilots didn’t even have a chance to escape by ejection, and they were torn to pieces together with the fighters. Two pilots were lucky enough to eject successfully, but they were hit by explosive flying shrapnel. Two clouds of blood and fog exploded, and the white umbrella flowers were stained with little blood. What about two immortal birds?
Be thrown away
Without four fighters, the Chinese pilots were also angry. The fighters turned on the afterburner and sprinted at Mach 1.5 to the f-14. They were going to approach 40 kilometers, and the viper killed these hateful male cats!
But after this round, it’s absolutely unfair. Fortunately, the f-14 has been frightened. They shot 16 undead birds again and then turned around and ran away. Your sister said it was a war, but you were laser.
And we can’t name weapons to deal with us. It’s too embarrassing to fight like this. I don’t play anymore. I’ll hide in the fleet fire protection circle and grind it with you slowly! If you can fight, you can fight, but then you turn to the great tactical guidance. Fortunately, the fighters run faster than each other, and there is no way to chase them.
However, chasing a flying wolf doesn’t mean that other things can’t be chased. Two laser fighters can’t catch fire. The green light flashes repeatedly, and the undead missiles are shot down one after another. At the same time, there are tens of dark red meteors flashing from the Polaris, and dozens of Mach’s initial speed is swept over in the sky. Both missiles and F-14s are shrouded in heavy rain. No matter how maneuverable they are, they are just dancing in heavy rain and have to be shattered! The four undead missiles were not evenly divided into two pieces, and then it was f-14′ s turn. The pilot gawked at the speed of these projectiles at the end of Mach 10 and screamed! These projectiles came too fast! I didn’t even give them a scream when I pulled the ejection handle. The fire snake drew the proud male cat’s body. This round of bullet rain was more fragile than wearing it and crashing. The pilot of Tula ejection handle and the instrument were smashed together, and the f-14 only lasted a little more than a second!
A dark red lotus burst into flames at a height of 30,000 feet, and the body fragments flew all over the sky. The f-14 disappeared completely, and the sword Xianghe declared a complete collapse. Now the whole aircraft carrier battle group is like a prostitute who has been stripped of her pants, so she can play as she likes.
The flying wolves formed a two-plane formation, watching the whistling flying over the debris and killing the shark-toothed supersonic anti-ship missile directly towards the aircraft carrier Xianghe. In the explosion, waves of bloodthirsty light flashed like the sharp teeth in the sawtooth shark’s mouth, which was chilling.
Chapter DiYiJiuYi Sea Castle Funeral (4)
Tokyo Prime Minister’s Office
Foreign Minister Lu Xianghai, Chief of Staff of the Chinese Self-Defense Forces and the Prime Minister gathered together.
With so many big shots in the cloud, it’s only right to talk about the scenery limit when the spotlight is on Kan Kan. However, at this time, the lights in the Prime Minister’s office are dim and the mood is terrible. The Prime Minister doesn’t even turn on the light, but lights a few candles. He probably doesn’t want everyone to see his face. He didn’t object to several well-dressed big shots sitting together with a cup of bitter tea, and his face became uncertain with the flickering candlelight … It’s really a bit of a fucking antique!
These great men don’t have the leisure to imitate the ancients, who are sad in spring and hurt in autumn and enjoy the moon. They look sad one by one as if the sky is about to fall!
For these politicians, the sky is not falling, and it’s almost the same. Damn it, the Soviets didn’t believe it at all, and they chickened out, which led them to finally hope that they wouldn’t say that the Chinese Self-Defense Force and the aircraft carrier Xianghe had lost a large number of fighters! At the time of departure, more than 30 f-15j planes retreated, but there were only a dozen left. These dozen planes were still flying and falling all the way due to lack of fuel and injuries. It is estimated that there are not many planes safely returning to Japan. The anger of the Chinese Self-Defense Forces reached its peak. When the chief of staff learned of all this, his eyes became red and he roared that he would be lucky to come to the f-15j to chase the Soviet transport fleet and dump the remaining ammunition into the Soviet transport fuselage to avenge the elite of the Self-Defense Forces who died! Fortunately, the chief of staff’s partner covered the microphone with his hand when he was quick of eye, otherwise those f-15j pilots who had long been red-eyed would really have been ordered to jump on the Soviet transport fleet with their eyes burning with fire, even if they collided, they would have to bump a whole elite transport fleet, so that the Soviets could taste the taste of watching a large number of elite people die forever and see if they would be angry or distressed!
Lu Xiang’s face is pale, and the Chinese army has launched the final offensive on the northern Canadian coast, surrounded by groups. Two divisions are struggling to live to the present. Japanese soldiers are involved in piles and piles of tank tracks and rolled into groups of paste. After a while, these two elite divisions will no longer think of it. The little dream of Lu Xiang’s adult is like being gently poked and cut with a knife … It hurts him to grind his teeth, while the marine face is as gloomy as dark clouds rolling in summer. The loss of the self-defense forces in the current sea has been very amazing. The carrier battle group was damaged and 30 warships were sunk, which made him feel the urge to vomit blood. However, the loss is far from the end. The carrier battle group of Xianghe is being violently attacked by the Chinese army and it is very likely that it will never come back! The thought of this place almost gnaws my teeth! A whole aircraft carrier battle group was killed. Which country can afford such a loss?
The depressed atmosphere hung over the Prime Minister’s Office, and everyone was so preoccupied that they were so angry that they were not interested in talking. The large venue was so quiet that it was disturbing.
Gao Qiao’s Prime Minister waited for a long time, but no one opened his mouth to help him knock on the gong. However, there was a faint slogan outside. The news of the fiasco of the expeditionary force somehow spread throughout the country. Anti-war activists poured into the streets and shouted slogans demanding the government to stop this meaningless war. No more Japanese soldiers can be allowed to bleed in the paws! The prime minister smiled bitterly. I’d like to stop this war. The problem is that China disagrees! Those slogans are more frightening to the Prime Minister than guns. Although guns are lethal, they all hit soldiers and won’t hurt him. But this slogan is likely to completely end his political life! He smiled and had the strength to speak. "The situation of the gentlemen is in danger. We are caught in the battlefield of claw depression. The army may be wiped out at any time. We must work together in Qi Xin to tide over the difficulties. If you have any opinions and ideas, please tell them truthfully … because there are very few days left for us!"

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