The goat gently took a sip of blood and looked at the field being carried by the Japanese slave corpse brothers and threw Qiao Feng into it. "Well, this game today is a bit interesting. Someone will bring the crocodile corpse brother to my room."

Qiao Feng didn’t know that his performance was actually taken a fancy to by the sex maniac. He was quietly winking at Bai Xiaofei-let himself out of the limelight and let himself cover Bai Xiaofei to expose his identity
After the first game in the arena, Bai Xiaofei returned to her room with Caicai. Sure enough, she had already waited there. Obviously, she also watched today’s game and praised Bai Xiaofei for his superb skills. She also kept asking about Qiao Feng. It seems that beauty also loves heroes. Qiao Feng, the hook-handed corpse brother, looks much more "handsome" than Bai Xiaofei, a bald little old man.
Yarn storehouse and incense naturally don’t know that they have become an important part of Bai Xiaofei’s attack on the Japanese slave mother tree!
When Bai Xiaofei learned that Shecang Hexiang regularly gave blood to the mother tree, he already thought that he could borrow Shecang Hexiang’s body props to give the mother tree "poison"!
Bai Xiaofei pretended to be bedroom-eyed, stretched out her hand full of pustules, touched her body, and dared not resist. Instead, she tried to pretend to smile. After all, she didn’t need to give blood here in Bai Xiaofei, but it was much better for Bai Xiaofei to force her to come to her room every day these days than her companion needed to give her heart and blood to other contestants.
Shacang Hexiang met Bai Xiaofei’s hand and twisted her body. She even groaned. She didn’t notice that when Bai Xiaofei’s hand touched her chest, some tiny dust was stained under her fingernails and approached her heart through the top of the tentacle at the heart.
This dust is specially infected with the mother tree virus of Japanese slave corpse brother!
Bai Xiaofei didn’t inject a proper amount of virus into the heart of the gauze warehouse at one time, but injected a small amount of it every time and it was discovered by the slave mother tree.
Shacang Hexiang catered hard to Bai Xiaofei with his eyes closed. She could feel Bai Xiaofei’s hands groping and twisting her body, which moved her heart. Her mouth tentacles were aching in her heart, but she didn’t care that there were many abnormal conditions in her brother’s body. What this bald little old man did was still light. There was a variation of her tongue in her body-
Shacang Hexiang suddenly found that Bai Xiaofei had stopped. She opened her eyes and saw Bai Xiaofei waved. "Well, you can go and remember that I can enjoy you when the sky is still coming-of course, unless the mother tree wants to suck your blood, otherwise my brother can’t touch you!"
Shacang Hexiang nodded again and again. If the bald little old man’s corpse brother was a strong corpse brother a few days ago, today’s group battle in the arena fully demonstrated his extraordinary ability-not only his individual strength is strong, but also his excellent command ability can actually command a group of UU Hezhong who have never been professionally trained.
This bald little old man will get the goat’s adult. Don’t say that he is making his own small request now, even if he wants to eat himself, the goat’s adult will agree without hesitation.
Shacang Hexiang didn’t wipe her body, which was festered by Bai Xiaofei. She groped her hands and left Banban pus respectfully. She took her leave-then she had to dedicate her blood to the mother tree.
Bai Xiaofei is poisoning the Japanese slave mother tree step by step, but he doesn’t know that Qiao Feng is in big trouble!
After Qiao Feng returned to his room, there was also a slave girl who donated blood to him. Qiao Feng drank it up without hesitation. Before that, he tried to eat a few mouthfuls of the corpse of the slave brother who was killed by himself. After the rebirth of Qiao Feng Yanhuang, his appearance was ordinary human, but his heart was still Qiao Feng, the Xia monarch in another world.
In the eyes of Qiao Feng in another world, it seems that the Japanese slave corpse brother and the monster in another world can almost be killed and eaten. It is a piece of cake to drink a few mouthfuls of blood without revealing your identity.
At this moment, a group of guards suddenly rushed in and gave Qiao Feng a nod with the little leader. "You come with us."
Qiao Feng frowned. "What to do?" His voice is not high, but his body is not angry and he exudes a strong fighting spirit.
The little guard leader witnessed the ferocity of Qiao Feng’s arena today and didn’t dare to be rude to him. "The goat’s adult wants to summon you to come with us. Don’t keep the adult waiting." He paused with an ugly face and smiled. "Don’t worry, it’s a good thing."
Qiao Feng strode with the guards to the depths of the dungeon. His face didn’t show any panic. He knew that his outstanding performance in today’s stadium must have attracted the attention of the goat. Fortunately, he saw the guards with himself. This said that Bai Xiaofei hasn’t got the special attention of the goat. It’s good that he is trying to cover up Bai Xiaofei. How does the goat want to deal with himself? Qiao Feng doesn’t care.
What sex maniac is just a corpse brother? I heard that before the mutation, she was a person who could be a bitch. What are the people afraid of her doing in her own different world and the earth? If you are seen through your identity, just kill her! It’s enough for Bai Xiaofei not to be exposed to continue execution-Qiao Fenggen didn’t consider how to kill the goat if he really killed it.
The guards stopped with a hole in Qiao Feng, and the hole was filled with a multi-mutated corpse brother. Their fierce eyes stared at Qiao Fengyou and they growled low. Qiao Feng was calm. He learned from Niu 52 that the maniac, efreet and the hidden demon were the weakest. She called so many powerful corpses in the evolution contest, obviously trying to strengthen her power.
But since sex maniac, efreet, hidden magic are all the hands of the bodhi old zu Xu Fu, why should sex maniac desperately strengthen his power? It seems that the Japanese slave corpse brothers don’t want to appear as monolithic as they are, especially women’s minds.
The guard bent down and reported to the door that "the goat’s adult has brought it with him."
There is a delicate sound "let him in"
The little guard leader just wanted to push Xiao Feng. Qiao Feng gave him a glaring. The little leader was forced by the momentum to suddenly retract his hand. Qiao Feng strode in by himself.
The door is closed.
The door is not a common residence for corpse brothers, but a common human room with soft lights and thick Persian carpets. There is a famous painting hanging on the wall, and there is a wine cabinet next to it. Qiao Feng doesn’t know foreign wines. A hi-fi stereo is playing old records.
There is no figure in it, and there are waves of water coming from the bathroom.
Qiao Feng swaggered to the wine cabinet, took a bottle of foreign wine by himself, found a crystal glass full of it, drank a mouthful of it, frowned, "What smells bad", and poured a glass of wine on the carpet with a young hand.
The wat in that bathroom suddenly stopped.
Qiao Feng a churning in the wine cabinet and find out a bottle of sake hook hand a bottle of bottle neck cut off also don’t drink a few mouth "bah, what is this wine? Root is the bitch to drink water "Mao Qiao Feng threw sake into the wall of cutting.

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