If the seven masters are in the wasteland, they can be regarded as bad people, but they easily become angry from embarrassment and fight each other.

However, at present, I have experienced the heartbreak of Taikoo Gate, fought with my friends in the chaos of Mount Tai, slaughtered more than 100,000 people in the ancient land of Xuanhuang, and then went to the sea to meet a number of Lingxu Johnson’s desperate robbery. Since then, I have risen and returned to the world through the dead domain. Where can these people stop me at this time?
Cold drink away from home, even put away the sword that eats the heart. Directly, it is to meet them with both hands. Although these monks are not bad, they are just weak for the land. Suddenly, the golden light tiger is condensed in a dense way, and the golden boxing shadow is like a meteor falling rain, and it is directly bombarded by the other figures.
In contrast, the incoming friar sends out a dark green protective light, and the seven people are connected and organized into a green optical network, which is like a strong toughness, and the two sides immediately collided with each other.
But the attacking monk didn’t expect that a common move would be so horrible.
The tiger’s fist was overbearing and amazing, but it didn’t defeat the optical network for the first time. Instead, it produced fierce friction and collision, high-speed flowing gas collision sublimated thousands of dazzling light balls, and at the same time, it broke out into a tragic thunderbolt and went to the sky.
Lingyin Piao easily caught the other person’s body gap and jumped out of the other person’s encirclement. Without any pause, he immediately shot at one of them and launched a fatal attack.
The other person’s horror is better than the gleam in the eyes. Four lights and shadows-soul-killing, soul-transforming, soul-sealing and broken jade-are shot from four directions at the same time, and they are shot at four people at the same time, and the head of the first person is kicked to pieces, and the Yuan gods are shattered, and this population is never given a chance again.
Where are the four people who were hit by the soul-changing operator and so on? It’s just a struggle.
In a flash, seven laymen were defeated by Lu Li, and four people killed one person. Suddenly, two people were left without any harm.
It’s the first time for them to encounter such a rout in the face of the wild monk, that is, as before, some tianjiao masters are not so defeated, and the other side is quick in pushing and posture. It’s the first time that they encounter it, and suddenly they become more frightened.
Originally, these people were confident in what they had learned, and they believed that Friar Wilderness was by no means their enemy, and their posture was also rapidly compared. However, these people really found that their strength was simply different from that of the world.
Facing the threat of life and death, the eyes of those two people are also crazy. They will climb to the extreme in an instant with their hands clasped and their breath blended into a golden light flashing defense barrier to resist the deadly attack from landing.
The original dark green optical network is completely disintegrated at the moment in this golden enchantment, which must be the last life-saving means for these two people.
With a cold smile and a cold heart, he said, "Practitioners who seek immortality and seek different treasures will never be able to die until they are killed!"
The left palm was lifted from the whole body, and the blood-red evil mans flew in all directions, and a monstrous air billow volume was pointed out in an instant, and one person felt that when the golden enchantment penetrated, a blood hole appeared and he died in the blink of an eye.
And this move is powerful, and the other person is also shocked by hundreds of feet. The cloud of the earthquake is destroyed like a blade. air billow scatters and makes several monks appall
The figure quickly left the land and easily grabbed the last person. The right hand grabbed the person’s throat and said coldly, "Do you have any last words to say?"
The man looked at the ground and suffocated, unwilling to fade into a crazy smile, and the words were crazy. "Ha ha, speak only?" You are so stupid! We’re here to test the vanguard’s status as slaves. Where are we entitled to be anonymous? When the army of our domain strikes, you will surely die-"
Chapter one hundred and seven No origin
"Death is buried-"The word has not yet been settled, and it is already a slight force to pinch off this person’s neck and penetrate into the body, which will also destroy him on the spot.
At this time, the incoming enemy in the distance of the sky is still staring at this place, but after a long distance, this person’s life has been completely strangled.
Glancing at the direction of the enemy’s gathering, he raised his voice without fear. "I don’t care if these people are enslaved or not. I want to know what you will use to win me!" "
This sound is like thunder, which cuts through the sky until it is hundreds of miles away, so that those mysterious masters in the distant sky can hear it clearly.
Not only that, the three cities are not too far apart, but the city where the fire forest is located-Xing Tiancheng is also clearly audible.
At the same time, more than two places at once will almost destroy the remnants.
Floating and falling directly to Dingtiancheng.
It can’t be said that almost everyone who can move has come to the front of the earth. Some people have met each other from afar, some have met once, and some have come here.
No matter strong or weak, no matter good or evil, they all come to the center of Dingtiancheng to meet.
The nangongshan out looking at the land away from the original cold face with a smile.
Yu Xiaowan is with a little shyness in her heart. She did not expect to see Lu Li again today.
Just for a moment, hundreds of people in the city have already surrounded the land.
A man dressed in a bloody coat and full of evil spirit suddenly took a step forward and then made a deep bow to Lu Li.
He was not only dressed in clothes, but also stained with blood all over his body, both the enemy’s blood and his own blood. The injury was not light.
"Liu Shaoxia, Lingmou owes you a life today, and even this life would be confessed if it weren’t for Liu Shaoxia’s incarnation to destroy the enemy and me." This bloody-clothed man is an evil sect, and a young master of magic said that it is good to be bloody and hate repairing, but he is a little arrogant.
In other words, cultivate the immortal world, but who is not weak and who is not arrogant?
Nodding slightly, he said, "It’s just an eye. We must repair this city’s defense array first, otherwise the enemy army will sweep in and resist it, and there will be more casualties."
Nangong snuffed out the news and nodded, "It’s good to set your eyes on the dragon heads of Tiancheng Group. I recommend the leader of the land to lead you against the external enemies. I wonder what you think?"
The influence of the Nangong aristocratic family is not small, and there are also more than ten people who immediately come out and agree.
Unexpectedly, almost 70% of heterodox people are in favor of Lu Li’s leadership and 45% of the right path. About 60% of the young experts here are in favor of this matter.
At first glance, 60% is not high, but in fact, many people are shocked. You know, most of the people here are young and arrogant, and they are all leaders of various sects and families. No one can say that 60% today really supports the separation. This is already incredible.
But Lu Li shook his head slightly and waved, "There is no need for this. Tonight is the most dangerous time. If we survive tonight, we can also have a healing respite. If the city is broken tonight, unless the other two cities can spare no effort to help, the end is self-evident. If we can survive tonight, it is not too late to elect another one who can lead everyone!"
It’s true that there are many people who are seriously injured in the eye city, and the total number of injured people accounts for about 30% to 40%. In this way, when meeting the enemy, the combat power will naturally be discounted, and some seriously injured people need to be protected and dispersed.
Don’t procrastinate, Dao Tong and others immediately organized the city to repair the defense law of Dingtian City.
People from different schools are naturally rich, including Lu Li-ren, and they have contributed a lot to the defense of the large array, while the monks who are proficient in array law in the city try their best to repair the array.
This city covers an area of a lot, and others have reduced the original defense law by a lot after consultation. At the same time, once the outer city is lost, everyone will immediately retreat from the city
Sixteen watchtowers in the original outer city were also restored. Sixteen people, including Nangong Miu, Lu Li and Dao Tong, were stationed in a night watchman respectively.
The rest of the wounded are also divided according to their injuries. Those with the most serious injuries have stayed in the core of the city. There is a unique defensive barrier to protect them. All of them have not retreated, and all of them have tried their best to heal.
The war slaves in Dingtiancheng are human beings who can command these war slaves. It seems that they were ordered by the six dharma circles to defend this city. Of course, when some foreign enemies attack and want to escape, these war slaves will also pursue them, but when they are within a certain range of Dingtiancheng, they will turn back and will not be too far away.

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