"Huh?" Zhang Yang picked up the blue mans in his eyes from the gluttonous beast, and his eyes were clear.

But seeing a huge skull in the distance as high as nearly ten feet, the skull looks terrible with its eyes wide open in the dark.
And near this skull, a group of skeleton monsters roared and walked, and some skeleton monsters jumped from time to time.
Zhang Yang looked along the direction of these skull monsters. A man was offering a ring in his hand at the eye socket of the skull. From time to time, there was a monster like a pyramid. The man casually offered the ring as an arc like a sharp laser, and wiped out those climbing skull monsters.
"WengQingYu! Hum! I didn’t expect him to get there first! " Zhang Yang cold hum a murder diffuse.
Feeling this murderous gluttonous beast is also a cold war.
The man hiding in the eye socket of the skull is naturally Weng Qingyu. It is suspected that Weng Qingyu has long since lost his usual natural and unrestrained clothes and ragged hair.
"The skull in front of A-dao Zhang is the Wuman Altar, which is the most important area of the Wuman Hall. If there are pieces of Wuman ancestors’ bodies in this ancestral temple, it will definitely be collected in this altar, and all kinds of treasures, pills and secrets will also be collected here." Looking at the skull and gluttonous beast in front, his eyes are shining with excitement.
"good! We’ll have WengQingyu’s account before and after this promontory in the past. "Zhang Yang said that all the demon banners were about to be unfurled, like remembering something, and the palm of his hand would be turned into a ring."
"Let’s go! The old man didn’t have a short break just now. Now it’s time to get to work. Let’s take this journey and rush violently! " Zhang Yang’s feet gluttonous beast back a step ling a turn "dong!" Feet fall heavily to the ground
The gluttonous beast’s clumsy eyelids look at what the huge skull seems to be hiding in Weng Qingyu’s thick way.
"good! Just listen to A-dao Zhang. "
Knock, knock, knock
The gluttonous beast dashed forward on all fours.
Bang, bang, bang!
One by one, the skeleton monster gluttonous beast is as fragile as paper before its powerful impact, and it has been knocked apart in succession.
Although these skeleton monsters seem to be powerful, most of them are physically strong, not to mention they are stiff even compared with ordinary six or seven monster beasts.
For the gluttonous beast, a quasi-nine-level monster beast known for its physical toughness, it is absolutely easy to crush them once it is launched.
Zhang Yang followed from time to time to cyan light flashing will kill some threatening to gluttonous beast.
In this way, Zhang Yang, the main attack of the gluttonous beast, is responsible for clearing the danger at a fixed point and soon kills our way out from the skeleton monster group and rushes in.
Seeing that the distance from the huge skull is getting closer and closer, Weng Qingyu hesitated to turn over and jumped out of the dark eyes of the skeleton monster and disappeared.
"Quick!" Weng Qingyu disappeared, and a bad feeling rose in Zhang Yang’s heart and immediately urged the gluttonous beast.
The long tail of the gluttonous beast is pulled out like a whip, and the head of a skeleton monster in front of the road is pulled away, and finally it comes to the huge skull face.
Only by the real side can we find it great.
The huge skull, up to ten feet high, glows with dense white bone and looks exactly like ordinary bones.
Zhang Yang very doubt this body is made of a monster’s head.
You know, the pillars supporting the main hall are all bones. Compared with those bones, this skull with a height of more than ten feet is nothing.
I really don’t know what kind of monsters existed in ancient times. They had such a big size. They wanted to be strong before their death, but they were still killed and even the remains could not be preserved. It’s really sad and regrettable.
Without too much hesitation, a large group of skeleton monsters have surrounded behind them.
Zhang Yang said that one foot stepped on the ground and his body rose from the ground, and he fell firmly on the dark eye socket of the skull-also the place where Weng Qingyu had just escaped.
The gluttonous beast changed his body shape into a line. The human appearance was burly, his body was thick, his limbs were huge, and his head … also rose and fell next to Zhang Yang with a leap.
Zhang Yang god alert looked at the skull.
The dark environment gives people a creepy feeling; Without the dense bones outside, the ground is paved with long blue stones, and a path leads directly to the front altar; Next to this altar are two statues; Two statues, a long table and a small box.
Zhang Yang’s eyes are blue and bright, and he can’t see through the contents of the box.

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