It is also the shareholder who said that another shareholder next to him said

"I quit too."
As one shareholder after another decided to sell his shares in Xiongfengtuan, Fang’s father also showed a look of relief, and he took a long breath.
Light way
"Is there anything else?"
"Do you still want to sell your shares?"
Hearing Fang Fu’s words, these shareholders in the meeting room frowned.
"What do you mean, Fang Dong?"
The first shareholder to talk about selling his shares said
"Nothing interesting"
Fang Fu clapped his hands and soon the secret came in at the door.
"Fang Dong, all the documents you want are here."
Fang Fu nodded his head and then gave himself the secret. The document department pushed forward.
"Ladies and gentlemen, here is the number of shares held by each of you in Xiongfeng Group and the current purchase price. If there is no other problem, your shares have been purchased by our department."
When I heard Fang Fu’s words, all shareholders in the place narrowed their eyes.
They realized that this was a conspiracy played by Fang Fu.
What do you mean, it’s just that Fang Fu is playing tricks? His real heart should be to buy their shares, right?
"Ha ha Fang Dong, I was just joking with you."
"It’s Fang Dong, who has shared the same happiness and difficulties. How can we ask to sell shares at such a critical time?"
In the meeting room, the attitude of shareholders has changed.
And after hearing these words, the father said
"Are you sure? But I want to tell you before that I didn’t lie to you before, and I’m really going to do what I said before. "
Fang Fushi’s idea today is very simple. If these shareholders don’t agree, then he will buy Xiongfeng Group’s stock department, and let himself do whatever he wants to lose. Things have developed as he imagined, but he never thought that these shareholders would suddenly change their minds and say that they would fight with themselves to the end. These people are not crazy, are they?
"Sure, sure, Fang Dong, even if it’s daoshanhuohai, we’ll go with you."
In the meeting room, the shareholders also have their own plans. After all, the father of this huge group can’t really say no, can he? Therefore, they have different intentions in returning Fang Fu, but they don’t know that Fang Fu thinks it is very simple to do what Fang wants and return everything to the Su Tuan.
Father couldn’t help sniffling after hearing these shareholders’ words.
"I didn’t read you wrong. Thank you so much for being willing to accompany me in this difficult time!"
Then, some very emotional father tore up the drafted contract in front of many shareholders, which attracted them to applaud unanimously.
At the moment, Suk and his party are also in a hotel box in Magic Capital.
There is a whole turntable of wine on the big round table in the box.
"We’re not drunk today."
Suk didn’t say much, grabbed the table and poured a bottle of wine into his stomach.
While looking at Suk’s box, others Han Xuanxuan, the curtain fell, and the bare Beijing bus also grabbed a beer bottle in one hand.
"Don’t get drunk!"
Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang went back to school in the early hours of the morning.
It’s better to have a room outside for two people, but Han Xuanxuan is more aware of the bed and finally fell asleep in the school dormitory bed. It’s better not to sleep outside these days than to be in a daze, so the two of them went back to Fudan University, the magic capital.
It’s late at night and still drunk. If it were other students, the doorman would definitely not let them enter the school, but Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang are now seen by celebrities in Fudan University. At these two times, the doorman rubbed his eyes and hurriedly helped them to the accommodation building.
After waking up the manager of the accommodation building, they were sent back to the dormitory, and then they returned to the guard room.
Back to the dormitory Han Xuanxuan and bare is also a person holding the washstand and a person holding the toilet and throwing up.
Although the beer degree is low, it can’t hinder the large quantity, and the beer is still very swollen. At this time, Ji Du has been spit out by two people.
It was not until the whole toilet was in a mess that the two returned to their beds to sleep.
One-night talk
The next morning, I wanted to get up and prepare a toilet or something, but as soon as I opened the hand washing door, he was completely stunned.
A foul smell came to my nose.
This, this, this …
This * * * or wash your hands in your dormitory?
Is it the wrong way to open it yourself?
Or did you go to the wrong dormitory?
Fang wants to remember that after taking a shower last night, he specially flushed the toilet with the shower head.
It was also when he was going to open the hand washing door again to see if it would change. He heard snoring from Guangguang and Han Xuanxuan’s room and knew what was going on at once.
I want to hold my nose and wash my hands when I mumble with my humbled mouth.
Make up for the eleventh watch yesterday
Chapter one hundred and ten One less person
When Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang woke up, it was already one o’clock in the afternoon. They didn’t go to several classes in the afternoon. Although the university is loose, not all students can play truant with Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang. After all, it is also the magic capital here. Fudan University is one of the top universities in China.
"Brother Xuanxuan, brother Guangguang, you are awake."
Fang Xiang is busy in the kitchen at this time, although he can’t cook, but simply add an egg to the instant noodles. Fang Xiang will still come to prepare for going out to eat with Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang when they get up, but it seems that they don’t want to wake up, and they are really hungry. Fang Xiang decided to cook some instant noodles first.
"Well, where are you cooking noodles?"
Han Xuanxuan smells the smell in the kitchen. Although it is said that when you wake up after drinking, your mouth will dry and your stomach will be hungry, but I don’t know what Han Xuanxuan feels hungry at this time.
Fang Xiang scratched his head and looked at the egg in the pot before him. He really didn’t have any talent in cooking.
Guangguang sighed and drove Fang Xiang out of the kitchen and then cooked a pot of noodles again.
It was not long before Han Xuanxuan and Fang Xiang smelled the fragrance coming out of the kitchen.
"Brother Guangguang is amazing. It’s the first time I’ve smelled instant noodles!"
Party want to can’t help but praise 1.
"Ha ha …"
Han Xuanxuan embarrassed smile, three people together to eliminate a pot of instant noodles.
"By the way, it seems that the 9 college leagues have already started this afternoon. This time, winning the championship seems to be the dream westward journey club of Zhejiang University."

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