Two people are shaped by their roots, but they are clouded by Lei Fa; Everyone is accompanied by some yuan gods.

It is said that ancient
Those who cultivate the truth to a very strong animal body are often cultivated and lost, and what’s more, they are even more embodied, like Sun Wu’s hair in the Journey to the West, which is extremely powerful in battle.
I don’t know how many times this kind of Yuan God’s doppelganger is higher than puppet art, because it is sent by Yuan God, so it is better to command all kinds of spells to hurt people and cooperate with each other, just like several people at the same time.
Mei Qing secretly praised Duan Chao when he saw his heart. He was a good puppet performer, plum blossom Lei Fa, and he always thought about combining the two. However, although he walked with many innovations, the puppet was still a puppet, and Lei Fa was still a pure self like Fan Wentai, so he almost forgot his situation when he saw it, and he was pleasantly surprised to applaud.
Master Ning Gu smiled and sat there motionless, but the tree suddenly exploded.
Mei Qing although know here but a small abode of fairies and immortals at that time suddenly had the feeling of being in hundreds of mountains in the vast forest.
Just as there has never been a change since ancient times, the muddy breath is like the beginning of the world. At first, it is full of blue sky and ghosts. The world is desolate and bare, and the sun is scorching and cracking the land. The dead silence is almost solidified into a solid to stop all life attacks.
Fan Wentai’s original strange and erratic busy converging attack was divided from left to right. Once he touched Ninggu, such a dead breath suddenly turned around as if he had touched something terrible, as if he were frightened.
Fan Wentai’s heart was so frightened that Mei Qing made moves twice, once with the strange stone and once with the huge bronze statue. The boundless breath from ancient times surprised him.
Rao is Fan Wentai who has seen a lot, but after all, there is no accumulation of the Daimon Masaru School. This ancient road is not now. People who fix the truth can see the cause and effect from the Han Dynasty, but they are skillful. Therefore, this method is becoming more and more clever and complicated, but they unconsciously lose their original huge nature.
Now, when Fan Wentai’s clever doppelganger meets Ning Gu without saying a word, the only big tree reflects the vastness and width before life is barren, which makes Fan Wentai feel like he is still in such a state for a while.
Mei Qing in watching the so-called bystanders see Ninggu and other means can’t help secretly drinking a color. Ninggu’s pure is a powerful attempt to force himself to inherit the wisdom from ancient times and overwhelm the other side with knowledge to make the other side give birth to a horse. To tell the truth, if it weren’t for the fact that he had seen Gu Shenyue and Zhang Liusun Chui Fu in Shihai Mei Qing at that time, Mei Qing wouldn’t have stayed away at that time.
While Mei Qing still has this feeling, Fan Wentai’s huge ancient breath is like an irresistible mountain, and it is constantly pressing towards Fan Wentai. In Fan Wentai’s feeling, it is like being alone in the vastness, but even he himself can’t see, touch and change. The sun is like magma bursting with purple smoke, and it is like being in a red furnace.
Fan Wentai, after all, is not a mortal, but he knows that he has come to seize the air without revealing his feelings. He has earned momentum since he joined forces. pressure volume then circulates his hands and runs at the same time, just like when Shuanglong enters the water, he breaks the cool mountain of sunlight and thunders, "God!"
Ning Gu sighed, his eyes closed, and two long eyebrows shook. Seeing that the sun sky shattered by Fan Wentai suddenly changed again.
The star-studded wheel is as bright as a silver plate, and the full moon is scattered with quiet and faint light, hanging high above the head and shining with static dust.
The moonlight is like water, and the fields suddenly turn quiet and peaceful from the hot, cool and poisonous sun baking just now. Mei Qing suddenly moved his mind and slowly reached out to form a French seal, which is exactly the same as the six phases of Huayan.
Mei Qing himself has an unknown mind. With the artistic conception displayed by Master Ning Gu, he has gradually entered the realm of wandering.
Fan Wentai laughed and pinched each palm with a mysterious formula. The left palm was four-in-one and the right palm was four-in-one, or it was pinched or broken. The mouth cursed, "Ten thousand Yin and Yang gods and evil spirits, Xuan Huang, can command you! Yuan Zhe! "
The third volume Chapter sixty-two Water flow fades
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Wen Tai saw a huge five-element ring when his hands were moving together. At first, it appeared in the body ring, which was composed of several tiny awns as vast as dust. It gradually expanded into a colorful ball of light that covered the Ninggu tree and seemed to incorporate Ninggu’s magical situation into it.
Mei Qing’s happiness and sorrow in his heart are like Ning Gu Fan Wentai’s fighting, but if he does it himself, he will watch a spectator constantly show the techniques of both sides and get intoxicated and can’t extricate himself.
Ninggu’s eyes are still closed, and finally the old syllables are recited. Although I don’t understand their meaning, I smell Ninggu’s hoarse and desolate voice, which gives a deep attachment to life. Mei Qing can’t help but feel a huge earthquake in his heart. It seems that Ninggu is already showing his last bit of life to the world.
Mei Qing saw that a huge tree was being earned by hard work, and thousands of twigs and soft strips were scrambling to stretch out toward the sky. Light green and light purple buds were just like several pointed bamboo shoots coming out of the branches layer by layer, densely covered.
Full of vitality, qi qi came out from the branches and buds irresistibly, with the joy of birth and a little curiosity about the future, and the breath of beating filled every corner.
Fan Wentai’s face was red and his eyebrows were red, and his two youthful spirits gradually condensed, intertwined and surrounded in a loop, constantly turning and wandering in the face of Ninggu’s seemingly sharp but extremely difficult to resist the momentum. He gritted his teeth and shouted "Gold!" Will be a golden gas column gush out.
As soon as the air column appeared, it was broken down into several golden awns and scattered into the huge five-element ball. At once, it generated a golden breeze and danced like a sword towards the branches of Ninggu Tree.
When the branches and buds shake, you will see that the branches of the giant tree are scarred, but when one layer is damaged, another layer grows out, and the buds spread out and the layers are more dense.
In the blink of an eye, the two men fought tens of millions of times. Although Fan Wentai was attacking one side, he was very reluctant to spray the golden wind several times to help him. This was the only way to maintain the attack, while the buds on the branches of Ninggu were getting longer and longer in the attack. Finally, all the branches were stretched out and covered with green leaves.
Fan Wentai’s face has already had some excessive flushing, and his heart is throbbing. Seeing that the buds of Ninggu giant trees have finally grown and scattered leaves, it is secretly a sigh of relief. The world is the most resistant. Now the buds and leaves seem to be more imposing, but it is easier to resist some.
Sure enough, Master Ning Gu’s accent changed and he became passionate. Singing songs in his mouth was like snow-capped mountains rolling over the road, long thunder mixed with ancient depression and difficult vibrato, which stirred up the huge trees that had been flourishing in heaven and earth, spreading a powerful atmosphere.
One by one, black and gray spherical buds keep popping up from the branches and leaves, and they keep cracking into colorful flowers. Flowers as big as sea bowls shake endlessly and rot like a colorful ocean.
Fan Wentai, on the other hand, changed the situation of soil pressure just now, and the five elements of ball force retreated around Fan Wentai’s body to form a ball-like shell. The colorful brilliance almost showed solidified terrain and resisted the invasion of flying leaves.
The situation is just like reversing the giant tree manipulated by Ninggu as crazy as it is, brushing the branches and leaves to Fan Wentai’s ball of light and stopping the storm. Fan Wentai is trying to defend himself without seeking success but asking for watertight.
Wave after wave, the green leaves shake and finally turn into flying flowers all over the sky, and gradually fall down to form a flower rain.
"A thousand years of wind and rain once fell," Fan Wentai said with a sad voice. "Ninggu, do you really want to see an autumn wind and fallen leaves?"
Ninggu was silent for a long time, saying, "Mountain people fade away."
Say that the ancient trees around Ninggu are just like sensing Ninggu’s mind. Pieces of flying flowers and green leaves are slowly dry and yellow, and a bleak and desolate qi machine gradually seeps out from the trees.
The autumn wind is bleak and leaves fall all over the mountain.
Behind the autumn, however, is a group of people who want to destroy all creatures in heaven and earth.
Mei Qing saw it, and he couldn’t help but feel a little moved in his heart. The way of this time was from spring to summer and then through autumn, such as the cycle of heaven and step by step. Fan Wentai was in the bureau, but he didn’t know how to deal with it
Fan Wentai is also secretly complaining. What he said just now was to dispel the pitfalls in Ninggu’s heart and seek a chance. The so-called "a thousand years of wind and rain once fell" is that it is not easy to wake up Ninggu’s life and death.
To Fan Wentai’s mind, Ninggu is a shaman, but it is impossible to repair the body. Therefore, when this life and death is imminent, it is easy to fluctuate and I don’t want Ninggu to actually answer "Mountain Man Flows Flowers"
Although Ninggu was a barbarian in Saibei, his ci won the meaning of the national dynasty, and Thailand itself was in a difficult situation for a while.
Flying flowers and fallen leaves all over the sky swept the harmony of heaven and earth with the golden autumn wind.
Rao is Fan Wentai’s five-element circulation, which is punctual and motionless, but his murderous look at the golden wind is not driven by the momentum. Speaking of it, Fan Wentai is not depressed. He wants to come to repair himself and look at the sky. He is afraid that there will be few others who don’t want to run away. Only when Master Ning Gu came out, he let himself eat a boring loss and show his face, and he was forced back. Only by relying on the five-element Leifa method, with its vigorous repair, almost all the techniques of Taoism were not used.
Seeing was that the five-element ball in front of your face is becoming more and more weak, and it is also difficult to follow Fan Wentai’s eyes are red and his heart is eager to breathe fire. An anger is getting more and more depressed in his chest. Is it necessary to fold it in the hands of this old thing today?
If you persist for several rounds, your mind will be dancing in front of your eyes. Like Fan Wentai, you are shocked to know that it is always not a way to stick to it when you can’t hold on.

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