Ye Beiqi withdrew his eyes from his pocket and looked at him. His expression was still light, light and light. It seemed that he didn’t value everything, but he calculated everything clearly in his heart.

"Uncle," she stared at him with her hands clenched, and calmly called him with her eyes.
"I like you"
""Chen Jiuhan instantly tightened his eyebrows for a second and he threw himself into a soft body in his arms.
He could have pushed her or hid himself when she came, but he didn’t move. After she jumped into his arms, she stood on tiptoe and kissed his lips.
Section 439
Ye Beiqi put her arms around his neck and her body clung to him. Although he didn’t hide, he closed his teeth to prevent her soft uvula from reaching deep.
He suddenly felt a little annoyed that this girl’s kissing skills were not like the first kiss. When he was strongly kissed by her, he felt that she was rubbing, biting and sticking out the tip of her tongue to outline the shape of his lips. It was coherent and not strange at all.
Text 533 I’m sober
Chen Jiuhan raised her hand and put it on her forehead to push her back. Her eyes were red and she stared at her coldly. "Ye Beiqi, wake up!"
"I’m awake" Ye Beiqi let go of the paper bag and fell to the ground. Her eyes finally stared at the cold handsome man in front of her.
She feels very hot, and her whole body is full of heat, which is about to burn herself. She needs a clear spring to cool her hot body, and this clear spring is the man in front of her!
If you hug him and kiss him, her heart will feel stable and comfortable.
When Chen Jiuhan was caught off guard, Becky grabbed the loose sweater with both hands and put her arms. As soon as she lifted the clothes, she took them off her body and landed on the wooden floor in the direction of her arm swing.
"Uncle, do you think I … look good?" Her hands were tense and curled up on both sides of her legs, and her lips were as soft as jelly. Her teeth were biting her, and her face was flushed. She hung her head slightly and raised her eyes to see his small appearance, which was charming and touching.
I have been hiding in my big clothes, but I didn’t expect my body to develop quite proudly.
Chen Jiuhan took one look and found it difficult. Don’t turn away and close your eyes.
"Get dressed." At the moment, his voice is hoarse, and he is as rough as gravel.
Ye Beiqi suddenly didn’t hear that she hooked her lips and took out the box of condoms from her trouser pocket and asked him, "I don’t know what flavor Uncle likes. I’ll buy strawberry ultra-thin."
As soon as Chen Jiuhan listened, he frowned and turned his face to stare at her. When he saw her hand shaking the condom, he felt his body tense to the extreme.
"Do you know you are playing with fire?" He narrowed his eyes and asked her coldly, hanging down beside him, his hands clenched into fists, so that he could wake himself up with strength and be rational.
There is no denying that his feelings about Ye Beiqi are different. Is it because they are all unhappy in their families or because she is frank and courageous, which attracts him? Chen Jiuhan’s enthusiasm for Ye Beiqi is extremely low.
But at the same time, he clearly remembers that Ye Beiqi is a high school student! Although she is an adult, she is twenty and he is twenty-nine, both of whom are adults, but he is not hungry enough to hand a high school student! Before that, she told me not to try to cross the line.
Ye Beiqi pursed her lips tightly and kept silent, but her body was two steps closer to him, and she had already taken off this share. She had no reason to stop now and go back to her place.
How can I know without trying!
She stuck Chen Jiuhan in the wall and lived for nearly 30 years. It was the first time that Chen Jiuhan was pressed against the wall and kissed by a woman.
Ye Beiqi’s uvula could not break through his tooth defense, and finally she was in a hurry and scratched her uncle’s abdomen.
Chen Jiuhan grabbed her hand and snorted at the same time. The girl quickly slipped into the uvula at the right time.

Zhao Jingzheng leaned against the sofa to answer the phone. Her parents called to urge her to go on a blind date. She ate fruit and mumbled to hear the door sound. She perfunctory a few words. "God, I will go. Can’t I go?" Let’s do this first. I’ll talk about it later. How dare I not go? I must go! "
Hang up the words Zhao Jing bounced up from the sofa and flew towards Ye Becky. She ran over and took her hand and asked her excitedly, "How? Did you put down Mr. Chen? "
Ye Beiqi lifted a wrinkled face to show her. "Do you think my expression is like putting him down?"
"This …" Zhao Jing cocked his head with a wink and said, "I’m not sure about this. Although you look rather faded now, you may not have succeeded, but there is another possibility that you and Chen are so tired from playing too hard."
"… static elder sister please don’t be so rich imagination, ok? If I really play too hard, I will live there and never come back! "
Also! Zhao Jing suddenly felt a little disappointed and said, "Does this mean that it didn’t work?"
"hmm!" Ye Beiqi walked towards her room with a face of loss. Zhao Jing looked puzzled and looked at her with a bag in her hand. Isn’t that Chen buying ladies’ fashion in Anluo Store? Is it for this little girl?
Hey, Zhao Jing hooked up his lip angle and smiled. When I met him in the store, Mr. Chen was still embarrassed to give it to her. So she can pretend to be deep and naturally won’t get it easily!
Ye Beiqi went back to her room and lay in bed. Uncle trouble sleeping responded to her! When her tongue wrapped around his tongue, she felt the uncle’s body tremble, and he also held her face and turned to press her against the wall and kissed her fiercely for a while.
Why did uncle suddenly change his face later? He pushed her with a cold face and scolded her, then he picked her up from the ground and put her sweater on her body, and then she was pushed out of the door by him …
"Alas …" Ye Beiqi hugged and turned over. A youthful face in the night was full of sadness at this time.
She didn’t feel anything when she was chasing Qiao Zhe before, so she just confessed that she could pull it off as soon as she could, but why did her heart feel as if she had been dug up when she came to uncle?

In the next few days, Chen Jiuhan seemed to be deliberately avoiding her. WeChat didn’t answer her and knocked at the door. He didn’t know that he was at home, but he just ignored her!
So, uncle, she didn’t move, either
I temporarily put a heavy schedule on the weekend and asked Xia Ling to go shopping together.
When they came to the pedestrian street and passed by the women’s clothing store in Anluo, Ye Beiqi stopped to look at the model’s clothes in the window, which were chic and beautiful. Secondly, she didn’t take a closer look at the clothes inside when she met her uncle. Today, she wanted to have a good stroll.

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