The distant horn sounded, and the dock people watched the four ships slowly disappear at the horizon. Most people continued to do what they had to do every day at the dock, but many people dressed up like them quietly left the dock and soon appeared in some houses in Tongwu City.

In a house, a nail was painted with bright red Chlo? dan’s hand, which drew a stroke on a man’s lean chest, which led to a rush to report the news. The owner of the hand enjoyed the man’s show of great emotion, but he didn’t dare to show a flurry of flowers. "Have you seen the Cangshuo people?"
The man dressed as a dockworker by a woman braved the cold sweat and shouldn’t have the idea of "they have gone to sea", so you can see that several people are in the queue.
Seeing the man’s eyes flashing in front of him and being held in his arms by a semi-naked man, the woman narrowed her eyes. "Don’t hesitate to say whatever you want."
The woman’s voice seems to be soft and tender, but the man made a tingle. "There is no Qingyun Gate, Yunhua Valley and Qixing Palace with them this year. In addition to them, there is a team composed of several small sects and scattered people. In addition, according to the hand observation, Cangshuozong’s ship also brought a few strange faces. I don’t know who it is."
The woman frowned. "You can go and keep staring over there and report to me if you find anything."
The man walked backwards and just walked to the door, but his face turned white. At this time, he suddenly remembered that those men who were carried out from this room were not much different from skeletons. Although it was good, if the cost of life was estimated, few people would accept it, so he quickly slipped away.
The room was blushing, and the heartbeat lasted for a whole afternoon. Finally, the scream ended. Two people wrapped in black cloaks walked in, and it didn’t take long for one of them to drag a skinny man out. The man’s neck was broken and his eyes almost popped out.
Passers-by saw the man dragged out from the inside, and no one showed sympathy. This man, like the former men, climbed into the bed of the woman voluntarily and ended up in this field. It can be said that they deserved a knife. When they came, they were all seen by a beautiful, rich and powerful woman, who knew that the strength of the woman was promoted by sucking them dry.
If I see this woman, Hu Yingxue will sigh that the world is really small. She is none other than Hu Rui, but one thing that should surprise Hu Yingxue even more is that her face has no trace of her childhood, and she is exactly the same as the woman who killed her by zombies.
Hu Rui is exactly what Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu did with her when she forgot Hu Yingxue. That taste is much more painful than being divided into pieces by the sword shadow all over the sky again. Just seeing their faces can make her legs tremble and fear to return, and nothing can stop Hu Rui from wanting revenge.
Thinking that Hu Yingxue is Hu Yingxue Hu Rui can’t help but hate the sky. If it weren’t for Hu Yingxue’s sudden return to the clan, she would still be a big miss Hu Jia. Now she doesn’t say that she has money in the whole dry world, but she can walk sideways in Wuzhou. If she can hook up with the future state Lord Shaojun, she will follow the trend.
But in fact, the trick was exposed. Liu Yan took her into the cave with her beauty and kept her position. She was only fourteen years old. She sent Liu Yan Hu Rui, the main bed of the cave with ten thousand skeletons, as a chess in her hand, but she didn’t know that she was the chess to win the favor of the cave owner. After that, she designed to get rid of Liu Yan. Three years ago, she finally found a suitable opportunity, but she was informed in advance that Liu Yan had run away and failed to find it today.
Liu Yan fled and Hu Rui took over her identity in the cave. Her body cultivation speed was soon less than 20 years old, and she was not satisfied with getting a magic skill of collecting yang and nourishing yin. After that, she seduced those who had insufficient concentration to absorb them. In less than three years, she became a magic master in the magic baby period.
Hu Rui is still a self-aware person. He found out the strength of Wei Chihanyu and Mu Tianxuan now. He didn’t dare to make a move. He found out that Cang Shuozong took the sea every time he went to Lotte State to participate in the alliance. She asked people to stare at the dock and others to drag the sucked adult corpse out. She took out a communication jade slip, "General Crab, you asked me to help find out that people have gone to sea."
A moment later, the jade slips broke out, and one day, a slightly hoarse male voice sounded, "I’m already waiting at their only way, but when will you come to me? My bed has been waiting for you to come."
"Hate" Hu Rui jiao cut off the communication with a smile, and her eyes were full of cold. If she hadn’t been so much worse than the one-handed crab now, she would have let him make his own bed, which means that if the crab general got his wish, it would have been his death sacrifice that day.
Hu Rui doesn’t know if she asked the family to get rid of the man. The duty man was a little lazy today, and as soon as he rolled up the simple straw mat, he threw it into a mass grave. A wild dog tore up the straw mat, which happened to be seen by the man’s family. What will lead to this is another story. Now the situation is that she and the crab general are different.
Hu Rui is thinking about absorbing the crab. General Zhenyuan Crab is also thinking about absorbing her. The crab is the black dragon throne. When Hu Yingxue cut off his arm, he was not only ridiculed, but also slowly pushed out of the force center. Although he was regarded as the hand of the black dragon king outside, he had already gone it alone.
Without the restraint of the Black Dragon King, General Crab became a real pirate. Because he was ruthless, he was also a mixed bag. In a robbery, he and Hu Rui, who were especially smart, met, and the two men never broke up. They colluded with each other and harmed many people. This time, they all hoped that Hu Yingxue would not have a chance to leave the sea.
Hu Yingxue didn’t know that she had been missed by Hu Rui and General Crab. She stayed in the cabin when she set sail. It took three days before she was allowed to breathe on the deck, far away from the land and sea. In fact, there was not much to appreciate except the spectacular scenery. When the sky was blue and the water was blue, she felt spectacular. After watching it for a long time, she became bored.
A group of small black spots flew in the distance, and when we got close, we found that it was a group of birds that were connected with seagulls except for their appearance. When they saw those low-level monster beasts that looked like seagulls hovering, Hu Yingxue turned to look at them and accompanied her to blow the air. Mu Tianxuan "I seem to have seen seagulls somewhere, if there are not other fleets nearby, there is land nearby."
When he heard Mu Tianxuan’s words, he scattered his knowledge and kept spreading around. It didn’t take long for him to find a department painted black in a reef-lined area. Two ships crossed the sea many times. He recognized them at a glance as two pirate ships, but they weren’t on their route. They wouldn’t change the route if they went to do justice for heaven.
When Mu Tianxuan scattered his gods, Hu Yingxue also scattered his gods. There was no division of labor, but they had a tacit understanding. One god looked east and the other looked west. She didn’t see pirates. She saw a small island surrounded by many seagulls and suddenly found that the island was moving. Then she found out that it was a huge turtle attached to the water. Looking at the trees, she knew that this cargo had been unable to dive for a long time.
Unlike Mu Tianxuan’s discovery of the pirate ship, this giant turtle is on their way, which is nothing. The giant turtle’s eyes are red and red, which reminds her of seeing those sea animals in Binhai City. No matter whether the giant turtle is fascinated or crazy, it is certain that it will not be easy for them to pass.
Seeing the giant turtle twist its neck, Hu Yingxue turned to look at Mu Tianxuan. "You inform everyone that there is a giant turtle suspected of being in a state of madness just in the way of our route."
Mu Tianxuan’s eyes flashed, "I always feel that something is wrong. It turns out that this area is an active area for pirates. We have been walking for a long time and haven’t seen any pirates. There are two situations: one is that the pirates are driven away by the giant turtle, and the other is that the giant turtle is a pirate. Please come and deal with us."
Hu Yingxue pulled the corners of her mouth. "Either way, it will be very troublesome."
Mu Tianxuan didn’t leave the direct voice to inform Wei Chihanyu that Wei Chihanyu had received the news, so he went to see Jane Mo, and soon the deck was full. When he heard the news, many younger brothers came to Cangshuo for the first time, except for a few seasickness, everyone was excited.
After driving for a while, a large monster seagull will appear in the horizon. A monster beast below the third order alone will not be a problem. It’s hard to say if there are a lot of birds covering the sky, their ship’s defense array may not last long.
Hu Yingxue doubted whether he could be a guest prophet. Just after that, he saw a big bird swooping towards their boat and hitting the enchantment, bringing up a piece of light, wailing and screaming. Even if there is an enchantment to block it, he will still feel scalp pins and needles.
It takes spiritual power to maintain the enchantment. If those big birds hit the enchantment, they will continue to replenish the enchantment. Those big birds will no longer be an audience. They will take out their weapons and cross the enchantment to meet those big birds and ships who can’t prevent them from entering or leaving the deck.
Three boats started to move here and followed behind, but they didn’t come in front to help Cang Shuo Zong kill those big birds, because their boat was also attacked by those big birds. Besides, Cang Shuo Zong didn’t need help when he looked there, and his real brothers were watching.
At this time, a long whistle came from the front and surrounded the ship without waiting for everyone to see what it was. Some birds rushed away completely, and some rushed into each other and pestered and fell into the sea, thus reducing the number of birds by nearly a third.
Can make those birds scared enough to jump into the sea and commit suicide? The owner of the long whistle must be something different. Since he found the giant turtle Hu Yingxue, he has locked it. It is certain that it was the giant turtle who directed those big birds to launch suicide attacks on their ship, and it is also certain that it was not it that made the long whistle.
Soon, the whistling master himself emerged and showed up. That thing Cangshuo Zongren was no stranger. In those days, Hu Yingxue replied with a large number of materials. The most striking thing in Zongren was that the bodies of the two blood-bone sea dumplings were taken out from behind. At first glance, the guy who was half in the water and half in the water recognized it as an adult blood-bone sea dumpling.

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