Lin Luo looked for a circle again, but no one accepted him. First, he was too weak. Second, he dared not patrol Wuyun Valley with his only friend Xu Douluo. After thinking about it, Lin Luo decided to enter Wuyun Forest alone.

Wuyun Forest occupies half of Yunfu Mountain, which is a primitive jungle. At that time, when Yunfu Sect was established here, there was another reason besides the many spiritual veins here, that is, to restrain many monster beasts here and protect this side of the water and soil. In the later period, it became the foundation for my brother’s adventurous practice.
As soon as Lin Luo entered this dark cloud forest, he suddenly felt a sense of breathlessness. The towering trees here blocked the sunlight, and occasionally I could see a few rays of light passing through thick branches and leaves, and even thick rotten leaves. There were many roots like a dragon sticking out of the ground, and they felt a creaking sound.
Lin Luo has been to some primitive forests in his previous life, but none can compare with this dark cloud forest, because the forest here is too lush and too big, and the plants on the earth can’t compare with it here.
Even after several monks’ explorations, it is still like an undeveloped primeval jungle, but when you look back, your steps are instantly annihilated. Fortunately, there are a few slopes to climb in the rotten leaves, otherwise you will definitely get lost. But in the depths of Wuyun Forest, it is almost a Ma Pingchuan that will be restricted unless you build a foundation, because that brother can fly against the air and will not get lost.
Everything seems to have adapted to the environment here, and it doesn’t make an occasional snapping sound. It’s that birds are panicked by snakes. It seems that every animal here has spirituality. Lin Luo feels that he is stared at by several pairs of eyes in the jungle.
After walking for a long time, Lin Luo still hasn’t found the monster beast, so this should belong to the outer edge of Wuyun Forest, where the monster beast has been slaughtered clean.
Broken sword laments a pair of Lin Luodao: "If it’s not just about hunting monsters, this dark cloud forest is also the best place to practice. The jungle is filled with fresh aura. This is a natural oxygen bar. The life and strength of plants and animals here are far beyond other places."
Lin Luo suddenly became interested when he heard this. "Old Yun, do you know if there is any spiritual pulse here? If there is a spiritual pulse bigger than the abode of fairies and immortals, I will practice here!"
Yunxiao grunted, "You Yunfu Mountain is a Lingshan. There are spiritual veins everywhere. The aura here is kept by the jungle for years. This jungle is the aura place, but it is not as pure and easy to absorb as the spiritual spring in the abode of fairies and immortals. Generally, mighty people will choose this place to practice because they can control the powerful spiritual force and wave their hands to borrow the aura from this land."
Lin Luo nodded and added, "Old Cloud, are there many monsters here? We haven’t found one after walking for so long. "
Fortunately, there is a broken sword to chat with Lin Luo, otherwise it is really difficult for him to adapt to such a lonely environment, so Lin Luo has a team, that is, Yunxiao and him, and this teammate is not a pig but a knowledgeable person.
Yunxiao paused for a long time before slowly saying, "I don’t know, but according to what you said, there are monsters outside Wuyun Forest and it attacked your friend Xu Douluo. I want to tell you that there are more monsters here than there are 3,000 years ago, there were almost no monsters around Wuyun Forest, and occasionally one of them came here by mistake. At that time, the obstacle was not set up in Wuyun Forest. I mean, this Wuyun Forest became very unusual!"
Lin Luo was about to speak when suddenly the sky said, "Lin Luo, get out of here!"
The words in the sky were extremely urgent, and Lin Luo was alert and dodged. He saw a green light passing by himself, and Lin Luo saw the green light with a clot of eyes.
Chapter 35 kill the wolf
"It’s the wind blade wolf!" Yunxiao sound Lin Luo sounded in my mind.
Lin Luo snorted, "I know that I know all about the monster beast that may appear in this dark cloud forest!" Lin Luo looked at the front of the green hair split mouth wind blade Wolf a wry smile his luck is too good.
Yes, indeed, Lin Luo is lucky. Today, there are about ten teams coming to Wuyun Forest to hunt monsters. Although it is not very close, Lin Luo met this wind blade wolf. Perhaps the wind blade wolf bullied Lin Luo and thought bitterly.
Once the word "or" appears, the potential of this monster beast is not so good, because he will die, that is, the latter level generally stays at the former level. Obviously, this size is not big, and the wind blade wolf is a first-level monster beast, which is not difficult for Lin Luo, but it will not be easy because of the speed of the wind blade wolf.
Wind blade wolf all the wind is named because it is extremely fast and can follow the wind. Compared with other wind blade wolves, one feature of the wind blade wolf is that its tail is as sharp as a knife, especially its curved curvature and hardness really deserve the word blade.
The wind blade wolf staggered his teeth and stared at the green eyes. Lin Luoshi’s mouth overflowed with a glimmer of crystal water. The monk opposite was a gas refining monk. The wind blade wolf was absolutely sure that he could kill this monk. His legs were slightly bent and his sharp claws penetrated the rotten leaves.
When Lin Luo was secretly on guard, the wind blade wolf flew like a green light, and it went straight to Lin Luo’s chest like a shuttle, moving so fast that it didn’t even roar. This really won.
Lin Luo dodged in a hurry, but then there was a chill in his heart. It turned out that the wind blade wolf’s tail followed the body and swept in. The tail was like a knife. Lin Luo had no doubt that his own limbs could be protected by this tail sweep, but Lin Luo didn’t panic for many years. Great nerves have created his calm spirit. Lin Luo will break the sword and cross his chest to block the wind blade wolf’s tail.
The wind blade wolf fell to the ground with a miserable cry. A pair of spiritual eyes looked at his tail, and his eyes were full of flames. Just now, the wind blade wolf’s tail was broken, and half of it was even pulled, but its momentum soared again.
Lin Luo broke the sword and communicated with the sky.
"Old cloud, you are so hard, I am still vulnerable to you! Unexpectedly, the wind blade and the wolf’s tail resisted! So you are not a waste! "
Yunxiao swore, "You underestimate me. When I was refined in those years, the whole Xuanwu country ranked among the top ten magic weapons, but it took only two thousand years for the iron to be cast and my spirit to fall asleep. If you have a spirit, it will not decay in ten thousand years. Even so, my sword is still harder than the three spirit swords. If it is nourished by my spirit, it is still possible to rise to the six spirit swords again."
Lin Luo opened his eyes wide. It turned out that the broken sword in his hand was not just a broken sword, but a three-spirit sword. When Lin Luo was surprised, he heard the wind blade wolf roar again and leap over again.
Lin Luo took a sword in his hand, the momentum rose sharply, and he drank heavily. At this time, the wind blade wolf seemed to be angry and silly, and he didn’t dodge straight toward himself. Even the sword in his hand didn’t matter to Lin Luo. Suddenly, his eyes glanced at the wind blade wolf’s eyes and his eyes showed sly eyes. Suddenly, Lin Luo was alert and remembered what Xu Douluo had said to him. He quickly withdrew his sword and kicked the giant tree to one side. Sure enough, Lin Luo evacuated kung fu, and the wind blade wolf suddenly seemed to be two phantoms. Fortunately, Lin Luo was ready to attack the wind blade
Lin Luo surprised out in a cold sweat. This trick is the wind blade wolf’s famous stunt. When the speed is fast enough, there will be a phantom. However, according to the monster beast’s body and spiritual strength, the two are already the extreme wind blade wolves. It is said that the wind blade wolf king can weather three phantoms.
The wind blade wolf can’t strike and roar again and again, ready for an attack
Lin Luo’s face is dignified. This evasion just now is the result of his own experience. If he hadn’t used his quick wits just now, his body would have been hit hard by the wind blade wolf. This shows that experience is very important. No wonder it is said that it is Wan Li or Yunxiao.
This wind blade wolf skin is too thick and fast. It seems to be a charm! Lin Luo used his head.
A piercing roar of the wind blade Wolf once again rushed to this time, but Lin Luo didn’t dodge. Two spirits flashed in his hand, but he didn’t dodge. Although he sensed that the charm was not weak, the spirit force was not weak, but it didn’t cause the wind blade Wolf to be alert. Then the wind blade Wolf’s eyes widened and there was a panic expression. See that the charm instantly turned into a fire blade. At this time, the wind blade Wolf couldn’t dodge to meet his head.
The blade of fire is transformed into a blade of fire, and it breaks into a little bit of fire. The wolf with the blade of wind takes a few steps with a roar, falls to the ground, twitches a few times and stops moving.
Lin Luo exultation oneself just a fire blade operator will extinguish this level monster beast wind blade Wolf is beyond his expectation to have some hands and feet.
Lin Luo broke the sword and cut the wolf’s tail to the wind blade wolf. The most valuable thing about the wind blade wolf is that the root of the third-level monster beast of this tail did not form a demon. Dan can intercept the body parts of the wind blade wolf and sell them at a high price.

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