What-what are you talking about? What’s the pulse-cutting?

After Hu leng, he glared at Wang Chengxing and said, How did you become a doctor? How do you know that my wife is cutting pulse and killing rice? You can eat casually, but you can’t talk nonsense. If you visit the street, you can’t have any scandal in our house. How can you meet people after you let me?
Wang Chengxing saw that Dahu didn’t admit it, but he didn’t change his mind. He snorted. Isn’t this a show? The patient’s pale face is obviously too pale, which leads to superficial wounds.
Wang Chengxing said as he removed the towel from the woman’s wrist and pointed to the wrist wound. Then he said, fortunately, the patient’s medical knowledge is relatively low, and the blood loss is not very serious. Otherwise, if she cut the artery, she might have died by this time. Hum, it’s important to save people now. I’m a doctor. You should answer honestly what I ask you. Do you still have to take care of your own face at this time?
Everyone in the hospital knows about the vice president’s bet. At this time, I saw the vice president and received a patient. At once, many people gathered around the door to watch and listen to Wang Chengxing’s remarks. A female nurse in Chinese medicine left her pie mouth and said to the people next to her, did you hear what Vice President Wang said? It seems that it is nothing new in our Mo Dean’s humming.
On hearing this, a doctor of western medicine behind her immediately said with a cold face, What do you know? Just now, Dean Mo was just showing. That guy is not sick. Who knows, but this patient can’t be fake. Look at Vice President Wang casually and analyze the specific situation clearly. This is called experience, understand? It’s all a deceptive trick. A doctor has accumulated experience for many years. That’s the real treasure.
The two female nurses in front heard the words and stuck out their tongues at the same time. Otherwise, they thought that the female wrist was cut straight and bleeding. Who can’t see that she was cutting the pulse and killing it? This is also called experience and deceiving ghosts.
It’s amazing that you are a doctor.
Seeing Wang Chengxing still contended that his wife was killed by pulse-cutting, Hu immediately flew into a rage and grabbed Wang Chengxing’s collar and shouted to tell you that if you say Hu again, I will sue you for libel. Who said that cutting a mouth on your wrist must be killed by pulse-cutting?
Cheng-xing wang gave a big push to Hu’s hand and shouted, "Let go, don’t let go, don’t shout. Hum, it’s a respectable man. Isn’t it just to cut the pulse and kill people? Don’t let people say that she didn’t kill anyone. What are you doing cutting her wrist with a knife?"
Hu Wenwen was even more angry. He raised his hand and wanted to slap Wang Chengxing’s face, but when he thought that his wife would be treated here, he forced himself to resist angrily saying that who said that my wife had cut her wrist was the knife that I ceded territory. Did it kill you?
Ah, yes, you cut that. Then this is murder
Think of this butcher in front of me. A man has to kill his wife. Wang Chengxing suddenly shuddered and shouted at his assistant, What are you still doing? Call the security guard and call the police. Here’s a murderer.
Your grandmother is the murderer. You threw Wang Chengxing into the ground and spat heavily. What kind of broken hospital are you? Are you doctors in white coats or face to face? If you don’t see a doctor properly, you will talk nonsense with his grandmother. We are not seeing a doctor here. Get my wife to the car quickly.
There’s no way to escape after killing someone. Come on, security, catch this murderer.
As soon as Wang Chengxing turned to see that two security guards in the hospital had arrived, he immediately came to the spirit, but he was afraid that Dahu would suddenly and violently hurt people and had already hid behind the door first.
The two security guards didn’t know what to do. They hesitated. I didn’t know whether to do what the vice president said. When listening to Mo Yifan’s voice, what happened behind them and how to make so much noise?
Mo Yifan watched the crowd walk into the emergency room of western medicine and looked at the unconscious woman lying in bed. Then she looked at Hu with anger and anxiety, and then turned to Wang Chengxing and frowned slightly, saying that the patient’s illness had become like this. Why didn’t you save the patient’s family immediately?
Wang Chengxing raised his head and said, "Who said I didn’t save people? But this patient is involved in a murder case. This big Hu killed someone and wanted to run away. That’s no good. I’ve asked Dr. Zheng to call the police. Hum, I think it’s better to wait for the police to come."
What, you hum?
Mo Yifan gave Wang Chengxing a hard stare and then said to Wang Chengxing’s assistant, Dr. Zheng, did you call the police? Tell the police that it was a misunderstanding that made them not come.
Ah, this doctor Zheng heard that it was difficult to get up with a mobile phone. He looked at Mo Yifan and looked at Wang Chengxing again. I really don’t know what to do.
Wang Chengxing immediately said angrily, you Mo Yifan, this is a major case of human life. Are you responsible for anything?
Mo Yifan sneered and said that I would take charge of the matter. He said that it would no longer be like a rooster. Wang Chengxing turned and walked to Dahu and said that you cut the wrist pulse for the patient.
Yes, Dahu was outspoken, and he looked at all the doctors and nurses calmly. He couldn’t figure out why this Dahu had married his wife, and how can he be so confident when he lives here?
Mo Yifan shook his head and said that you want to bleed the patient to reduce fever, right?
Yeah yeah
Hearing this, Hu suddenly brightened up at the moment, and now he was surprised to show a pair of heavy hatred and snow samples. He grabbed Mo Yifan’s hand and cried, Oh, my God, a doctor finally said to my master that you are.
Mo Yifan didn’t give him any good looks. He snorted heavily and said he was confused. You almost killed your wife, you know?
He immediately turned around and came to the woman, took a delicate tin box from his pocket, and picked up a few sterilized needles in advance.
Brushing three needles seemed to fall on the woman’s arm at the same time. When I saw that it was still bleeding, the wound immediately stopped bleeding and no drop of blood overflowed.
Then Mo Yifan took the needle again and dropped it for several times, which seemed like magic. At the same time, it fell on six acupuncture points in the woman’s chest and abdomen. The needle left Mo Yifan’s finger, but it still kept rotating at a high speed or vibrating with the rest of the strength. What’s even more outrageous is that a needle was still pumping and inserting at the acupuncture point, which was like a hand holding the needle tail and moving.
Everyone was dumbfounded. Mo Yifan was amazed at his skill. After a short while, he listened to Mo Yifan and suddenly drank together. With a wave of his left hand, the patient’s nine needles disappeared and suddenly he was quietly lying in the tin box, but no one could see it clearly.
Alas, the patient groaned as soon as the needle was lying in bed, and then he slowly opened his eyes
The woman’s eyes turned around blankly in the room, and finally focused on her face with a big beard, and then she frowned gently and said forcefully, You just died. Didn’t you say that I would be fine if you put some blood on me? Why do I feel that I almost died?
Dahu scratched his head with a guilty face and said, ah, I’ve also heard this trick of bloodletting to reduce fever, but after bloodletting, your fever really goes down quickly, but who knows you, you passed out later.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Infertility
The woman looks very handsome and not too old. It seems hard to believe that she will be a couple with a fishy smell, but if you pay attention to her eyes, you will see that she has deep feelings for this rude-looking beard.
But hearing Hu’s remarks still made this woman very angry. She immediately gave Hu a hard look and said that she was dead. You even said that sleeping with ice can cure her headache. I was almost killed by you. This time, you made these messy remedies to make me hum. Even a clown like you can cure diseases. Why do you need a doctor? Although our family is poor and can’t afford to go to a big hospital, you can’t make fun of my life.
The more a woman says, the more wronged she is, and she can’t help sobbing lightly.
The great Hu immediately panicked and held the woman to comfort her mistake.
Mo Yifan gently shook his head and said that it is indeed an emergency antipyretic effect to give a moderate amount of blood to a patient with high fever. It is also necessary to pay attention to techniques and skills. It is not as simple as cutting blood vessels. Well, generally speaking, you should stimulate Dazhui point with acupuncture or puncture the tip of your ear to squeeze a small amount of blood to cut blood vessels. How can you cut blood vessels indiscriminately? Patients are weak when they are physically weak, and when they lose too much blood, their lives will be in danger.
Ah, here it is.

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