The quasi-immortal bodhi old zu knew that the Jade Show was wonderful, but he didn’t dare to take over the French staff and dance to avoid the Jade Show. He turned around and endured the pain and hit the Jade Show’s head to attack and save.

Jade Duxiu corners of the mouth dig out a trace of irony. For a moment, a golden light in Hue turned around and came behind the monk.
The Wei bodhi old zu immediately felt bad and turned around to help.
But I never thought that I just turned around and felt that I was gently pressed by a palm behind me.
"flowers in an instant"
Jade Duxiu’s gentle sound seems to be a gentle touch on the best vitality and the best fallen flowers.
What Jade Duxiu lacks most now is mana. This innate bodhi old zu mana is unfathomable, but it is a great tonic for Jade Duxiu.
The bodhi old zu of the Wei family felt that his body was full of vitality, and he cultivated his magic, and his perception of heaven and earth was not high
The quasi-fairy strong man will never believe that the palm of his hand will help him break through. It is the quasi-fairy bodhi old zu who quickly suppressed the body and increased his mana avatar without a blow in front of him.
The Wei family’s quasi-immortal bodhi old zu was instantly beaten by Yu Duxiu, but it was a red bud that suddenly burst out from the Wei family’s bodhi old zu and fell into the hands of Yu Duxiu.
"It’s a pity that this flower was forced out by your innate immortal light in an instant, which deprived you of a little repair." Jade Duxiu looked at the bud and then threw it into her mouth
On the other side, the Wei family’s quasi-immortal bodhi old zu was horrified. "Are you waiting for the avatar to actually take away the bodhi old zu’s fruit, practice and laws? It’s really evil work. It’s several times more evil than my Wei family’s kung fu. You are the real Terran scum."
"Terran scum?" Jade Duxiu’s mouth evoked a little weird smile. "This nine great godfathers have their own decisions and need your efforts."
With that, Jade Duxiu changed its aura, and the three treasures in its hands fell on the divine light again, which was suppressed by the old man.
The bodhi old zu of Wei family is trying to reply to the flesh at this time, but he doesn’t want to pester Jade Duxiu. He is constantly avoiding Jade Duxiu’s attack, but this scene is called the great powers in the heavens.
The number of quasi-immortals was even more shocking. The dog’s eye of titanium alloy was 360 degrees. I didn’t expect that the outshine others could press the quasi-immortals, and even the quasi-immortals suffered a big loss.
"This wonderful show is really powerful," said a quasi-immortal bodhi old zu touching his beard.
"No, it’s not a wonderful show. It’s a wonderful show that has three treasures to protect itself. If there is no such thing as three treasures, this quasi-fairy can drop seconds in minutes. The key is that this wonderful show holds the innate power, and the innate power can’t take advantage of it before it is so embarrassing." One of the sights hit the nail on the head
As soon as this statement came out, everyone was relieved, but their hearts were full of thoughts about the magic weapon. That wonderful show had a good magic weapon to fight against the quasi-fairy. If you have a good magic weapon, wouldn’t it be right with your godfather?
Jade Duxiu will never know that the science of uniting the world has caused a refining storm because of him.
Jade Duxiu touched her fingers and looked at the back and forth to avoid the quasi-immortal, but she was also hesitant in her heart.
The quasi-fairy deserves to be a quasi-fairy. Although the rule of light is suppressed by his innate power, he can’t hit him if he doesn’t want to fight himself.
"If I make the congenital Yin-Yang diagram fall enough to suppress this quasi-fairy, so it’s too publicity. I’m in the congenital realm, and it’s the fork of the road to practice. I still need to be careful to hide some subsequent parties when I’m not prepared. It’s just right to take care of each other with the congenital Yin-Yang diagram one by one." Jade Duxiu looked thoughtfully at the persistent treasure and kept avoiding the Wei family bodhi old zu’s heart, but it was already cut off
"King Kong Zhuo" Jade Duxiu’s mana surged in his hand for a moment, and King Kong Zhuo suddenly offered it.
The Wei family’s quasi-fairy was caught off guard, and Jin Gangzhuo instantly exuded a powerful suction. The magic weapon immediately sold out and was trapped by the Jin Gangzhuo and fell into the hands of Jade Duxiu.
"Good baby, good baby!" Jade Duxiu looked at the staff with her hands.
"This … what is this black magic?" The first quasi-fairy of the Wei family bodhi old zu was stunned by the diamond cut of Jade Duxiu at this time.
He’s a quasi-fairy. It’s too unreliable that he should sell his magic weapon. If it’s lost in battle, it’s a fatal event.
Not only the Wei family’s quasi-immortals, but also the powerful quasi-immortals in these days are amazed at the jade’s unique wrist, Jin Gangzhuo, showing indecision and uncertainty.
"This treasure subtly contains the immortal and indestructible King Kong, but the mysterious seat in Qi Qi can’t be seen through." In the eyes of Tai Yi’s ancestor, the hexagrams flow to deduce all kinds of mysteries of King Kong.
On the other hand, the ancestor of the Taiping Sect said, "I didn’t know that this thing was seen in the previous battle, so I didn’t expect it once. Now it seems that it was really a seat. This treasure is very mysterious."
"This wonderful show is famous for refining treasures, and this alchemy is even more famous in my Terran Kyushu. It’s a blessing for you to have this in Taiping Road, and it’s a blessing for me to have this in Terran." Taijiaozu said
Since Jade Duxiu helped Taidao, the original king, to solve the siege, that Taijiao’s affection for Jade Duxiu rose to the point of explosion.
"Don’t gossip about the battlefield. Compared with this battlefield, it is also necessary to decide the outcome." On the one hand, Taiyi teaches the ancestors.
The words fell to the ancestors, and they returned to quiet and quietly watched Fang fight.
Jade Duxiu seized the opportunity that King Kong cut off the magic weapon of Wei’s bodhi old zu, but called it a great reduction of Wei’s bodhi old zu’s fighting power. No matter what realm Godsworn, this magic weapon is immeasurable to the increase, and it is very important to fight in that realm.
"You give me my magic weapon." The Wei family’s quasi-immortal bodhi old zu lost his magic weapon and immediately looked at Jade Duxiu with a red face.
Jade Duxiu smiled gently, and the three treasures exuded brilliance. "If you want to get it yourself, you can."
"Little bodhi old zu, I’ll fight with you." The Wei family’s quasi-immortal bodhi old zu roared at Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu offered three treasures as if he wanted to meet the enemy. Who knows that when the ancestor of the Wei family was close to Jade Duxiu, his figure suddenly split in an instant, showing the left and right potential to attack Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu smiled coldly, and Sambo took back his self-protection and "moved the stars to change the bucket"
"bang!" The virtual tremor moved the stars to change the bucket, and the Wei bodhi old zu attacked and collided together, and suddenly a stumble hit a Wei bodhi old zu.
At this time, Jade Duxiu forced herself to resist the boiling of blood gas and magic, and suddenly offered the three treasures to take care of the stumbling Wei family bodhi old zu, and then gave a sudden blow to defeat the flesh again.
The bodhi old zu of Wei family wanted to restore the real body and reorganize the jade show, but he didn’t give him a chance to turn an illusory big stove from the sky and cover the broken body of the bodhi old zu of Wei family instantly.
The burning samadhi fire was instantly ignited by Jade Duxiu, and a certain amount of divine fire burst out from the void and constantly suppressed the Wei family’s quasi-fairy.
"No, the bodhi old zu of Wei family is a quasi-fairy. Is it not an ordinary flame that can be refined? Even if you are a samadhi, you can’t burn anything, but you can also ignite the law of quasi-immortality and condense it into a light?" A quasi-fairy woke up in the distance
Chapter 644 From the dust spoiler Miao Xiunai
Good. What is a quasi-fairy?
Immortality, immortality, heaven and earth are difficult to bury before you can be immortal.
Looking at the ashes in the divination furnace, there is only a little innate light in the flesh and blood, and it stands still in the real fire.
For a moment, I saw that a little light bloomed with brilliance, which attracted the resonance between heaven and earth. It was slightly illusory. The furnace of divination was instantly broken down, but I saw that the immortal light of Wei’s bodhi old zu flew out again, absorbing aura in the virtual, breathing, and reorganizing the body again proudly.
"Even the innate power can’t be erased unless the thunder of Dacheng, the first god, suppresses it, which can gradually corrode the innate immortal light".
Jade Duxiu is gloomy and uncertain. Is Lei Dacheng the first god? He is better off talking about success than talking about success.
Dacheng’s first god, Lei Nian, moved to create chaos, disturbed the virtual world, changed chaos, and shattered it, so that the first god, Lei Nian, really came.
"Hum, even if you can’t be killed, you will be suppressed." Jade Duxiu’s sullen face danced with the best of the three treasures and once again attacked the Wei family bodhi old zu in vain.
"Repression is not allowed. The immortal’s innate immortal light is the law. It is condensed and immortal enough to penetrate the seal of this world. Unless we can suppress it in person, we still need to keep an eye on it to prevent this immortal light from accidentally escaping." It is too easy to teach the ancestors in the virtual.
Just then, Jade Duxiu has met the bodhi old zu of Wei family again.
Jade Duxiu’s three treasures are full of innate power, and all kinds of innate divine winds and innate thunder are flashing endlessly. The law power in the hands of the Wei family’s bodhi old zu is constantly surging and decomposing the jade Duxiu’s innate power.

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