"I just heard Director Liang talk about the scenery film I shot should appear in the background advertisement, right?" Zhang Kaigang hesitated before saying

Liang Haiping nodded and said, "Ye Fan brand has been registered in Shangri-La. The core of the whole advertising copy is from Shangri-La style. We need a lot of Shangri-La real scenery background and then select fragments from it to integrate into the advertising film."
"If so, can Director Liang tell me which director shot the commercial?" Zhang Kaigang then asked
"Oh, this hasn’t been decided yet, so I didn’t consider it because the materials were not ready for the commercial film system," said Liang Haiping
"I don’t know what factory director Zhang wants for commercials, such as choosing a director for future commercials." Zhang Kaigang paused for a moment and said, "Can’t volunteer?"
After listening to Zhang Kaigang, Liang Yuan secretly praised the success of successful people. It is no accident that there must be a certain aspect of ordinary people. Director Zhang’s keen eye is really outstanding, and he suddenly realized that this commercial or his career breakthrough is an excellent opportunity.
At this time, Director Zhang also traveled to Berlin Film Festival and Venetian Film Festival, which is still thousands of miles away from Hollywood, the mainstream paradise in the filmmaker’s mind. Therefore, it is difficult to itch after learning that the commercials will be widely promoted by American TV network. The first-line directors in Hollywood all started from shooting commercials and then slowly entered Hollywood. However, this channel is meaningless to director China. How famous you are? It is impossible for American manufacturers to hand over their business plans to a director who is unknown in the United States, but there are no advertising companies that can afford the American market.
Many things complement each other. For example, Japanese directors and local films can enter Hollywood early, and the strength of the American market on the same day is inseparable. Similar to Sony, Toyota and Toshiba, large enterprises invest hundreds of millions of advertisements in the American market every year, which greatly promotes the growth of Japanese and local film and television talents. A large amount of money will soon stand out, so many industries seem to be closely linked, but in fact they are quite closely linked.
Liang Haiping was stunned by Zhang Kaigang’s request, because Liang Yuan complained more than once these days that the national television advertisement was full of beautiful mechanical theory or naked deception and fraud. Liang Haiping knew that Liang Yuan didn’t intend to make domestic advertisements at all.
Looking at Zhang Kaigang’s mixed eyes of tension and expectation, Liang Haiping was considering how to reject this volunteer recommendation, but he heard Liang Yuan say, "Yes, Zhang Dao wants to try it, but we will pay for the commercial, which is similar to the film loss. Zhang Dao has no personal reward before it enters our final selection range."
"No problem, I don’t have the face to get paid if I can’t shoot well." Zhang Kaigang Xun took over Liang Yuan’s conversation.
Liang Yuan looked at Zhang Kaigang, but then stopped himself and stared at Liang Haiping. His expression was not only secretly funny, but anyway, Director Zhang’s dedication to his career was still respectable, even though he didn’t look like he could decide this kind of thing, he threw it away decisively and climbed up directly along the pole.
Hai-ping Liang didn’t know what Liang Yuan had changed his mind, but since Liang Yuan agreed, he nodded directly and said, "Director Zhang is willing to try."
Handed Zhang Kaigang a piece of white paper filled with words in the drawer and said, "This is the core of the whole advertising copy. Zhang Dao took it back today and looked at the leaf fan. Zhang Dao also looked at the day. I asked someone to send another kind of business to Zhang Dao for reference. When the cloud _ south side arranges the helicopter, we will leave immediately."
Looking at the excitement and confusion, Zhang Kaigang followed the driver to the hotel. Liang Haiping said to Sha Liangyuan again, "Why did you change your mind again? I heard you complain these days that it seems that China should pull out for advertising or planning, and there is no good person. Why did you suddenly decide to let this person try?"
"It’s a try. It’s time to give people a chance to communicate with Lamian Noodles and my humble kid on an equal footing. I’m very hard to be valued by adults once. Of course, I want to reciprocate." Liang Yuan took a sip of coffee and ran the train with a mouthful.
Liang Yuan looked at Liang Haiping and smiled bitterly at himself. He continued, "Brother-in-law estimates that Yun _ South will have the plane ready the day after tomorrow at the latest. We will go to Zhongdian County together for two days to arrange things, and then set off for the United States directly."
Chapter 37 Go to Tibet
Only two days after the dual power of the Ministry of Railways and the RMB, Guang _ Xiying Studio got the shooting equipment ready. Although Zhang Kaigang was far from being the first person in the national film in the future, China was still a minor celebrity, especially in the Venice Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival in recent years. Therefore, the whole shooting crew was formed to be powerless. After a long talk, Zhang Kaigang told Liang Haiping that the crew was ready.
Liang Haiping picked up the conversation and dialed a string of numbers. He just said, "The head of Ning is ready in Nanning." In a moment, he said, "You communicate with the crew. In the afternoon, there will be military vehicles to pick up the crew and shooting equipment from the film studio and meet us in Yunnan."
Zhang Kaigang nodded not only to hai-ping liang background secretly tongue-tied.
On March 31st, Liang Yuan transferred his aunt Yoko back to Shengjing from Suifenhe market. The chips of gas purifier and leaf fan control system were all sent back to Shengjinghou Science Park by Su Liangyu through entrusting Huajing Group to produce chips, and finally connected with components such as shell fan of OEM equipment in 257 factory.
In this way, some samples can be produced in small batches, but if the industrial production capacity in large batches is insufficient, there is no problem in the chip case. The main reason is that controlling the output of the railway board is a bottleneck, and Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping have no time to solve this problem. The transfer of Yoko back is to cooperate with Qilian Mountain to strive for the production of the first factory of radio market line by municipal enterprises with serious losses in Shengjing City.
Yoko traveled through Harbin and flew back to Shengjing. After talking with Liangyuan Airport for more than an hour, Liang Yuan flew to Kunming with Liang Haiping and Zhang Kaigang on Air China flight 665.
In March, there will be some snowflakes floating in the northeast, and Kunming, a spring city, has long been a flowery air China flight. After stopping to refuel, Zhejiang _ Jiang Jinhua flew for nearly five hours before arriving in Kunming. Now the military vehicles are on the runway waiting for boarding. The Green 212 Jeep three people went straight to Chenggong Military Airport in the southeast of Kunming.
It took more than an hour from Minkun Panlong International Airport to Chenggong. After a simple registration outside the military plane, the jeep ran along the edge to the vicinity of the terminal.
Liang Yuanxun jumped into the jeep and jumped in place for a few times. The hard back seat of the 212 jeep made his leg muscles sore, and then he stretched himself. Finally, when he twisted his neck, he suddenly saw that a huge Black Hawk s7 helicopter was not far from the right side of the terminal building. Not far from the runway Ninglei helicopter door, he looked at himself with a smile and wriggled.
"Ah Ning Shu, why are you here?" Liang Yuan quickly ran over and asked in surprise.
"I’m afraid you’ll run away, but uncle Ning’s plane won’t land." Ning Lei laughed and said.
Liang Yuan, scratching his head, hey hey smiled.
"How can you command this plane without NingShu coming?" NingLei pointed to the army green Black Hawk helicopter behind him.
Liang Yuan looked at the Black Hawk helicopter’s slender and smooth curve, but it was a bit bitter. This thing, the Republic of China imported a total of 24 Republic troops in 1994, which can be said to be a treasure. Generally speaking, the Republic army is equipped with the only thing that can hide the plateau helicopter. It seems that the high-level desire for long-range f14 fighters should be to the extreme.
However, I am forced to Huashan Mountain, which is much more tragic than Liangshan Mountain. I don’t want to harness it. If I can’t get back to the f14 fighter plane, there may not be any movement. However, the political life of Comrade Lao Liang and Uncle Ning will definitely come to an abrupt end. Maybe I can do some small business in the future. If I want to make the enterprise bigger, I don’t even think about it.
Liang Hai Pinghe Zhang Kaigang also came over and greeted Ning Lei. He heard Zhang Kaigang talking, and several heads were stretched out in the Black Hawk cabin. Now Zhang Kaigang’s plane was yelling at Zhang Dao and Zhang Dao.
Ning Lei looked at the body and continued to move. Liang Yuan smiled and said, "Xiaoyuan Ningshu will find you a dormitory to rest."
"No, there are hundreds of kilometers from here to Diandian. It takes less than two hours to fly." Liang Yuan said casually.
"Xiaoyuan, do you know this kind of plane?" Ning Lei said with some surprise
"Uh …" Liang Yuan decided to tell the truth. Ning Lei is keen on military things. It would be bad if he made up his mind and aroused Ning Lei’s suspicion.
"The year before last winter vacation, a magazine in the Children’s Palace Library of our city saw this kind of plane called Black Hawk Helicopter. It seems that the maximum generosity made in the United States is about 300 kilometers." Liang Yuan planted the source of knowledge at the head of the Children’s Palace in Wannengxi City.
"Last year, I almost made this helicopter model with Jiajia and Feifei." Liang Yuan didn’t blink.
"This thing is much more difficult than those glider biplane models you made before." Ning Lei smiled and rubbed Liang Yuantou and pulled Liang Yuandeng into the helicopter.
With two ventilated 7ge71 turboshaft engines screeching slightly, the Black Hawk helicopter quickly rose from the ground and circled around the airport tower for half a circle, then quickly flew to the northwest of the airport.
Later renamed Shangri-La Yunnan Dian County is located at the intersection of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet provinces, near the southernmost tip of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Most of the county is located in the hinterland of Hengduan Mountains, and the traffic is extremely inconvenient. If there is no plane, it will take three to five days to get from Kunming to Dian.
The Black Hawk helicopter rose to a ceiling of nearly 1,000 meters. Soon after leaving Kunming Chenggong Army Airport, the Black Hawk climbed to a high altitude. The mountains in the engine room were continuous and undulating. Half an hour later, the helicopter flew into the famous Hengduan mountain area. At this time, the peak of 4,000 meters above sea level can be seen everywhere. At this time, the Black Hawk has climbed 5,000 meters. From the plane, there is no green ground except rolling the sea of clouds and several white covered peaks.
Mountain peaks, snow lines and sea of clouds faintly reveal large brown mountains. After flying for more than an hour, Zhang Kaigang and the crew have some altitude sickness. Sit down honestly and buckle the oxygen mask. Liang Yuan throws the oxygen mask aside and wriggles back and forth, still excited to watch his feet roll away from the sea of clouds and Xuefeng.
Ning Lei looked at Liang Yuanwei, who was full of excitement and limited energy, smiled and said in Liang Yuan’s ear, "Go and choose a pilot if Xiaoyuan likes it. Look at your physical fitness and you should be suitable for a pilot."
Liang Yuan nodded excitedly and said in his ear, "It’s really great for uncle Ning to teach me how to fly."
Ning Lei smiled and patted Liang Yuan and waved his thumb on his shoulder.
Chapter 3 What to sell
The Black Hawk flew for three hours, and the sun was about to hide in the horizon for a moment before it flew to Zhongdian County. Liang Yuanshun looked along the porthole of the engine room. The white Haba Snow Mountain stood not far ahead of the plane, while Shangri-La said that there were four seasons and ten miles of different days in Zhongyi Mountain, but there was a helicopter rotor.
The shore of longtan lake is green and lush, but the sun is still white in the shade blocked by the ridge. The whole longtan lake is like a bright sapphire inlaid with a huge piece of jade lake, with a large piece of pale yellow wild hua accidentally blocked by the ridge. There is still a large piece of white snow in the shade, green, green, distant, blue, clean, white and warm yellow … Nature seems to concentrate all extremes and color levels into this small world.
However, at this time, Zhongdian County is very small in scale, rather than a county town. Looking from a height, the whole county town can have several light gray roads half the size of a palm. In the county town, there are scattered yellow flat-topped Tibetan houses and blue-gray ridge-roofed western Sichuan-style houses, which meander along the shore of longtan lake.
The helicopter circled around the county town several times, looking for a suitable landing place, and then quickly descended. Finally, the pilot landed the helicopter in a large courtyard with a red five-star roof.
As the throttle weakened, the roar of the engine slowly decreased. Finally, after a series of Enzi, the helicopter rotor stopped completely. Liang Haiping, Zhang Kaigang and the crew were pale and breathed a sigh of relief. Liang Yuan was slowly moving by the seat, but he followed the Ningleila door and jumped into the helicopter briskly.
At the end of March and the beginning of April, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau should be in winter, and its feet can be as soft as Persian carpets, which gives people the illusion of walking along the west lake. At first glance, the green grassland stretches all the way to the foot of the snow-capped mountain, and then the evergreen trees are mixed with white snow, green pines and cypresses, but near the snow line, there is a dark green and brown alpine meadow.

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