Although invading the brain is that kind of reaction, Lynn still has to …

Lynn is … ready.
In each test, the catalyst’ activates’ the star and then the stabilizer returns the star to normal.
After many tests, Lin found that this star has become more and more difficult to’ stabilize’
This is really the last time.
Boom-!’ When the star bus fired the catalyst into the star, it was full of wonderful energy again.
At the same time, Lin also sent a stone hundreds of meters in size outside.
This time … the stone didn’t break.
Lin found that the stone disappeared in the void.
Because sending the stone body is Lin’s arms … so Lin can see another place through it.
This place feels a little like solidification to Lin.
But it’s not as dark as solidification. Actually, it’s quite bright here.
You can see that there are many stars in the distance and many floating objects nearby.
These floating objects all look like some fragments and other common things in the virtual world.
It is …
Cann’t move
Lin Shitou’s activities to complete the law
It’s a bit like solidification, but it’s not solidification at all. To be exact, the moment the stone came in here, it seemed to form a cage that was exactly the same as the stone.
The cage completely trapped the stone.
Of course, the stone body is movable, so Lin let the stone part decompose itself and quickly transformed the stone into a smaller body
As she kept shrinking, Lin found that the surrounding’ through the cage’ had not changed.
Its size and shape still maintain the moment when Lin Stone came in.
Therefore, when Lin reduced her arms, she could also enjoy activities in the cage.
But you can’t go outside.
Because Lin found that this cage felt like a "wall" on the edge, which could not be destroyed in a conventional way.
Lin thought that maybe the other floats around were similar.
They are all here in the virtual … fixed.
This place … Is it”?
When Lin had this doubt, Lin suddenly found a distant star … a mass of liquid.
This mass of liquid expands rapidly and moves towards Lin at the same time.
It seems that it is not trapped.
And as it approached Lynn, it was discovered … that it was an’ ocean’.
Its shape is not fixed, and it has a diameter of more than 30 thousand kilometers as a whole
It’s a fairly large … sea, which can also be said to be a huge floating liquid block.
And Lin found that this sea is not alone.
Many similar’ seas’ can be seen in the surrounding stars.
They can be said to be everywhere around the virtual forest, and they saw ten’ oceans’ of similar size.
Are these ….. creating the sea?
Lin’s question was quickly answered.
Because when the ocean approached, the position of Lin Shi’s arms was swallowed up by it.
Lin suddenly felt a lot of … data at the moment she entered the sea.
To be precise, it’s all biological nuclear information data
A variety of cellular biological nuclear information, they are constantly entering the minds of the forest arms.
At the same time, Lin also found that the’ cage’ that trapped the stone arms before disappeared.
Lin can move freely in the ocean. During the detection, Lin found that this ocean is … water.
Ordinary water contains almost no impurities.
Even so, when swimming here, Lin can still feel a lot of data and information, and every time she advances a little, it seems that there are several cells of biological information poured into her arms’ brains.

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