Simply put, ancient times were similar to their’ cemeteries’

Although the original biological consciousness lasted for a while in ancient times, it finally died out slowly.
But they will not die out completely.
Because they … have been set.
After a long time, new consciousness will be born in the future.
This consciousness … will be the successor of the original high-temperature biological consciousness.
And this new birth consciousness is … Fog view.
The original idea of high-temperature creatures is the same as that of star burners.
They expect the whole high-temperature biological group to extend the virtual edge of ancient times through continuous development and expansion of ancient times.
And the fog view records what happened in these ancient times consciously.
Finally, when the ancient time reaches a certain’ extreme’ … its consciousness will be completely awakened.
Become a high … creature.
It can also be said that it is a primitive creature’ God’
It is the desire to become this kind of consciousness that knows everything is stronger than the huge form that makes all this happen.
And it is completing its original biological goal.
But … it’s all its own idea.
Actually, it doesn’t know what primitive creatures think.
But … it still follows this goal.
This fog view is quite interesting … Lynn thinks it should have many secrets.
Although it said a lot, it … didn’t want to answer a lot. For example, Lin asked them what they thought Lin was orthodox … thermophilic creatures.
It means that some data must be hidden.
Lin felt that she needed to … find it herself.
But then Lynn thought she should continue to catch all the brains in the database.
These brains have found out where they escaped.
This ancient’ middle part’ also has some exits, not one.
Fog view told Lin about these exit locations, and Lin decided to visit them.
At the same time, Lin also wants to experiment and see if she can catch the whole view of fog.
Because Lin almost knew how big it was when she communicated with it before.
Most of its body is in those small rooms.
These little facts are not stable, and Lin thinks it should be made by itself.
And Lynn thinks there are some ways to divide these little things and trap them inside.
Lin has made this preparation now.
At the same time, Lin’s fluffy balls also arrived … Fog view said export one.
This exit is almost … thirty thousand kilometers away from the core entrance of Frostburg.
It takes quite a long distance for the database brain to climb here, and it obviously didn’t climb here by itself.
But the most important thing is … Lin has detected this position before and there is no exit.
It seems that this exit suddenly appeared at some time.
But what will appear?
Lin’s fluffy ball left the exit and found it outside … or with it.
And it is very close to the location of Frostburg.
It can be said that it’s a little too close. Although it’s 30 thousand kilometers in the park, it’s more than 10 thousand kilometers outside.
It seems that … it’s better to go outside directly.
And after coming out, Lin also saw that there are some … The brain structure is really empty in this position.
But they are few in number, and not all of them should escape from this position.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and forty-nine More memories
"Maybe … this is a mistake."
"But … the database must receive all the information."
Lin has found nearly 9% of the brain.
These brains were scattered by Lin in different places.
Through them, Lin found that … is not much.
Because it seems to have committed suicide
In the virtual forest around Frostburg, Lin found many databases. When Lin found them, Lin found that almost all their structures were destroyed.
This is their self-destruction, not being attacked by something else.
Lin thought it might be that when the database thought that Fa escaped … she decided to self-destruct to prevent Lin from getting any information.
Having said that, Lynn can still detect some
Because all the tissues in its brain have just been destroyed, Lin can almost calculate what they are and … repair them.
These brain parts can’t be repaired according to other brain parts, because actually every brain part is … different.
Their structures are quite different, but when they are integrated, they will produce new information.
Lin is now testing the database’ memory’ mainly through ancient times.
To be exact, it’s the little ancient star burner.
Because … knowing the database, the brain is connected with the ancient times, and it is also through this that the star burner discovers the database thinking, so Lin also thinks that she can understand the database thinking through the ancient times.
Now Lin found that she could do it.
The small ancient memory of the Star Burner Department that can’ present’ the memory of the Star Burner can also present the memory of the database.
You need to send the database brain branch structure into this small one completely.

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