Because now I feel a kind of indescribable comfort, and my head is too deep to look like an injured person, but I soon understood what I spit out.

It’s almost the same as Batu in Chen Mo before. I skated in the snow for more than ten meters before I stopped. As soon as my body stabilized, I suddenly felt that all my bones were scattered, and there was no intact place. The dirty place gave me desperate pain as if I had deviated from my original position. At the same time, my taste and smell returned to normal, and my mouth was full of salty taste, which was enough to say that I vomited not gastric juice but blood.
I tried to get up from the ground to help Chen Mo, but I couldn’t make any effort and moved a little, and my pain suddenly increased at least a few hundred times.
This time, the pain is the hardest thing I have ever encountered since I debuted, because once I reached the critical point, I would faint, but this time it was completely different. No matter how painful I was, my head remained highly awake, much more awake than normal.
"Ah …"
I couldn’t help shouting because of my severe pain. I knew that it must be that the old man had tampered with something just now, otherwise it would never have happened, but even though I knew it was him, there was no way to solve it at this time.
At this moment, I saw a black shadow flying from the sky and hitting me. I could dodge and watch the black shadow getting closer and closer to me.
"Are you going to die?" This shadow is very big, and I know very well that if he hits me, it will definitely make me snow and frost, and maybe death is very possible.
Looking at the black shadow getting bigger and bigger, my pupil narrowed rapidly, but soon I was glad because the black shadow didn’t hit me like I thought before, but fell into the snow less than 20 centimeters away from me
The black shadow landed and splashed with snow crumbs, which made me feel cold and biting. When I heard the sound, my heart became colder with the snow crumbs.
As far as I’m concerned, I’m not sure when I got the figure, and I coughed again. I recognized this as Chen Mo.
It was difficult for me to turn around and want to prove my thoughts, but when I turned halfway, I stepped on my foot. I turned around and saw that I was almost scared to death
The former old man looks terrible with scratches on his face and a faint smile. The only feature of these scratches is that they are all permeated with bright red and dazzling blood, and the two daggers I just inserted in his chest have only left the handles outside, but it doesn’t seem to have done any harm to the old man. He saw me and saw him move his feet to my neck with a smile and wouldn’t let me turn around to see Chen Mo.
The old man sneered at me, and my eyes became more horrible than before. Perhaps the scratches left by the silence increased his sense of evil.
Before I could speak, the old man said, "You guys are really amazing. I haven’t shed any blood for more than ten years. This time you broke my record."
He said nothing, but as he spoke, he pulled out two daggers inserted into his chest. The daggers had no blood at all, and there was no blood flowing out of the wound of his clothes. He seemed to be as if the dagger root had not been inserted into him. Just pulling out the dagger was like pulling out a wooden thorn from the inside of his clothes
"If you three can hurt me, I don’t know how many times I’ve died," the old man said coldly with a gloomy face as if he saw my shock.
After that, he said to himself, "But I can’t say that you really hurt me this time. These scars on my face are the only injuries."
I was shocked to say that the old man didn’t put my dagger into his chest at all, but said that his face was the only injury he suffered
"Is it strange?" The old man pulled the corners of the mouth bowed their heads and asked
I nodded unconsciously, but I forgot that I was lying in the snow and my neck was trampled, and my head suddenly felt more painful than that.
The old man also ignored me and grinned and took off his clothes.
However, after he stripped off his clothes, I was scared again, because the old man looked just like us from the face, but his neck was covered with gray-red hair, just like a gorilla. These hairs were seven centimeters long, like hard steel needles inserted backwards in front of the old man. My two daggers didn’t even touch his skin and were blocked by these hairs.
"You … you … you are not a person?" I asked incredulously.
Seeing the old man covered in a gorilla’s eyes and full of rich hair filled his heart with fear and curiosity, even the unbearable pain just now seemed to be much better.
"I’m naturally a human being, but I’ve done something you can’t understand by increasing my life span. You stupid people call me heresy, but only when I’m alive in this world can I be qualified to call others a villain. Everyone is dead, and I live well because of these hairs." The old man still smiled and said to me.
"How did you do that?" I asked without thinking about blurting out.
"Hehe, do you think I will tell you?" The old man asked with a flat mouth. Before I could answer, he said, "Come on, I must have got everything ready when I’ve been surfing with you for so long."
I’m even more confused about this. The old man just said that Zab should be prepared when it’s a little rough here with us. If that’s what I mean, it’s too scary. He just didn’t take us seriously and just’ played’ with us.
But I soon denied my own idea, because I thought that if he really wanted to play with us, his face would never be scratched by Chen Mo. At least he took us seriously.
I can accept that. After all, Chen Mo and Batu are not simple people. I haven’t met anyone who is so powerful that I can’t look at them together positively.
After the old man finished speaking, he ignored me and grabbed a long rope with a thumb as thick as a brightly colored snake from the sleeve. The most amazing thing is that after this rope was taken out, it automatically wound my feet and the speed was so fast that I didn’t react. It tied my feet together and then went to Chen Mo from the ground shuttle. In less than five seconds, it tied the three of us together.
"This … what is this?" My heart was so horrified that I couldn’t help shouting.
But the old man ignored me, but took his foot from my BoJin and looked at me disdainfully at the corner of his mouth. Suddenly, I felt that my breathing became smooth, but at this time, I was not in the mood to look after myself and no longer struggled with what happened just now, but saw my head turn around and focused on the silence.
255 Chapter 255 The hole in the ground
The last time I saw Chen Mo, his face was swollen like a pig’s head, and now it’s even more serious than before. I can hardly see both eyes. It’s possible that his own family may not recognize him when they see him now. What’s more serious is that the former vitality seems to be slowly dissipating and dying.
"Chen Mo Chen Mo …" I forced myself to endure the severe pain and shouted Chen Mo.
Hearing my cry, Chen Mo forced his eyes to open a little wider, but he couldn’t see any expression on his face. But I still found a faint smile in his eyes, which contained many emotions that I couldn’t say.
"Chen Mo …" Batu was the least injured but also the heaviest of the three of us.
Although Chen Mo and I seem to be badly injured on the surface, there is actually no damage to the bones, and we can clearly see that Batu’s ribs on the chest surface are deformed, which is a sign of broken ribs
"Gee, I haven’t started work for a long time, so it’s a little bad. I figured it wouldn’t be an accident, but I still let you break two ribs. But don’t worry, the three of you are so affectionate that I won’t let you die first." The old man smacked his mouth and squatted down to grab the thing that just tied our feet and said to us with a face full of evil colors
Before, we almost didn’t have much fear, because things have reached this point, we can face it. The main thing is that we think it is still possible to find a chance to escape outside.
But now the old man is going to take us to the underground hole, and our hearts are full of fear, and we can’t help it anymore, and it spreads like a flood.
This feeling is very strange, even I don’t know what it is. It seems that there is something terrible waiting for us in the hole, and the body has sensed it before the eyes.
"Don’t don’t," Batu and I shouted out almost at the same time. Chen Mo was also full of fear, but now he doesn’t even have the strength to speak.
"Ha ha, are you scared?" The old man turned around and squinted at us and asked
"Where are you taking us?" Physical fear makes my survival * more intense, and I pinned my last hope on procrastination.
"I said I would turn you into my pets." After a pause, the old man continued, "I also said that there would be no pain if you were smart and didn’t resist, but you not only didn’t listen to me, but also hurt me, so I will treat you well first."
Of course, I’m not stupid. I naturally know what the old man means by that hospitality.
People are not afraid of the cause of death, that is, the neck is stretched out, but people can’t be afraid of fear, which is even more frightening than direct death. Some people with poor psychological quality may just have a nervous breakdown and become crazy directly.
The old man still saw my thoughts as before and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t let you go crazy. If you get rid of the fear, there is no need for me to keep you playing with me."
"You are a pervert." After listening to the old man’s words, Batu couldn’t help cursing, and at the same time, I felt that Batu had some mental breakdown.
He suddenly sat up from the ground and tried desperately to untie his ankle rope. He didn’t know where he touched it or how. Anyway, in less than half a minute, Batu’s hands were red all the time, and he was injured and bleeding, but the rope was getting tighter and tighter.
The old man seems to have seen that Batu’s spirit is about to collapse. He took out a small bottle with white smoke from his pocket and put Batu in front of Batu’s nose. Just now, Batu stopped, but he was not in a coma. In the past, his eyes were confused and seemed to be possessed.
"Old dog, what did you do to him? You are old. "When you see Batu acting like a fool, I no longer expect this old man to let go of our reckless abuse."
The old man ignored me and pulled the rope that tied the three of us, so he walked on. He stopped only two steps later. If it meant anything, he turned around and looked behind us.
There are no stars here, and the moon has been dark for a long time now. We can all see about two or three meters by ourselves, but the old man seems to be able to see far away.
"Interesting. I’ll come to see you later!" After watching for a while, the old man said to himself, and then he continued to turn around and walked towards the hole.

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