There were seven dead bodies near the pavilion, all of them family members, of course.

Outside the iron casting pavilion, there is a man in the east, south and northwest with a bamboo hat covering his face. He is a master of the official family.
There are pavilions and no dead people.
And there are living people
Two living people
Two live people are playing chess.
One is sitting and the other is standing.
It seems that the person sitting there has been sitting for a long time, hunched back and frowning, and he can hardly open his eyes, but he sits there safely, which gives people a sense of calm.
People casually step on the stone bench and hold their heads in one hand, but it gives people a feeling of being proud and unyielding.
There is a deep scar on the right silver eyebrow of the sitting person, which is the trace of an iron thistle embedded in it; That was the result of his fighting with Tang Yaoshun, the first master of the Tang Clan. hidden weapons interrupted his luck, but he was the only one alive in the battle of Tang Yaoshun’s life.
But what he is face now is a mess.
end game
All the work was intercepted, all the retreat was blocked, all the opportunities were lost, all the defenses were blocked, and if one person reached the point of this game, he had to jump off the mountain to die.
And he is now confronted with such a chess game.
He sighed.
The other party picked up the chess and sure enough it was a move.
There is no life to kill him.
The other party clearly saw this and concluded that his hand was on the top of the bamboo stick, showing his ferocious face with a wrong scar as if he also sighed, "You have no way."
I’m sorry to say so.
The old man sat with his hands in his sleeves, his shoulders hunched high and his eyebrows shrugged nine times, and finally he breathed a mouthful of white smoke. "I lost this chess game."
The man is the "parent" of the official family. The official looks at him and says, "Do you want to commit suicide or do you want me to do it?"
The sitting man looked up. "What?"
"So you don’t understand?" Gong Wang smiled cruelly. "Failure in Jianghu means death."
"Oh," the person sitting suddenly said, "Although I lost the game, was it me?"
"I can’t die." The eyes of the person sitting here were sharp and sharp. "I didn’t lose."
"Because there is still life in my heart."
The man sitting is, of course, the boss Yu Qiao.
The officer looked at him but gave birth to a cold mountain like a blade, as if he had never seen this man before
At this time, Xiao Qiushui and others just passed the "harrier turn over" and went to "Botai"
Xiao Qiushui saw two chess players in the distance and knew that their concentration and strength were great.
In the "Chess Pavilion", the chess is huge and made of iron, and the two of them are actually casual.
It’s very skillful to carry it with no surprise at all.
So many people died outside the pavilion, whether they were enemies or enemies, they all went through a thrilling fight, but they played calmly and indifferently-this also required great concentration.
Xiao colchicine just walked over and that several people moved immediately.
Move faster than-a Xiao Qiushui turned into the pavilion, and they killed Xiao Qiushui’s attack or retreat as if they had blocked the chess pavilion.
Now Xiao Qiushui has a way-jump.
The face is a cliff, and even the harrier can’t fly to the deep cliff.
The road you jump is a dead end.
And Xiao Qiushui currently has this road.

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