The vibration of colorful cocoon of light permeates a terrible light, sweeping around like a tidal wave, and immediately makes everyone around you face a change and go backwards one after another. The face of another ancient ancestor of Pashan sank and stepped in the previous step, and at the same time, he shot away the swept piece of energy fluctuation. The cracks of that colorful cocoon of light were densely covered with rustling jitter, and it was actually possible to clearly see that there was a golden shadow flashing and vibrating light inside.

Mans seems to force the impact of this colorful cocoon of light.
"There’s something in it!"
"Is it that prehistoric creatures were sealed in!"
Two ancient ancestors face a clot.
The ancient ancestor of Yu Huo raised his hand, that is, a fairy light enveloped the past and sealed this colorful cocoon of light.
"Send this thing to the Saint’s laboratory as soon as possible. We’ll keep it. None of us can even get close."
Yu Huogu Zu said that the words sound just fell! ? Click! ? The colorful cocoon of light shook violently, shattering the fairy light just banned outside, making the two ancestors face qi change, and then it was found that the whole colorful cocoon of light peeled off quickly and finally a bright light broke out directly from the inside.
The whole laboratory was shaken violently when it came out.
The two ancient ancestors were unstable, and this horrible smell was actually reversed by the earthquake.
Two ancient ancestors eyes blink to the sharp horse there like a flash.
A golden creature! ? The whole body is covered with golden flame, even the hair is golden inch by inch, and the flesh and blood is a kind of golden color. The burly and tall breath shines high like a statue of Da Yue, which is hard to shake.
Suddenly, the golden light slowly gathered up and dissipated, revealing a slender body with full flesh and blood inside.
The faces of the two ancient ancestors are instantaneous.
They could hardly believe their eyes.
The treasure of the Saint’s laboratory has been stolen for two hundred years, and the six worlds have already known the number. Even Xiao Yu’s portrait is wanted everywhere.
In the past two hundred years, there has been no news. Many ancient ancestors have speculated that Xiao Yu was obliterated by the powerful power of Heaven Seal.
Even the holy one gave up faintly and continued to search for Xiao Yu!
I didn’t expect Xiao Yu to rush out directly from a colorful cocoon of light at this moment.
"He changed!"
Depression fire ancient zu eye pupil shrinkage instantaneous reaction to come over.
"Take him!"
The ancient ancestors of Pashan have already offered a trapped magic rope in an instant, quickly amplifying the magic light and twisting a head of nine magic dragon towards Xiao Yu in the roar.
A cliff head nine magic dragon will Xiao Yu body wrapped around nine heads interlocking a completely locked his body.
After the trapped magic rope trapped Xiao Yu, it seems that the ancient ancestor of Pashan is still not at ease, and then he throws a mouthful of white bone tower, which quickly enlarges the side and spreads out a horrible suction to directly cover Xiao Yu.
The ancient ancestors of Yu Huo couldn’t help cheering.
The white bone tower rapidly narrowed and flew towards the hand of Pashan Zu. Just touching his palm, suddenly the whole bone tower exploded.
The slightest sign is exploding! ? Boom
A mass of horrible and unpredictable energy turbulence instantly submerged the ancient ancestor of Pashan, making him scream, and he was almost directly devastated.
A whole body of flesh and blood was directly blown to pieces, leaving a dense bloody skeleton.
His eyes shone horribly, and his throat growled, "How could I be like this?"
Xiao Yu’s body rushed out of the golden light and his face was cold. His body was also entangled with nine magic dragon songs. Suddenly, his body collapsed. These nine magic dragon songs were directly smashed and smashed.
Xiao Yu blasted the ancient Zuba in Pashan with one punch, and the huge force broke out, which made people imagine that the golden light was harsh like a cosmic impact.
Pashan’s ancient ancestors were stunned on the spot, and the purple mansion was in a daze, and it quickly disappeared at a flash speed.
Hua! ? In an instant, his whole purple mansion shattered the Yuan God, and all the consciousness lights disappeared, and all the treasures were destroyed, but nothing could be seen on the outside of his head.
His body was hit by a huge force and slammed into the distance with a thud.
Completely dead! ? Xiao Yu moved his body and felt the power in his blood. He said, "Yes, it’s really different from before. The defects in the ancestral land of Jiutian have been filled!"
The eyes of the ancient ancestors were full of crazy anger and murder, which was like a volcano erupting directly.
It’s too fast!
So fast that he didn’t even have a chance to rescue him, Pashan Zu was directly nullified by Xiao Yu!
All this is a great shame for an ancient ancestor like them!
"No, I’ll kill you!"
The ancient ancestors of Yu Huo suddenly and violently roared.
Behind him suddenly appeared a continuous black sea of fire, which piled up like a huge cloud and burned wildly. In the sea of fire, there appeared several Yin soldiers, Yin Malai, Ma Si, dragon whistling knives and cracking swords.
"It’s too ancient!"
Yu huo gu zu roar loud
This continuous black sea of fire carried all the Yin soldiers and Yin horses directly to Xiao Yu, and the whole laboratory was suddenly black and rustled and collapsed directly.

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