Zuwu nodded and said, "Well, then it’s a deal. Ah, it’s really quite exciting for me to cast a virtual shadow here. You two are busy. Call me again and I really don’t care. I’ll go back to sleep."

Sun Hao and Poseidon said in unison, "Let’s send our predecessors."
Zuwu laughed, and the layers of light disappeared among the stars.
Sun Hao and Poseidon looked at each other in order. Sun Hao smiled and said, "Do we still have to fight, sea girl? If you want to make a call, I will continue to play along. "
Poseidon said grumpily, "Who is as knowledgeable as you? I’m not as idle as you. Take your time. Goodbye is not the best …"
When talking, Poseidon’s body slowly melted into the sea, and the sea was calm. Sun Hao completely lost his perception of Poseidon as if she had never appeared before.
Sun Hao smiled and didn’t continue to observe Poseidon to think about it. Did the town expand so much before he knew it?
Seeing Corleone’s eyes, it seems that a large number of monks in Haicheng, especially the medicine repairers, are prostrate and cheering loudly "Visit the medicine god’s adult …"
The sound resounded all over Haicheng and Tianyu.
Looking at the darkness, Sun Hao nodded slowly and shouted "The Hague!"
The Hague stood up and knelt down and said, "The Hague will visit the Lord of Medicine and please be lenient."
Corleone face emerge filar silk majesty and anger "you don’t want to take the sea medicine family into the arms of Poseidon? Why do you still want to stay with my medicine family now? "
Chapter 2595 The dust settles (2)
The Hague said in a low voice, "Your Excellency learned that The Hague was confused for a moment and was dissatisfied with the practices of some medicine families in front. This is the only way to make such an attempt. Please also invite your Excellency to watch the contribution of our sea medicine family for many years."
Sun Hao snorted and said, "Hai Yao Hai Yao Ke Hai Ke Yao can both enter the medicine family and the sea family. You’d better make a good abacus. When you see the power of the sea family and the power of the sea god, hundreds of millions of monks of the sea medicine family will try to throw themselves into the arms of the sea family, right?"
The Hague hung his head and said, "The Hague didn’t know that your power was so earth-shattering, but now you dare not."
Come to Sun Hao’s character Sun Hao’s practice of bullying. At this moment, Sun Hao would have killed the Hague on the spot.
But at this moment, Sun Hao saw Foer’s great attention to himself in Haicheng. A Bi understood that A Bi was worried about the move in The Hague. Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of the first point that Zuwu said about bullying.
Hegemony also needs to be reasonable. At this moment, if you are overbearing, you have to speak a little truth. If it weren’t for it, it would be unreasonable. Sun Hao took a long breath in his mouth and said slowly, "I would have destroyed you with a palm in my hand, but look at your good performance over the years."
There are many medical repairs in The Hague, including A Bi, who couldn’t help but breathe a long breath after hearing Sun Hao’s words.
Over the years, The Hague has really put itself in a very low profile, a fit man with great ability. He would rather stay as an old slave and housekeeper of Foer to help A Bi manage Foer’s well-organized Foer.
Not only that, over the years, he has devoted himself to teaching A Bi to practice, giving A Bi a lot of secrets of the Haiyao clan, and making A Bi make great progress.
In a sense, The Hague has become a mentor of A Bi, which is an undeniable fact.
Sun Hao wants to exert hegemony, but no one can stop him from destroying The Hague. However, if Sun Hao really does this, even it will break the hearts of monks such as A Bi.
Just let The Hague go. At this moment, Sun Hao suddenly feels a little overbearing. Maybe he really needs to be reasonable. No, he is overbearing and pays attention to one’s own way. It is conditional to pay attention to the words "feel at ease and do whatever you want"
It is influenced by the objective conditions and the worldly wisdom around it. If it is unreasonable and arbitrary, it may end up being uncomfortable for yourself and others.
Took a deep breath. Sun Hao didn’t hit the middle button completely. He said slowly, "Of course, the death penalty can be lived, but the crime can’t escape. Well, if there are bighead fish and scaly fish in the sea, I will punish you. Do you have any objection?"
It’s lucky to be lucky enough not to die. You’ve kissed the right ass and found the right way. How dare you disagree? The Hague knelt down and made three buckles and nine obeisances, saying, "I will obey your Excellency’s suggestion that Haiya is willing to defend the city of Forna for thousands of years."
Sun Hao said, "Well, that’s it. I’ll seal you up. Manager Forna will continue to guard here. Besides, I just decided with Zuwu and Poseidon. You also heard this. I specially promulgated ten iron laws. You still have a seat. Every monk listened carefully to me."
Hague Gao said, "Please show me."
In Forna Haicheng, a large number of monks knelt on one knee and said, "Please show me."
Sun Hao said slowly, "The first one who tried to take my medicine monks into Dan to refine medicine killed three generations; 2. The murderer shall be punished regardless of his status; (3) bullying the weak and committing suicide; 4. Whoever sells drugs without authorization shall be punished; Five … "
Sun Hao’s ten iron laws, each of which is a homicidal word, are over a million monks in the city of Foer, who have sensed the chill in the bone marrow and don’t know if it’s a good thing to stay here.
After all, a large number of monks came to Forna Haicheng to fight with Poseidon and Medicine God to improve themselves or to break their own bottleneck. It really doesn’t have to be such a high-pressure situation to make a living.
These killing orders issued by drug gods are contrary to everyone’s habits in many places, especially some fierce fighting races. It is really a bit reluctant to let them be honest citizens in the city.
As if knowing what these people think, Sun Hao continued after issuing ten murderous killing orders. "In addition, Foer’s establishment of life and death is irreconcilable and contradictory, and both parties are willing to sign a life-and-death ring. Don’t try to drill my hole in the ring. Life and death ring restrictions are not allowed to bully the weak in the same rank."
A large number of monks in Forna Haicheng still hope to be calm and peaceful. Sun Hao’s voice just fell into Haicheng and there were cheers. "Long live the adults …"
Sun Hao’s eyes finally fell on the fallow land outside Forna Sea. Lang said, "This fallow land is a thing that can’t be permanently guarded by Haicheng and The Hague. You can build a thousand miles of seawalls outside the fallow land for a hundred years. No matter how you build it, I will take back the fallow land and wait for it."
The Hague bowed down and said, "My dear, The Hague will not let your Excellency down."
After the departure of Zuwu, Sun Hao has become a statue of Foer. Sun Hao no longer said much in his mouth. "Well, that’s it. Why don’t you forget the ten iron laws …"
In his speech, Sun Haozhong strode across the blue, fluttering like a slow step, and stepped out with a sigh of relief. A Bi’s face bloomed with a bright smile and he said, "It’s quite fast to see A Bi for a long time!"
A Bi opened his mouth for a long time and then gently called a "little Hao Ge"
Sun Hao shrugged in front of her and said, "I also think they are too much. It doesn’t matter if I am blessed by the drug god. I will fight with them to get an explanation for you. I accidentally got into a fight. Haha, I didn’t think that the bigger the fight, the longer it took, and the result was like this."
This reason is really strong enough. A Bi never thought of giving himself a statement. It’s really upside down that Brother Hao has reached such a point.

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