One after another, the glory bloomed … but these buildings seem to be very resistant.

They did not dissipate instantaneously due to the power of fusion bombs.
A large number of buildings resist the market gods, and now they are in a very safe situation.
At the same time, Lin noticed … Cyclone creatures.
"Now go to their fusion."
Market god suddenly Lin can understand the language … that is, the way of dust has said such a sentence to the whirlwind creatures behind it.
It sends a lot of dust to every whirlwind creature at a very fast speed and doesn’t know what Phoenix language is.
But cyclone creatures can understand
With this group of watching whirlwind creatures are in action.
They quickly bypassed the bombing area and headed for the star seal.
But … Phoenix noticed them.
Chapter two thousand four hundred and seventy-four Wonderful substances
"You what can you do? You can’t do anything. You can’t do anything! "
"No, we can go back to the source"
Phoenix and whirlwind creatures … belong to the same species.
Phoenix can be said to be a whirlwind biological variation, which happened by accident in some cases and has been maintained in this form for a long time.
And the conditions needed to transform these two organisms have been known by cyclone organisms.
Actually, this is what the market god told them.
It is said that the star Phoenix has some special’ ingredients’, which are transforming whirlwind creatures and phoenix bonds.
Cyclone creatures have now acquired the key and made it into a … weapon.
"This is this …"
Phoenix’s giant "through the Star Seal" is bombing the Market God Exhibition continuously. During their bombing, a large number of cyclone creatures also tried to sneak around through the Star Seal to attack it.
I’ve long noticed that the whirlwind creatures, the phoenix, are surprised by them. After all, they are not the ones who needed whirlwind creatures to help solve the green-eating group of phoenixes.
And there are few cyclone creatures here. When they attack, the phoenix immediately taunts them with dust.
But when the phoenix found that every cyclone creature was armed, they appeared … shocked.
Creatures close to the cyclone that passes through the star seal carry a large number of prismatic objects.
These objects are several meters in size and are constantly rotating around the cyclone vortex. From the outside, there is nothing special.
But these prismatic objects are actually phoenix’s unexpected substances-they are called’ original objects’
That is … the earliest platform.
Phoenix was first born on a platform near a star, and it’s a mystery what’s there and what’s floating near a star.
However, Phoenix has later studied and found that there are many wonderful substances on the platform, which are not solidified substances and are not normal virtual substances.
At present, Phoenix has already dismantled the original platforms and used them to make these platforms.
At present, some platforms still have the original platform materials.
Phoenix has always thought this substance is mysterious because they have never found similar substances, so they have built some reactors.
This reactor will react when similar substances are detected.
Usually, Phoenix will take these reactors with it when exploring the virtual and solidification virtual, and the reactors are also loaded with many aircraft, such as residents’ balls and so on
Of course, giant combat equipment like the Star Seal also has this kind of reactor.
Although many phoenixes don’t know what the reactor is doing, if someone of the same kind ever told them that it was there, they would put it on the aircraft.
These reactors have not detected the’ initial object’ for a long time, but now it finally has a reaction.
That’s the prismatic objects in the whirlwind vortex.
They … are very similar to the original.
Perhaps this strange substance is the reason why cyclone creatures mutate into phoenixes.
When the reactor sent a signal, all the phoenixes were shocked.
Most phoenixes don’t know what this signal means, but if they want to see the same kind of shock, they will think it is something that should be shocked.
However, in the Star Seal, there are some ancient phoenixes who know the past.
For example, the current Phoenix conductor is like this.
"It’s impossible! They have that kind of thing! There are still so many! "
Command phoenix issued a surprised language.

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