Then Yuan Ying’s big brother dazed God.

She’s gone, too
Chen Qianxue also commented that "there is indeed a strange sense of oppression that can leave one’s own feelings on a mountaineering road and it has not dissipated for a hundred years. This Xianju ancestor is many times stronger than that blood lotus Taoist."
At the same time, Chen Qianxue didn’t forget to whip the body-the blood lotus Taoist.
The two men just exchanged a look and walked to a higher place without saying anything.
They are all cultivators in the realm of elixir, which is oppressive for them.
Roots are nothing.
However, their walking speed is not particularly fast, which is almost the same as that of ordinary people climbing mountains, because they are trying to understand some feelings of Du Jie’s soaring left by the ancestors of Xianju.
Chen Qianxue climbed the five hundred and sixty-ninth steps, and she suddenly stopped moving forward.
Closed eyes and calm face seem to be in a strange state.
Beside the Gentiana said one leng "into the epiphany so soon? !”
She gasped, but she knew very well how much good an epiphany would do to cultivate immortals.
If Chen Qianxue had an epiphany several times, he would break through the realm.
Isn’t that beyond yourself again?
No way!
This time, the simulation of cultivating immortality is very difficult for her to hold up her head and can’t let her surpass herself again.
Qin Genting tried hard to find a kind of resonance and tried to enter an epiphany state.
But it didn’t help.
She bit her teeth.
If you can go on, you can expect it. The further you go, the higher the chance of epiphany.
When …
Three days have passed.
Chen Qianxue opened her eyes, and her spiritual strength soared at this moment, which also made her whole person very different compared with three days ago.
"Not bad," she murmured. "This road to immortality among the Xianju population can really increase the chances of epiphany."
Although she didn’t break through the current realm at one stroke, she was not much different.
Chen Qianxue looked around and found that Gentiana was not by her side.
When she looked up, she saw a small figure in the high place.
The figure stood still.
"She also had an epiphany." Chen Qianxue knew in her heart that when she continued to walk past Gentiana macrophylla, she did not awaken Gentiana macrophylla. She was disdainful to do it.
As time goes by, one day goes by
Chen Qianxue has come to the mountainside.
The fog is lingering here, and the aura is abundant, which is quite a sacred place for immortals.
However, she was not in the mood to see the scenery because she felt a great sense of oppression.
The oppressive feeling in the middle of the mountain is completely different from that at the foot of the mountain.
"I’m already an alchemist, but now every step is more difficult."
Chen Qianxue felt like an ordinary mortal carrying hundreds of pounds of heavy objects.
She feels very hard to step on a step.
Sometimes it takes several breaths for a foot to lift hard.
When one foot hit a step.
The whole talent is relieved.
It’s hard to imagine that this staircase leading straight to the top of the mountain can have such a deep influence on her as an immortal in the realm of then.
It is estimated that every blue brick on this ladder can be used for refining.
And she knows very well that it will be harder in the future.
It is very likely that when a step stays for a whole day.
Chen Qianxue didn’t predict correctly.
It wasn’t long before …
She is exhausted.
I can stay on a piece of bluestone and pave the steps, and take out a Dan medicine for myself from the bag, but she quickly frowned. "The efficacy of Dan medicine has been reduced a lot. This ladder called Dengxian Road seems to have many strange array methods. The people who paved this ladder are at least deified. Is it deified?"
Chen Qianxue shook his head.
What is the main deification realm or deification realm is too far away from her.
Think so much now
To no avail
What do you need to think about now, so that you can reach this mountain peak?
Pass again
It’s been a year since Chen Qianxue was 175 years old, and Qin Genting still walks on Xianxian Road. They will realize it several times a month, which makes their self-study grow rapidly.
[Qin Genting successfully stepped into the five-story realm of the elixir. Less than 200 years old, the five-story cultivator of the elixir even marveled at the grandmother with him]
[Only less than a month after the breakthrough of Gentiana, Chen Qianxue also broke through to the five-level realm of then. These two geniuses’ talent of cultivating immortals’ roots and bones has made the grandmother’s words form. She has never seen such a genius in her life.]
[The 176-year-old couple are still struggling to make their way to Xianxian Road. At the most difficult moment, they took a step to rest for two or three days before they had the spare capacity to go to a higher step]
[17-year-old Chen Qianxue has gradually approached the top of the towering mountain, and she can already vaguely see the vague scene of the top of the mountain with the naked eye]
In the same year, she also met a fairy passer-by who climbed equally hard! 】
[The other party is not Gentiana! 】
"This is … ten tianjiao one?" Chen Qianxue looked up at her eyes and gradually became clear that there were twenty or thirty bluestone steps from each other.
She can see that it is a male monk, but because she can see a back, she can’t see what the other person looks like.
But she can clearly feel each other’s cultivation realm.
"Then the second floor, and if he has a temperament, he looks a little older than me, maybe he is over 200 years old, it should be 2010 years old."
Chen Qianxue is thoughtful, so he is qualified to set foot on this so-called immortal road at this age?
at this time
Seems to be aware of the movement behind him. Tianjiao, a strange male, suddenly turned his head and stared at Chen Qianxue behind him.
Although the other party hid their thoughts well, Chen Qianxue could still see that the other party’s face flashed a shock.
The male tianjiao was really shocked. He didn’t expect a man to appear behind him.

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