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The lion’s majesty is very good, so I can give you peace.
Don’t hold back a lion emperor Salem, who smiled a little and headed in return for the lion emperor.
A master in the world never needs a temple ceremony
The lion emperor Salem also didn’t mean it. Hehe laughed and said no to Mo Ke’s arm.
After all, at this critical moment, there is an extremely resourceful expert to help out, which is of great help to the three-nation alliance.
Master, why are you here?
Princess Liya asked, leaning on Mo Ke’s side in a silly way.
You are crazy in the war. Don’t you want the master to come?
Don’t gently scrape a beautiful bridge of the nose lovingly said
Is this Mr. Mo Mo, the first master of our demon race?
King tiger only excitedly stepped forward and gave a deep gift to Mo Ke and said
Tver, the green pupil, followed closely, and gave a deep gift to Mo Ke.
Mo Ke’s fame is in the devil’s heaven, but people don’t know who they are. This name is a symbol of peerless masters and martial arts. No one can cross a peak.
He should also enjoy the honor of this transcendental status.
Hehe, you are all demon days, Optimus Prime, and I, a grass-roots person, can’t deserve this gift from you.
Don’t be ridiculous. The sleeve of the laughing robe is gently swinging to hold a few heads of state who want to be honored.
It’s terrible that the power can be condensed in vitro but not dispersed. It’s terrible that it deserves to be the first master of our demon race.
Only a few people are discerning people. They are experts in budo. This seemingly simple and gentle stroke immediately made several people’s Qi Qi Xin horror. Suddenly, they felt that this mo could be unfathomable.
The master is a vain name. I don’t dare to think that I came here this time to tell you some news, and at the same time, I don’t know if I should speak it improperly
Don’t go to the long table in the tent and slowly sit down and look around the crowd and say slowly
Master, just say what you want. What are you selling?
Li Ya cleverly made Mo Ke a cup of fragrant tea and sat beside him to beat his legs. Just now, the commanding female general instantly turned into a gentle and lovely little jasper.
Mr. Mo said there were no outsiders here.
Now the enemy, the wolf clan, has violated the oath of the four demon clans thousands of years ago, and they have become our common enemy. Please show me Mr. Mo.
The lion emperor Salem also sat down with a sigh and then looked respectfully at Mo Ke and said
Yes, Mr. Mo, now that you’re here, the overall situation depends on you.
Tiger king only followed by said
Hmm. How interesting
Don’t chuckle and shake your head noncommittally, but you didn’t answer. Your eyes looked leisurely outside the tent and looked in the high direction of Milla. It took a long time to slowly look back and look at the past in turn.
Ladies and gentlemen, the current situation is not one person, one country, and it’s a demon. The three-nation alliance can hold up. You must have fought for such a long time. You should have a specific understanding, right?
Mo Keshen said
Salem only looked at each other, and both of them couldn’t figure out what Mo Ke really meant by this.
I mean, now Mulin has lost his mind, not only preparing to slaughter the sky with blood, but also releasing the sealed Komodo demon race, which proves that the Millennium preface has gradually come true.
Speaking of which, Mo Ke had a delicious meal and picked up the teacup to drink water before he said slowly.
We demon race said in one thousand that all of you here are demon day senior staff, and no one must know it.
But I have to repeat it again, because this Millennium preface has been fulfilled one by one.
Thousands of years ago, when our demon ancestors obtained heaven and the wheel of destiny sealed the Komodo demon family, a great orator who was closest to the gods once said that when the temple of light reappeared thousands of years later, when the wheel of destiny released the Komodo demon family, ambition and cold blood would cover this land chaos. The former human beings will turn against each other from the sea of tears, and a new race will be born in Milla. The order will be broken, and the light of the cave will eventually cover this vast land. The light of the cave will shine on human beings and lead this new order. The continuation of the demon family will change unpredictably.
When Mo Ke’s deep and shocking tone recited the words of the ancient demon family, the atmosphere in the tent was inexplicable and solemn, and everyone’s face was dignified
Because everyone knows that Mo Ke is not only the master of this generation, but also the only great talker in this generation, and he is also a new generation of great talkers after a thousand years.
From his mouth, these words are more sacred and more breathtaking.
Now that the new orc race has emerged, the temple has once again reappeared, and the light of the cave has once again covered the earth, and the tears of Hainan people have also completed the army knot. Our demon tribe is in turmoil, and Jomulin has finally released the sealed dark race with ecstasy.
As far as I know, Mu Lin’s summoners are holding the wheel of destiny.

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