Lin ignored them, but let the warships release many small arms and float to the ancient warships for research.

These eels are not interested in Lin’s small arms. Pay attention to the death battleship.
However, after a while, they stopped hitting, but they were floating around.
And Lin’s small arms … mainly the limbs, the people and the pompoms floated to the shell of the ancient warship and were studied.
Because the ancient warship is very big, it took Lin a little time to finish testing it.
The first thing Lynn noticed was that … this ancient warship had no entrance.
Although there are many gaps on the surface, every gap is a dead end, even the smallest cells can get inside.
So Lynn dug it up.
But when Lin wanted to do this, she suddenly heard’ Nuo’ say so.
"I found the entrance."
Chapter two thousand three hundred and twenty-nine Looking for
Nuo has been waiting for Lin to die, and the battleship and Lin are exploring the solidification together.
When it found the ancient warship, it wanted to go out and have a look at it together.
And then … it did seem to find a place that looked like an entrance.
Lin’s investigation found that the whole warship was in … solidification.
This is indeed a wonderful thing. This warship … at least has no anti-solidification components in its shell.
So it’s solidified.
And now that position is not solidified.
But this is just like the warship body, but there are anti-solidification creatures floating up … that is, the ghostly creatures, which can create a small anti-solidification field around their bodies almost like the fire creatures.
When it floats, you can see the battleship shell … moving.
There is just a crack at this position, and the anti-solidification environment of this crack is expanding more and more until it is about two meters wide.
So Lin let ten pompoms float into this passage with Nuo.
The ancient warship department … gave Lin the first impression, and it was also very similar to the death battleship. There were more than ten meters of high-width channels in it, and the channels in it were not as dirty as cell biology.
It’s very … smooth and has a’ plastic’ feeling.
Of course, it is actually made of a solidified substance, and there are many’ ghosts’ floating everywhere in the passage.
These luminous creatures seem to be floating around like life here. Now Lin already knows that they are a kind of combination or symbiosis with those huge’ solidified eels’ outside.
Before I saw the eels swallowing them, I didn’t eat them, I just threw them over a certain distance and spit them out.
A large number of eels were swallowed outside the ancient warship. They actually spit out this group of ghost-like creatures to treat this ancient warship …
I don’t know what to do.
However, they are not interested in Nuo and Lin’s fluffy balls, and they are still floating around when Nuo and Lin pass by.
"This place … has a strange feeling …"
The promise made Lynn feel … perhaps because it is made of comet material, it will have a little connection with this warship.
But I don’t know what it is. Speaking of it, Lin doesn’t know the specific reason why the ancient warship attacked the ball god.
However, at first, the ancient warships attacked the pillar gods and made them aware.
The two’ creatures’, the pillar god and the ball god, should also be similar to Nuoxian.
It’s still solidified, but because there are a bunch of’ ghosts’ floating around, there are anti-solidification fields everywhere, and their light Lin and Nuo come to a relatively large place.
This should be regarded as a room with more than 30 meters of walls on both sides, and many … creatures can be found.
Lin remembers that these creatures are cultural relics of the God of the Ball, or rather, cultural creatures that once fought against ancient warships.
Ancient warships kidnapped many creatures every time they invaded. Although most of the kidnapped creatures were killed by their companions’ barrage before they were sucked, some of them were successfully tied into ancient warships.
They now look like they are inlaid with walls. Lin let a few pompoms float to check and found that several of them are still alive, but most of them are dead.

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