"Why do you say that Bay Bay?"

"Who gave him the courage to say that Bay Bay is hopeless?"
I hate suluo spray, but the old entrepreneurs on the scene are calm. This is the boundary gap.
Suluo continues to talk about Kan Kan. Who are many old-timers teasing in the old place?
"In the past 20 years, many enterprises have been born in the mainland that have never been heard of before, and many people have never been heard of in the mainland rich list, but unfortunately this has not happened in the Bay Area in the past 20 years.
Five years ago, the older generation in the front row of Bay Bay, I can look forward to it. Five years later, I am in front of them to talk about innovation, honor and anxiety.
Bay Bay talked about innovation in the 1970 s, and young people are still talking about innovation more than four years later
Wow, our old entrepreneurs are amazing. I admit that many of them are doing very well, but isn’t innovation and entrepreneurship mainly for young people?
That’s how I usually chat with my good brother Wang Tianyou.
Wow, your dad has been dominating the position of the richest man for several years, and he has been deducting your money all day. Let’s build a company ourselves and carry him. The richest man will take turns to sit down and we will have a good time. Then you can make a will and swagger it in front of your dad and say to him
Dad, I warn you not to make me angry again. No, then I won’t give it to you. "
"Ha ha"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Laughing, Lao Wang Nai covered his forehead, smelly little old man made fun of me, and I won’t kill you if I go later.
Suluo also laughed so hard in Taiwan that he hurriedly fuels Dad. I was wrong.
"Joke, dad’s age is in the prime of life for an entrepreneur, but we all want him to retire. It’s almost 6 for more than 5. It’s good that you usually play mahjong and walk the birds. What do you care? Don’t worry, we young people can
And in the Bay Bay Youth Entrepreneur Summit, I can’t believe that I can’t see many young people, let alone those who are in their mid-twenties and mid-thirties. You are still very proud.
I want to ask, are there no young people in the Bay Area? These old-timers are very hard, and they have to talk about innovation here in their twenties. Do you believe that young people are more innovative than you?
Young people in the Bay Area, can you feel bad about it? Come and help them.
Ah, hey, China had a family planning policy before, not planned sterilization. Where did the young people in the Bay Area go?
Ok, there is no plan to sterilize. I know that Bay Bay is not without young people. I can’t understand it. Finally, I can say.
Someone may die at the age of 25 or wait until the age of 75 to be buried. "
It was so quiet that you could hear a faint Mike romance.
I can’t even speak when I watch the live broadcast, suluo. What does this mean? To put it bluntly, the implication is that you old guys should retire and refuse to give young people a chance. First, slap the old entrepreneurs in the face of the Bay Area. You don’t even make sense.
Then the backhand was another slap in the face of the young people in the Bay Area. When you garbage cowards were 25 years old, you dared to persuade the richest man in China to retire and walk the birds. What are you doing? You retired and played with birds.
I will ask you if you are ashamed.
Yuxuan Leng is amused at the thought of online comments in the Bay Area. Will suluo dare to speak in front of the older generation of entrepreneurs in the Bay Area? Now I see that he dares to slap them on the spot and dare to laugh at you in groups, as if he is not afraid.
Suluo glanced at the field and then said slowly
"When I say death, I don’t mean that life dies, but that passion fades and dreams are disillusioned, which means that the spirit is dead.
We always regret this life when we are old, but we chose to live like a walking corpse.
Some people think that there will be no new possibilities for themselves. They have been doing one thing mechanically at the bottom of the well for too long, and they don’t know how wonderful the outside world is.
In the face of time, everything can be in full bloom when it is time to bloom. All excuses are lies to ourselves. For each of us, one thing is right, and one day we will all die.
I said the same thing at Qingda University. The least risky thing in this world is to wait for the cause of death. Then what?
Died one day.
What should the epitaph write?
What is left to the world?
This life is like this?
What’s the difference between a man without a dream and salted fish?
What are you doing?
Are you still alive? "
Suluo’s series of questions is like a slap in the face, and you can’t lift your head with a ball of artillery.
"What do I say that there is no hope in the Bay? The old-timers are gnashing their teeth and burning themselves to continue their struggle. A new generation of young people is as dead as an old man.
I said you were frogs at the bottom of the well and were called dogs by the news headlines. I said you were dead. I don’t know what the news headlines will be called, but ask yourself, why do you make me feel that there is hope in the Bay? "
Suluo just looked straight at the stage. Yes, I was arrogant, but I said it didn’t make sense
He can’t even find a spray point if he wants to spray it. The only spray point is those sensitive green oils. This guy just said that China’s family planning seems to include Bay Bay in his eyes. It’s so sinister. What you’re saying is that Bay is going to return. Well, I won’t listen. I won’t listen
Of course, thinking about these things at this time deserves his green life. Now people ask you questions and answers. Why do you make me think there is hope in the bay? I scold you for being frogs at the bottom of the well.
At the scene, none of the two political and business leaders in Liwan Bay dared to jump out of your keyboard man, okay?
It was very quiet in the venue. "Click, click, click" The camera sound and the magnesium light was flashing wildly.
"who blames me for thinking that I am a young man? I don’t know what you think. Anyway, I won’t complain about the injustice of the world. I will find my own problems.

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