And there was another shadow in front of them, emitting bursts of mist, which made the pool look terrible many times.

"It’s endless. This is too scary. What a jade pool? This is a ghost pool!"
Duan De sad face, this is not a good sign. They can’t explain here today, can they?
"What are you talking about when people spoil you!"
The black emperor yi tooth rode on his head and mouth, and the two men stirred up again to disperse this scary atmosphere.
Li Yu maintained a state of blood resuscitation, and the sun hung in front of him. The Emperor Tower held the Hengyu furnace in the palm of its hand, and the emperor-level body was surrounded in front of it. Even the Xuan pupil could be blurred until it gradually dispersed, and then it could be slowly collected.
It was a bloody arm with a bluish purple color, and some long golden hair grew out, which was very dazzling, and there was a cold that forced people into the bones, which was truly grim and biting.
Looking closely, the small fairy pool of the Western Emperor is connected to a hidden cave, and the arm rushes out with the water waves.
"Dacheng Eucharist!"
He learned the identity of the other party in an instant. This is the great father and the great Eucharist who is the companion of the Western Emperor.
"How can the old master’s body appear here? The Great Emperor will seal the ancient coffin!"
The black emperor’s instantaneous color changes since the Taoist priest jumped up and stepped forward quickly.
There was an ancient coffin in the depths of the cave, but now a corpse has been hit and the arms outside are dependent on the Western Emperor.
"There are some golden hairs on your body. Is this an ominous sign? Will it turn into red hairs in the end, just like your source Tianshi?"
Duan De’s note points are different. I stared at the golden hair source of Dacheng Eucharist. When Tianshi was unknown in his later years, he looked too much like it, but he had not turned red yet.
This is obviously an ominous occurrence, so this change has taken place. The whole body is wrapped in a bit of fog and it is not very real.
However, it can be seen that there is a crack in the frontal bone and a fatal wound. I think Yuan Shen was scattered in the past.
"Is this something that the Western Emperor stopped when something was going to happen?"
Li Yu’s light eyes are full of colors, like a misty world, reflecting the poor picture.
The sigh is longer than the distance, and the continuous expansion at this time turns out to be a special picture in front of everyone.
See a peerless beauty fluttering in white with a sad face, holding a body across the billions of Milky Way, then slap it forward and everything is destroyed!
Even they seem to have experienced the collapse of the scene as if they had experienced the palm of their hand.
At last, they saw a huge bronze plaque split in half in the universe.
Impressively engraved with the word "hell" of primitive simplicity, it belongs to the plaque of hell!
The terror fluctuated and everyone was obsessed with it, and they felt the flowing law of the ancient emperor Gai Shi Wei Li, which made Li Yu sink into the enlightenment!
Witnessing an emperor’s hand with one’s own eyes is a precious thing. Even when the emperor died in the past, it was rare to see such a powerful blow and play a terrible role.
I don’t know how long it took for this heaven and earth to recover. The Western Emperor took a young child’s hand and left a figure with loneliness and sadness.
The little boy was quiet, not crying or making trouble, and followed him on a long trip. Inadvertently, he looked back and took a quick look to let people see the truth.
He looks like two or three years old, with black hair, shawl and clear eyes. Although he is young, he also has a kind of wisdom that does not match his age.
"You’re late … you’re late."
This is what the emperor said after looking back. It is not like a child to say that the roots are fleeting with fatigue in the vicissitudes of life
And after this sentence came out, all the pictures vanished, just like a dream.
Who’s late?
A group of people froze, but they never thought that such a thing would happen. Is this what really happened in the past years, or is it that the emperor left his hand behind and waited for someone?
"The emperor who? Is it Lao Gu you? This can’t be the difference between the ages. It’s too late. Wait, is this what it means to be late? No, it’s impossible. You are the blood of Hengyu Emperor. It doesn’t make sense! "
The black emperor doesn’t understand that such a thing almost doesn’t make sense. What do you mean, you’re late? What did you miss?
This sentence won’t tell him that he hasn’t been here long.
"Late? Come late … "
Even Li Yu herself was lost in thought and understood the meaning in the words.
There’s another sentence that the emperor hasn’t said completely. It seems it’s too late?

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