As soon as the lunar star gentleman turned around, he saw a meteor in the distant star suddenly coming in front of the lunar star gentleman. The lunar star gentleman’s reaction had been instantaneous, and the lunar star gentleman was suddenly blown into the virtual reorganization.

"shoot!" Grandfather Tai Dou reprimanded all the fiends and all the grandfathers started work together. Even the three demon gods of the Four Seas Dragon King joined forces to resist, but they didn’t fight back in the face of so many strong roots.
"Ga ga ga! Young man, tell me all the secrets, bodhi old zu. I don’t want to be strong to you. "Lunar Star Jun just recovered his body and was about to escape into Lunar Star, but he saw that his lunar star had an extra barrier. When the six dark holes covered the sun, there was an extra black figure in front of the six dark holes, and a pair of green eyes stared at Lunar Star Jun constantly.
"Ghost Lord" Taiyin Xingjun looks solemn.
The ghost Lord blocked the retreat of Taiyin Xingjun, and many ancestors stopped at this time. A pair of eyes looked at Taiyi’s ancestor and then they looked gloomy.
"Ghost Lord! Do you also want to get involved in this muddy water? " Fox god sullen way
After listening to the fox myth, the ghost master is indifferent. "Of course, the next year is really dead. It’s not the same as being channelized. If you don’t make it clear, it’s not just the seat. Even all the strong people in the heavens and the earth are sleepless. You demon race can’t rest. You have always been smart. You should know that this secret is not yours. You are not stupid. You should know what the times are."
Listen to the ghost master’s words. The three demon gods, the Four Seas Dragon King, stop. The fox god looks at the lunar star king. "Lunar, come here."
"I’ve seen three positions", and the lunar star gentleman is respectful.
"What’s going on? Tell me the truth. We can’t keep this secret now." Like Shinto.
The lunar star gentleman felt bad before he smiled bitterly. I didn’t expect the disaster to be found.
At this time, the lunar star gentleman couldn’t wait to slap himself with a big mouth. "Don’t show off if you have nothing to do."
"I don’t know what’s going on with the demon gods, but every time I kill them, the strength will be weakened, which eventually becomes a crushing trend. Now there is something that I don’t understand. A quasi-strong person will be killed by me. The heavens and the earth can be used as a mirror, the sun and the moon can be used as a table, but there is really no other magical power." The lunar star is called wronged
"All magical powers are cast once", which is too easy to teach ancestors.
The lunar star gentleman heard that Nai didn’t want to kill the avatar of the next year before his own home, and he did it again silently.
Look at me, grandfathers. I think it took you a while to listen to the cow demon saying, "Do you believe it or not? You didn’t hide it. Look at the real plane and see if there is any secret."
"The strong will never die, and the strong will never stop if you have something to do." Fox God’s sycophantic eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes were full of ridicule.
"Small! You remember! The race war rolled up and all karma was attributed to you. This race war was started by you. You must never die in vain like this next year. "Cow fiend turned around and walked towards the body of the next year. You look at me, I see you followed. Only the lunar star is pale.
"alas! It’s a pity that you can’t break the love, so you died in vain. "Cattle fiend’s face is full of heartache, and the palm of his hand stretches out and the broken body instantly closes together."
"Did you ever see anything next time?" Tai yi jiao zu Dao
"My fiend clan doesn’t cultivate three souls and seven spirits, and doesn’t practice the Yuan God’s sacrifice to refine the fiend’s body. Now the next year’s flesh still seems to be missing something else. I can’t tell what it is."
SIRS: The strong men looked at the next year’s flesh and said, "I didn’t find anything strange about the next year’s flesh."
"It’s strange. How could he die?" There are too many puzzles in Wolf God’s eyes.
Cow fiend’s face is sad, and the palm of his hand will be stretched out to bury the next year. Suddenly, he sees the divine light of the next year’s flesh bursting into flesh and blood, all wounds breathing and healing together, and then he sees a mysterious fluctuation in the next year’s flesh. This fluctuation resonates with the heavens and the earth, and everything resonates instantaneously.
"What the hell is this? Prove it? " Ghost master one leng.
"Isn’t it the next proof?" Tai Yi’s ancestor was also startled.
Cow fiend’s face is full of ecstasy. "I didn’t die, but fell into the path of enlightenment."
Cow fiend’s words fell in the field, and everyone’s face changed subtly. The Godfather Ghost Lord quietly withdrew from the battlefield, leaving the fiend clan to confront each other.
"Before the next year, it was already at its peak. I didn’t expect to play the mysterious card in life and death." It was too easy to teach the ancestors a sigh
"I told you, how can a strong man die?" Tai Dou’s godfather shook his head.
"I knew the next year that you wouldn’t die and you wouldn’t leave me." Chang’s eyes were full of joy and she wiped her eyes severely.
"In big trouble, the fiend clan, if there is another fiend to prove the fate, it will be even worse for my demon clan to interrupt him." The fox god is sullen
SIRS fiend qi qi will give the next year a pair of eyes eyeing up at the three demon gods.
"This is a chance? Save your life? When it’s amazing! A glimmer of life is not so easy to get. I don’t know if you can survive it. "Jade Duxiu frowned and his eyes showed a pensive color." I can’t think of what the next source has been eaten by the sky. Will the next body be born with life? "
No matter how to prove it next year, it is still beneficial to Yu Duxiu.
"Jingxue is not so easy to digest and enjoy, but let’s have a leisurely pastime later." Jade Duxiu took a step with a smile at her mouth and casually looked at the stars disappearing in the distance.
"It’s really interesting." Dafengzhou held his arms and looked at the stars with a pair of eyes.
"You said this next year, what the hell? The moth was already dead. It’s absolutely true."
"It’s strange, it’s strange, it’s always strange in today’s war. I can’t tell what’s strange." Tai Su taught the ancestors.
"Give me go to dead now that you’re dead and alive! The dead should die! " Like a god, he blew out his strength with one punch and smashed it towards SIRS fiend.
"Quickly interrupt the resurrection of the next year" Fox God’s charm force generate SIRS fiend instantly swept off your feet one after another by Fox God.
"Roar ~ ~ ~"
The white tiger’s paw flew out and pulled out a hole to dismember the next year and kill it completely.
At this moment, the atmosphere in the field is extremely tense
Chapter 1914 Level idiot
The next year, he died for no reason, and then he lived for no reason than he preached for no reason.
SIRS: The strong are a little dizzy, even if it’s too easy for my ancestors to sort out the cause and effect at the moment. SIRS: The ancestors have retreated and pulled out of the star, leaving the battlefield to the demon clan. Now it’s time for the demon clan to fight. SIRS: The ancestors are not stupid and naturally won’t get involved.
The battle was unprecedented. SIRS fiends were bent on protecting SIRS demon gods of the next year, and they were bent on breaking the state of enlightenment of the next year.
"oh, no! Seat source how also inexplicably reduced a little "cow fiend was reborn in the muddy earth like a god’s detonation, with palpitations in his eyes and a pair of eyes full of confusion.
Sirs fiends are constantly being bombarded by demon gods. Look at me. I’ll see if you don’t need to talk. One look is enough.
"Could it be that the demon race has mastered this method of killing the strong in a deadly town?" The god of Hubei is gloomy.
"It’s terrible, we must think of some way to restrain the demon gods from dying once, so we will be ground to death sooner or later, just like the previous year." Wolf God’s eyes are gloomy.
Having said that, SIRS fiends had to rush into the stars and fight for their lives the next year.
We just need to find a chance to make up for the loss of the source, but there is a chance to impact the fairy road the next year
"This is a chance? Is it too bad? This is still half a chance. "Jade Duxiu said to himself.
I don’t know when the fox god had penetrated the fiend’s defense with a jade hand and easily pressed the next year’s body. A powerful force broke out from the white fingers and once again turned the enlightenment into dust.
Sirs fiend crazy rushed towards the fox god, trying to stall the fox god desperately.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You old guys lost your abacus the next year, and I interrupted this fellow into a basket case." The fox god twisted his waist and avoided the attack of SIRS fiend as if it were a string of Hua Hudie dancing to avoid the killing of SIRS fiend.
"It’s a pity that it fell short." It’s too easy for the ancestor to sigh gently.
"Who can insist that the next life is not enough and the life is too small?"

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