Lin here is not a cell composition, but something similar to an’ energy group’. It is a bit like an unpredictable’ body’. Although it can change its shape, it can’t split and the part will disappear.

While Lin came into contact with the entrance, some arms didn’t come in here, but stayed in a certain position.
Charlene said that Kathleen and her body here are something like a projection of consciousness.
Those who come here are real cell structures, that is, they come directly in.
This is also a powerful place for Charlene to recognize the end of life. It distinguishes and separates creatures like Charlene and Charlene from the outside.
But there is no way to complete the isolation. If Lynn must try to come in, she can generate a’ projection’ here.
But what projection can do is very limited. Lin can directly get the arms to come in, which will have little impact here.
The same is true of the Midian warship. Sally thinks that the warship is also a projection when it comes in, but it is bigger. Is there any special way?
Of course, we can’t confirm what is going on until we catch it here.
Charlene thinks we can build something to call it through the resources here.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Capture
"Wait for it to come."
Incomplete and unaware of the world, huge flying objects are flying slowly.
It has been moving around for a long time.
So far, no impact has been found, so Charlene decided to capture it.
Mainly want to see this thing … What is it?
Although I think it is probably a kind of’ thinking projection’
Lynn also wants to see the Institute and Sally. Many flying machines have been transformed here. They used to be passenger planes. The people realize that airplanes are very common in this world.
However, in general, they can’t be started because they have been here for too long.
However, it is easy for Kathleen and Kathleen to repair and transform them. Although this kind of consciousness projection can’t split into arms, it can become various shapes or become huge to transform all kinds of things.
"It’s almost coming …" Charlene and Kathleen are in an airport at this time, and the vast area around them is full of reconstructed planes. They look almost the same as before and their placement positions have not changed.
This probably won’t alert the target.
At this moment … Lin also saw the target.
This black object with a size of tens of meters appeared in the distant sky with incomplete color.
It’s approaching here, and all the planes are moving at the same time.
They don’t move on the runway, but fly directly to the sky to the target.
The black object immediately turned and flew away. It seemed to want to hide rather than fight, but it didn’t fly very fast.
Less slowly than these modified planes, an airplane soon approached the head of a passenger plane, and then quickly opened its mouth and bit the black object.
The original idea is to try to get the debris structure from it so that we can know what it is made of.
And the black object also fought back at this time. It cracked a crack in its’ back’ and a large number of birds flew out of it.
This group of birds looks like a kind of creature called crow, but it is about the size of ordinary people.
They flew directly into the passenger plane’s mouth and then crashed into the engine room … killing a part of it.
However, some of them came in behind and landed safely in the engine room. These crows were like creatures in the engine room … attacking everywhere.
Their mouths are not bird beaks, but something like a drill bit, which can easily drill holes in the engine room.

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