It’s a pity that he can’t go back. He has the blessing of the royal spirit world contract. Once he goes back, even if he can hide it from the three religious leaders, he can’t hide it from heaven.

He wears the brand of his world and can be noticed by the other party as soon as he enters.
"Why don’t the lights go black?" Qin Mu Ye thought that the most dangerous place was the safest place, otherwise there would be no place to hide.
He doesn’t know what the spirit emperor will do to find him, but he knows that he can’t take it lightly.
"It’s not to die." Qin Mu Ye quickly rejected the idea. If you change the magic world, you might be able to succeed, but if you do it in a world with such a high energy level, wouldn’t you have to be killed?
It is estimated that he was discovered by the other party before he lurked in.
It is not certain that he can get away smoothly this time.
Unless you bet your luck.
"Can you gamble on luck …?"
It’s really feasible to think of luck, Qin Mu Ye.
"No wonder I feel that I am stuffed with such abilities to let me rely on luck to eat?"
To say that he is very lucky, his performance in The Age of Lords is probably lucky MA+1.
In general, the foundation will not die, but the spirit emperor is not in general.
It can be said that it can affect him, but it can’t be absolutely guaranteed. At most, it can help him. If he lies flat, he will die or die.
"But if you really rely on luck, it seems that it is not impossible."
"For example, I should be able to get rid of my spirit emperor’s hand by raising the level of two spirit beast techniques, namely, the divinity in the mirror and the destiny like a knife."
The way to upgrade is that he naturally relies on destiny as a knife to intercept and transport this promotion, and his own contract blessing finally drives God’s ill-advised promotion to be a promotion.
"Where to harvest the fate?"
This destiny, like a knife, is a fortune, and the spirit beast skill is an illusion.
His ninth order was passive, and now he can control it.
It’s important that the blade has cut down the royal spirit body for him, or else he won’t get this blessing for nothing … Oh, it’s really even for nothing.
But after the body, this knife was left to him
"Why don’t you … choose Daling Dynasty?"
If you want to say where the luck is the most and the biggest, you don’t want to know that it is definitely this big spirit dynasty. Can individual luck be better than the whole dynasty?
Even if it can be compared with this great spirit dynasty, can there still be a spirit emperor to suppress it? Who can be compared with the spirit emperor in the true theory of fate?
Qin Mu Ye can’t beat the spirit emperor and can’t cut the leek of Daling Dynasty?
If you want to cut obscure, everything will not come after the spirit emperor reacts.
When the target is selected, you have to think about how to cut it. According to the original method of cutting foreign families, it is definitely not possible. If he dares to stir up, the spirit emperor will dare to chop him to death.
Being fair is not suitable for him to cut in a curved way
"How can a family have no sects?" Qin Mu Ye felt that it was not suffering from widowhood but suffering from inequality.
He intends to overthrow Daling and aristocratic families and form a sect world, which will change the direction of the whole royal spirit world.
At present, the situation of this high-handed policy is very good, and he needs a little guidance. At that time, both family and officials will give it some convenience.
Yu Lingdi? The other person is busy looking for himself, but he will definitely not stop until he has eradicated this scourge. Knowing that he has the other person’s need for blessing will guide him to keep moving forward. If he has not integrated so deeply, he will not necessarily insist on it.
So this is the opportunity for Qin Mu Ye to let the sects replace the aristocratic families and dynasties. Then Qin Mu Ye’s harvest is definitely enough for him to fight against the old 9 th order of Lingdi. Of course, it is only limited to running and fighting.
Chapter 793 The sects have different ideas at first.
"United? New rising forces? " The spirit emperor returned to his palace and looked at the latest report to the throne with some doubts.
Over the past few months, he has been looking for traces of Qin Mu Ye, and he has caught each other’s traces several times, but he can catch each other if he is a little faster.
It’s a pity that every pursuit makes the other side more alert, and he can jump before he arrives.
Thinking about continuing to kill, it is not too late to think that the accumulated political reason can come back and deal with it for the time being.

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