If two people embrace each other and uproot all the trees,

Buildings with typical elvish style are directly disintegrated into several pieces, just like lovelorn women tearing up all the love letters that men give themselves and flying in the wind.
I don’t know what beautiful things still give people a beautiful feeling when fighting.
At the moment when two dragons crashed into each other, the whole day bloomed with green glow.
It’s not only a physical confrontation at the top of the food chain, it’s also a spiritual battle confrontation with mortal imagination.
Unfortunately, the fighting came violently and ended quickly.
The semi-Chinese battle was won in just five minutes.
On body size or mental attack strength, Ollie Lazor is at a disadvantage. Cenarius foster mother Yi Sela is familiar with the topography and element distribution of moonlight woodland.
It can be said that Yi Sela has taken advantage of the right time, place and advantage.
A set of continuous four-claw and dragon’s tail attacks made the traitor’s paws in a hurry. A strong mental shock wave similar to [Mind Blast] made the traitor’s thinking speed drop rapidly.
Ollie Lazor, she finally can’t support it, and she lags behind for a moment.
Dragon aspects, a huge jadeite, seized the opportunity to flash past with a maneuver similar to Ingermann’s roundabout, half twisted behind him, commanding and diving, and grabbed the traitor’s shoulder near the dragon’s neck.
"Sleep forever! My friend Yi Sela’s soft voice is the final judgment.
No wounds, no pain. It’s more like a soul exile.
Duke could clearly see Ollie Lazor’s soul floating out of his body.
Her soul dragon body has been divided forever
In one second, a beautiful emerald energy group appears in the day, and the soul that has become beautiful again is received.
The purify soul is likely to become a part of that emerald dream forever.
Without soul, the mysterious power of the dragon’s body slowly descended, and she was well organized as if she had just fallen into a deep sleep.
A beautiful death
An ending without regret
Duke gave a long sigh and then looked at the hole.
There Malfurion made a final persuasion to fandral. "Are you … still unwilling to wake up?"
Fandral shook his head calmly. "I am very disappointed in this world. If I don’t have my granddaughter, I must admit that I will devote myself to the cause of world destruction and take good care of her for me. This is my last wish. Of course, if you are still afraid of my rebellion, you can kill me. I have no complaints."
Malfurion sipped his mouth, bit his lips with his teeth, and almost bit his blood. His hand clenched his staff and the blue veins stood out, showing his heart struggle.
If he killed fandral, it would be over.
But can he forgive himself in the long years to come?
After several hesitations and dozens of soul wandering, Malfurion finally made a decision: "My brother Illidan Stormrage was once sentenced to 10,000 years’ imprisonment for killing his compatriots, and he committed a greater crime after he came out, so he will be imprisoned again."
Malfurion pointed to his brother. "You are the same. I hope you can find your own spiritual salvation one day."
Then Malfurion read a spell to seal off the broken cell.
The warden who heard the news ordered the elf to "transfer him to Maiev Shadow Song".
In the sky, Yi Sela re-personified and slowly descended to Duke.
Even if the traitor Yi Sela was successfully solved, his face was faintly sad.
"Duke, thank you. Please forgive me. I’m so happy."
"It’s natural for anyone to feel bad about such a thing," Duke comforted Yi Sela.
"You know what? I firmly believe that fate is with you. "
Duke bowed his head. "Fate is the same as justice and truth."
"You are too modest." Yi Sela made an unexpected move from Duke at this time. She hugged Duke firmly and put it in Duke’s ear. Her soft voice said, "My destiny shows me that I saw a tragedy in my dream. That is the end of dragon aspects and the end of our brothers and sisters. The only thing left in the future is alexstrasza. If this is my fate, can you reverse my fate?"
Duke is a tingle.
He didn’t know what to answer.
Titan has given the five great dragon aspects magical powers that surpass most creatures in the world.
It is difficult for Duke to comment on this kind of prophetic dream, but he can vaguely feel a little bit unwilling to regret from Yi Sela’s tone
Duke put his hands around Yi Sela’s shoulders as if to comfort Yi Sela, and let his body temperature pass.
"mortals eulogize heroes and praise their greatness because heroes have reversed the fate of inevitable destruction and downfall. If everything in the world is predestined, will it be meaningful for mortals or demigods to work hard?"
"Someone once told me that’ there will be repercussions if you never forget it’! All confidence may not win, but if we don’t have confidence, we will lose. If we don’t work hard, we can’t talk about winning, but we will reverse our fate. "
As soon as Duke finished, he felt a little moist in his chest.
Is Yi Sela crying?

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