Heaven’s punishment There is also heaven’s punishment in Qiyuan world, and that day’s punishment is directly controlled by Lin Xiao and the spirit of the temple. Lin Xiao knows how terrible it is! If the celestial world caused a heavenly punishment, even if Lin Xiao took Lin Yao and others to hide in the Qi Yuan world, there was nothing! Qiyuan world is still a Sunday world. Qiyuan world is still bound by the rules of heaven and earth in that form. It allows Lin Xiao to avoid the attacks of those great magical powers, but he can avoid the punishment of heaven that rules Sunday world.

"it’s over ~ it’s gone to clear the thunder and fire!" Lin Xiao gave a long sigh!
Tens of thousands of silver stars poured out from the starlight extinction array, and they were about to completely destroy the chaotic Xinghai.
Lin Xiao has been throwing it into the quiet glass pagoda. Suddenly, there came a voice with a million points of pride, "Which child dares to tell the truth about thunder and fire?"
Lin Xiao couldn’t figure out who was talking, but the irresistible force had taken control of his body from the cloth roll in an instant. "Big Brother, you and I both left a trace of true spirit. In this Sunday world, you gave this doll a clear thunder and fire, but you didn’t run out of luck skills." Hum, I don’t care as much as you do, even if there is a trace of truth left in this world, don’t blame me for winning today’s lottery! "
Exhausted three-color clear light gushed out from the cloth roll. Lin Xiao consumed a basaltic gas and was instantly supplemented to the best state. The arrogant voice sneered, "Little doll is optimistic about the true tactic of clearing thunder and fire, but I am killing the evil spirits of the three realms. Where are you like that? Just now, you sent out nearly ten million thunderbolts without hurting a hair of those ten little earthworms. It’s really a great day to show you what is the real way to clear thunder and fire! "
Four Lei Yin Lin Xiao fingertips condensed only four cyan Lei Yin!
In Lin Xiao’s horrified eyes, four thunder marks were engraved into a group of mysterious and unsurpassed runes. Four thunder marks immediately flew out four miles and exhausted the aura of heaven and earth. They roared and swept toward the four thunder marks, whether it was the earth, fire, wind or stars, whether it was the five-element aura or the earth-pulse aura. All kinds of energy were absorbed by four thunder marks, and the four thunder marks gradually transformed into black, red, blue and white.
Black, red, blue, white, and four-color thunder fell from the sky at a slow speed, but it was so slow that a chilling and majestic breath slowly fell in the virtual thunder. The energy frenzy of heaven and earth was suddenly suppressed by this breath that there was no trace of energy to dare to roll at random.
Ten old dragons, together with Ao Lie, couldn’t move any more. They looked at the sky in horror, and there was a trace of despair in their eyes.
Four Lei Guang suddenly changed a huge horse full of sharp pitfalls, but firm but gentle poured out from tears and cast a sword, crushing the silver stars all over the sky, including 19 dragons in Ao Lie who reached the peak blood of the immortal statue, and the dragon statue’s fine resistance was beheaded by that firm but gentle, and even their Yuan gods were chopped to pieces at one stroke.
"God ~ ~ ~"
Seeing all this, Ao Xue, Shen Xiaobai, Yao Ying, Lin Yao, Xuan Huoxian Jun Nai Lin Xiao themselves exclaimed at the same time what is the formation of these four-color Lei Guang? How can a simple four-thunder have such terrible power?
Lin Xiao just opened his mouth. He looked at his hands in disbelief. His hands were his own, and his Xuanwu gas was his own familiarity with the true tactic of clearing thunder and fire! However, after that set of mysterious symbols was engraved in the Leiyin, I was familiar with the true formula of Leihuo, which had such an incredible change! Just four Lei Yin actually conjured up the poor sword array of murder to slay 19 such powerful dragons!
"Slay?" Lin Xiao suddenly felt cold sweat like rice slurry! God, what have you done? No, it’s not me, it’s the one hidden in that cloth roll. I don’t know who it is. What did a wonderful true spirit do? Nineteen dragon immortals! Especially including a dragon too! I cann’t believe I just killed myself like this?
Dragon fairy has a huge potential dragon! Too many of their elders were killed by themselves?
Lin Xiao almost fainted when he was black at the moment!
Suddenly came the arrogant voice in the cloth roll. "Did you remember the little doll’s sword tactic?" It’s easy to kill a few small earthworms that didn’t even enter Taiyi’s diaspora, although the thunder and fire are not as powerful as the original sword array! "
Throw away this terrible tactic of killing the immortal sword. Lin Xiao couldn’t help having a headache at the thought of the nineteen dragons killed by himself.
With a sullen face, he ignored lying on the beach and struggling for help. Lin Xiao took out a jade letter to explain things here clearly, and then with a flick of his finger, a fire flew rapidly. He informed Taifang, who was in the rejuvenation hall, of everything that happened here, and told Taifang to immediately lead all his cousins to avoid the Red River Star Cangfeng Mountain if they found traces of dragons. After hundreds of thousands of years of operation, kill array, the only god array in the Cangfeng Mountain, has arranged nearly 100 god arrays, but hundreds of thousands of powerful god arrays can be nested with each other.
"This is also to prevent one thousand hem dragon even if get AoXue is my rejuvenation hall people ask to rejuvenation hall body without evidence, what can they do? Even if they want to be rough and there are so many god arrays in Cangfeng Mountain, it is impossible to break through the Cangfeng Mountain array without hundreds of years. "Lin Xiao smiled." Even if they break through the Cangfeng Mountain array, hundreds of large-scale relocation arrays have already been arranged in Cangfeng Mountain, and each relocation array leads to tens of thousands of different planets. When there are plenty of disciples, they will be scattered and fled. Let those dragons be blind! "
Smiling smugly for a long time, Lin Xiao rushed to the ground to shoot a strange cold and biting basaltic gas, which put out the Xuan fire fairy. The dragon’s inflammation was almost not refined into a reed stick. The Xuan fire fairy looked at Lin Xiao pitifully, and Lin Xiao didn’t give him a few magic pills to replenish his vitality and nourish his body. This will make the Xuan fire fairy better.
Shen Xiaobai, Ao Xue and Yao Ying all flew back. They were concerned that the dragon was of the earth, but even the most ignorant Yao Ying was very clever. Even Yao Ying knew that the blow could not have been made by Lin Xiao. There must be a great avatar behind him. Li Xiao’s body killed the 19 dragons, but what did the great avatar do and what did Lin Xiao’s body do? This is not what they can know.
This kind of secret matter should not be discussed in front of Xuan Huoxian Jun.
Xuan Huoxian Jun watched Lin Xiao eagerly. How much he wanted Lin Xiao to take the initiative to tell what happened just now! Terrible shock waves burst out of those four-color Lei Guang, which seemed to kill all the terrible murders in heaven and earth. What kind of people could send them out! Is there such a terrible person hidden behind Lin Xiao?
Lin Xiao pretended not to see the eyes of Xuan Huoxian Jun. He looked at the sky with his hands behind his back. Lin Yao frowned and said, "He is eating happily this time! But can nineteen dragons respect Jingxue and he digest it? "
Nineteen Tianlong Jingxue Nineteen Dragon Zun Level Tianlong Jingxue!
How can Lin Yao swallow such a huge amount of JingXie? He has been’ whoa’ screaming! There are three blood lotus flowers on his head, which have condensed the image of a statue in a bloody robe, bash elbows, vertical eyes and murderous busy body. This statue of busy body holds a bloody knife, and there is a faint blood flame flying out in his eyes. It is the evil resin in Lin Yao’s three corpses that was cut out.
The three corpses beheaded a Lin Yao Yuan God, and his way was as rapid as the ocean waves, reaching an incredible realm.
But his body can accept the magic yuan is limited. After all, his body has not been refined to be strong enough. If he reabsorbs the magic yuan, even his body will be blown to pieces. Immediately, Lin Yao made a printing tactic to make the blood-melting magic knife emit a long chant, and the fist size is crystal clear as crystal blood crystals. Nineteen fairy peak dragons are not only huge in size, but also rich in Jingxue, which is even more serious. The fist-sized blood crystals are simply condensed out of more than 200 million.
Lin Yao is also very generous. He will never be able to absorb even a little magic yuan for a long time in the future. It is better to take it out to be human with so much blood crystal itching.
There are so many people in the field, that is, Aoxue and Yao Ying, who have no psychological obstacles in devouring human essence blood. Immediately, Lin Yao generously gave more than 200 million blood crystals to Aoxue and Yao Ying, and Aoxue got 90% blood crystals and Yao Ying got 10%. This is gratifying. Even Aoxue and Yao Ying, who were originally the most unhappy with Lin Yao, felt that he was very good at this moment.
Lin Xiao, a 19-member dragon clan, was killed. They didn’t dare to stay at the scene for a long time. They quickly found the planet’s relocation array and headed for the depths of the chaotic Xinghai through the relocation array.
The desert was full of blood, and suddenly the water waves flashed. The young man who was shot by Aolie appeared in the air.
He smiled a few times, followed by Lin Xiao and them.
Chapter three hundred Been contemplating
Xuan Huoxian Jun took Lin Xiao and his party to shuttle back and forth between the various planets in the chaotic Xinghai, and gradually came to the so-called most chaotic, dangerous and celestial planet’ Blood Star’ in the chaotic Xinghai.
This is a living hell. Imagine such a place in the celestial world. After they stepped into the biggest blood star, the blood Chi Cheng, just one wick of incense, more than 100 immortals were killed and took away the strength of the Yuan God Jingxue. The ghost fairy wandered around the streets with evil spirits and ghosts in broad daylight. demon fairy simply revealed the prototype street. If anyone dared to take a look at them, they would be killed directly. The brutal and violent magic practice was a blatant street.
A thick black cloud covered with blood. Chi Cheng’s black cloud is full of all kinds of negative yin and evil energy. There is a forming devil rolling in the black cloud.
Xuan Huoxian Jun turned a blind eye and took Lin Xiao. They walked into a hotel. Just outside the hotel gate, several magic fairies were around a gentle and graceful female fairy who forced to do the double-cultivation activity of collecting yin and nourishing yang. The female fairy screamed sadly all over the street, but the fairy was far and near with a bloodthirsty smile and looked at this side. No one ignored the female fairy moaning for mercy. Lin Xiao’s fingers shook and she was about to make a move. Xuan Huoxian Jun had grabbed his hand. "Don’t make more trouble."
After saying his word, a dead body fell from the sky with golden blood, and little by little golden blood spilled on the street. All the immortals howled as quickly as beasts. A ray of anger flashed in Lin Xiao’s eyes. He whispered, "Is this the celestial world?"
Xuan Huo Xian Jun glanced at Lin Xiao coldly and he sank. "This is of course the celestial world. I can also tell you that the person behind the chaotic Xinghai is Sanding Xian Zun! This chaotic Xinghai not only releases the worst demons in all the immortals’ hearts into the chaotic Xinghai, but also prepares them to die here at any time. "
"I don’t know what it means!" Lin Yao more cold whisper replied.
"There is a so-called no one can think that the only one that leads to Sanqing Shenqu will be chaotic if the array is removed. Xinghai will be bloody, and Chi Cheng will be bloody. Chi Cheng’s darkest neighborhood" Xuanhuo Xianjun sneered. "Otherwise, if we can keep Sanqing Shenqu secret for so many years? Are there still few eyes and ears of various sects invading the fairy court? "
Lin Xiao sighed lightly, and with a wave of his right hand, the sky was full of blue thunder, which fell like raindrops.
In the blood of Chi Cheng, there are Jin Xianren who have passed through ten million Lin Xiao, and a burst of crazy thunder has destroyed the city. Thousands of immortals have turned into dust, and together with the Yuan God, the city buildings have not been harmed at all, but there is no fairy in this line except Lin Xiao.
Xuan Huoxian Jun opened his mouth wide. He gawked at Lin Xiao for a long time and could not speak. Lin Xiao reached out and patted Xuan Huoxian Jun on the cheek. "Okay, let’s move on." Lin Xiao sipped his mouth and smiled. "I really don’t like these things, and my aversion to Sanding Xianzun has reached the extreme. Who are they? Are they high gods? Chaos Xinghai is so manipulated by them. Do they really treat these immortals as chess? "
Lin Yao patted Lin Xiao on the shoulder and he sank, "You are too impulsive."

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