Everyone is afraid of getting involved in the battle between these two masters and avoiding them one after another.

Even many people have stopped fighting each other and are paying attention to the strongest battle in this new era.
"Hum Xiaoyun didn’t expect that I haven’t seen your strength so much for some time!" A short hair brow with a hint of evil Xiao Leng said with a smile
"Xiao Han, I advise you to go back with your men as soon as possible and re-engage with Qingyang League, otherwise you will ask for it!" Xiao Yun followed him to drink a way
"Ha ha, I also what are you going to say is this unreliable warning? Don’t be so powerful that you can compete with me! " Xiao Han roared wildly while waving a pair of gold maces in his hand to attack and kill crazily.
"Are you? Whoever dies will know if he tries! " Xiao Yun also waved his arms, a sword and a machete, and his hands kept resisting each other’s offensive like living creatures.
"Well … the two little guys are very experienced in fighting, and they have mastered several magical skills. Good, good!" Xiao Fan watched with relish and commented from time to time.
"It seems that these two people are evenly matched. At this rate, it is likely to turn into a thousand-day war!" Marta nods a way
"If there is no interference from others, these two little guys will grow faster if they keep fighting and attacking each other!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said, "But it’s a pity that some people may not be able to wait for the Thousand-Day War!"
"Huh?" Marta smell speech was one leng.
"Nothing is unnecessary!" Xiao Fan smiled and waved and didn’t say much.
Xiao Han and Xiao Yun attacked and killed each other, and it was really difficult to tell the difference. This fight actually lasted for three days.
Even the demon allied forces and the fairy practitioners in the ground screen world were tired of playing, and they were divided into two camps to watch the two geniuses fight for life and death, and even became cheerleaders while constantly cheering.
However, as Xiao Fan said, when the battle has not stopped, some people can’t stand it.
Thousands of miles away from the battlefield, a bald Cyclops is looking anxiously at the distant battle
"Lord Paine, it seems that this battle is difficult to end in a short time!" Next to a hand respectfully said
"His mother Xiao Han, a waste, has always given him such a powerful force that it is really worrying to defeat a small area as soon as possible!" Paine resentment grinds the molars way
Pang En led a group of remnants of the Party to escape and hide after the World War I, when Xiao Fan and others were almost completely destroyed.
His death in those days was just an illusion. Although it blinded most people’s eyes, it did not fool Xiao Fan.
But because things were too chaotic in those days, Xiao Fan was too lazy to kill them all, so he spared Pang En’s life.
Over the past 100 thousand years, he has been slowly cultivating and expanding his own power and has become the latest generation of helm in the seven realms of worship.
"In that case, let’s give him a hand before don’t have to? With our current combat power, these people don’t have to look at it! " A big fellow eyeing rubbing his hands and said
"Hum let’s take the initiative to show up? You didn’t think it was too simple. Although Xiao Fan’s incredibly powerful guys had already left here 100,000 years ago, do you really think that Qingyang and Chen Yunfei are really dead? " Paine dew yoshimitsu cold hum up.
"I know! So that’s it … That guy Ponne is actually calculating like this! " Xiao Fan actually chuckled for a moment.
"Er … what is it?" Marta is puzzled and frowned.
"It’s just an ancient trick. This location is well chosen, which corresponds to the location where the Shura protoss died and the barriers are very weak!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and explained, "After 100,000 years of continuous wars, several people have died here. If I guess correctly, it should be a seven-world war in 100,000 years. The surrounding area has become fragile due to repeated wars!"
"However, it is because of this that a large number of dead souls and resentments of the seven realms soldiers have accumulated here, and the blood has already penetrated hundreds of miles on the ground, or it can be said that all the battles in the past 100,000 years have been carefully planned!"
"Repeated battles have made the resentment here more and more heavy, and both Xiao Yun and Xiao Han have the ability to defeat. With their mutual fighting hands and the covert manipulation of a willing heart, an ancient large array has been completely completed at this moment!"
"Large array? I’m not too white … "Marta shook her head in some confusion.
"Ha ha, in general … to put it simply, these weird guys you think have been controlled by the cult of offering sacrifices to gods, and it took them 100,000 years to complete a chess game, which is also a complete success at this moment. This area will collapse and become a crack in half an hour, and the other side is connected with the Shura protoss!"
"The master in the pawn land almost destroyed the whole celestial world!" Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and said

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